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Is it Safe to Wash Your Makeup Brushes With Baby Shampoo?

When it comes to makeup application, brushes and tools are sometimes just as, if not more important than the makeup you are using itself. Better yet, the care and cleaning of them is more important than both combined together. Makeup and brushes are two things you’ve probably invested in, so taking care of them is essential. Many people are under the impression that because baby shampoo is safe for babies, it’s safe and gentle enough for makeup brushes, but this couldn’t be further from the truth… Just like how you wouldn’t wash your dishes with hand soap because it is anti-bacterial, or just like how you wouldn’t rub chili powder over your skin just because it’s an edible food item, you shouldn’t wash your makeup brushes with baby shampoo.

Makeup brushes are usually made out of bristles that are either natural or synthetic, natural bristles are usually made from animal hair. As you can guess the genetic make up and compound of both synthetic and animal hair is much different than the hair on a humans head.

The top three reasons you shouldn’t use baby shampoo to clean your makeup brushes:

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heres a few of my holy grail makeup products that i still use and that are great and affordable for beginners!

• Maybelline Fit Me! - Matte + Poreless (for oily-normal skin)
• Maybelline Fit Me! - Dewy + Smooth (for dry-normal skin)
• L'Oreal tru match super blendable liquid makeup
• L'Oreal infallible pro-matte foundation (for oily - combination skin)
• milani 2-in-1 foundation + concealer

• maybelline age rewind concealer
• L.A girl pro conceal
• Maybelline fit me concealer

• Maybelline baby skin instant pore eraser

• Hard Candy sheer glow all the way face & body illuminator (can double as a primer)
• physicians formula shimmer strips
• NYX illuminator (can double as a primer)

powder/finishing spray:
• airspun translucent extra coverage loose face powder
• rimmel stay matte long lasting pressed powder
• covergirl translucent professional loose powder
• L'Oreal infallible pro-spray and makeup extender, setting spray

• nyc smooth skin face powder, bronzing
• rimmel natural bronzer
• wet n wild color icon bronzer
• milani baked bronzer

• milani baked blush
• Maybelline dream bouncy blush

• Maybelline great lash mascara
• L'Oreal teloscopic mascara
• Maybelline the colassal mascara

• L'Oreal brow stylist definer brow liner
• Nyx wonder brow pencil
• milani stay put brow color
• elf cosmetics brow kit

• covergirl truNaked eyeshadow palettes
• Maybelline color tattoos
• milani everyday eyes eyeshadow collection

• Jesse eyeliner
• Maybelline amster precise liquid eyeliner

• milani color statement lipstick
•revlon color stay ultimate liquid lipstick
• milani amore matte lip creme

• any ardell lashes

• real techniques brushes
• ecotools brushes

if youve read this far, id like to announce some BIG news in 30 minutes!

neatgirl  asked:

ive heard a ppl say that snaz is bad for contouring bc it just wipes away when u try and apply other makeup, would you say thats true? also, what colors do u use to contour with grey paint 👀

nah i wouldnt actually??? how i apply snaz is either with the ecotools foundation brush or layered with a beauty blender, and then i set it very LIGHTLY with translucent powder so i can powder contour

basically how facepaint makeup works is creams should only go with creams and powders should only go with powders

snazaroo is water based paint which means you can get away with not setting your face and only using a setting spray BUT if you have eyeshadows you want to use to add dimension to your face (which i would recommend)

since powder only works with powder you gotta set your face SUPER lightly with a finely milled translucent powder, now heres where a lot of people go wrong!!! like! if you put too much setting powder on when you go in to contour the facepaint is so dry w that much powder on that the friction of the brush makes the snazaroo pill and crumble off (thats probably why ppl say it wipes off) also i wouldnt reccomend baby powder theres a disease u can get from breathing in too much baby powder and it honestly doesnt match the quality of powders used for actual makeup

for contouring i usually use a  medium sized fluffy brush that has an angle to it

something like this, just make sure it isnt dense because contouring with facepaint is less forgiving than contouring on top of normal makeup

i just find a darker grey eyeshadow with no warmth in it (v important its a TRUE grey) and try and build it up, try not to swipe too much or too hard, one thing u can do is find a really good range of grey eyeshadows from super light greys to darker greys and just start with a lighter grey thats only a smidge darker than the facepaint and work your way down

(this porrim makeup is old but the contour is there)

one thing i like to do if i want a RLY sharp contour is get a white eyeshadow and swirl the tip of my beauty blender in it and then pat it under my contour to sharpen it up, then i just use the rounded end to tap over it and blend, remember to use a setting spray after everything

u can also apply this stuff for doing blush!! it always livens up ur makeup, same thing with highlight which i usually use a pearly frosty white or silver eyeshadow to do that


Some photos of my most recent beauty haul. It’s a mix of orders from Give Me Glow on Etsy, All Cosmetics Wholesale and The Fanciful Fox at the Vegan Shop Up.

Everything is vegan & cruelty free! (Thanks for the recommendation for the contour kit veganmakeup)

- The Fanciful Fox bath fizzie
- ecotools Lovely Looks brush set
- Australis AC On Tour Contour & Highlight kit
- Australis Tint My Brow in light brown
- Give Me Glow lip colors (swatched)
- Medusa’s Makeup eye makeup remover
- The Fanciful Fox body scrub
- Australis Blemish Buster primer
- Medusa’s Makeup blush in Georgia Peach
- The Fanciful Fox lip balm in wintergreen
- The Fanciful Fox blemish stick
- E.L.F. Lip Lock pencil

Give Me Glow is an amazing Etsy shop that makes dupes! They can even custom make you one.

Melted Galaxy is a dupe for Melt’s Spacecake
Rusty Rose is a dupe for LimeCrime’s Riot
First Kiss is a dupe for Jeffree Star’s 714

The Makeup Brushes You Need...AND Deserve

Okay, looking at all the different makeup brushes they have out there is super exhausting. Sometimes, I want to dump all my money out on the counter and just start crying. But! The hardest things to tackle are often the most worthwhile in the end, except I can’t really vouch for that on account of how easy it is to order a burrito. Main point: once you get a good arsenal of brushes on hand, your makeup will improve drastically. Even the cheapest of drugstore makeup you have will look better, and that’s why I consider it to be the most worthwhile makeup investment you can make. The most worthwhile investment in general is still pizza. But I digress. Listen, you don’t need to buy a giant $400.00 brush set and call it a day. I’m gonna break it down with some of the more essential brushes you should purchase individually.

On Brands: A lot of you asked if expensive brushes are worth it.Short answer is yes. You can spend a lot of money on great brushes by Sephora, Tarte, MAC and NARS. They will never fail you, but they could steal all your money and leave you hungry, which is also like failing you. If you have the budget for this, awesome and buy me dinner. If you don’t, Elf, Real Techniques, Sigma, and Ecotools are all reasonably priced brushes you can find online or at the drugstore. All of the brushes listed are available for any budget..but I’m focusing more on the TYPE of brush rather the brand of the brush.

Okay, here we go. List of brushes after the break!:

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Okay, so quite a few people have asked how I do my makeup.

I dunno why they ask but they do. Now here’s a really non detailed tut for you guys. 

So sit back and enjoy. 

A'ight so first we got our nice clean face. Now my face was gross and greasy so I washed it before this tutorial. It’s good to wash yo’ face. I don’t ever do it but lets pretend I do. 

(horrified screaming in the background)

As you may remember, I shaved off half my eyebrow and now it’s growing back and that’s why it looks so damn patchy. 

But I digress. 

Now to the foundation brushes.

These are from Ecotools. The ones shown here say ‘airbrush concealer’ (the thicker brushy lookin’ one) and 'concealer’ (the flat one) on the bottom. Idk if I’m using them right but they work for me so hey-o here we go. 

So I take the flat concealer brush and dip that into my cheap ass liquid concealer which is like two tones lighter than my actual skin because I’m trash. 

Actually now that I look at it it might be darker lmao shit. 

This is Pure Beige by Maybelline it seems. It also says Fit me. Idk what that means.

ok so now I put the liquid foundation on the areas marked above with the flat brush (haha look at my face) 

and then slightly blend it with the other brush. 

Then after that I take my big ol’ fluffy brush (idk what the brand is since the handle snapped off) and just go around blending what’s left of the foundation in (which shouldnt be much unless I guess you caked on the foudnation).


Ok then comes the powder

Maybelline is cheap as shit at Rite Aid idk why. So that’s what I buy lmao. Anyway this is Soft Cameo 02. It’s like 5 shades lighter than my skin because again, I am trash and their “dark” is like ridiculously dark. According to them humans only got 3 skin tones. 

Anyway, using that same brush I just go ahead and sploosh that on the rest of my face since the only place that’s got liquid foundation is where I put it. 

taaa daaa

Ok now are my eyebrows. 

Now I just trimmed 'em so they’re all nice and not scraggly here but here we go. 

Ive got this angled brush that’s supposed to be used for eyeliner but it serves me no purpose there. The brush is from Wet n Wild and it’s like the best thing I have from Wet n Wild because Wet n Wild sucks asshole.

Ok so I got the black eyeshadow since my eyebrows are hella black. Eyeshadow is from L'Oreal. 

Now I lick the tip of my brush to get it wet. It’s prolly smarter to dip it in water but I’ve lost control of my life so I lick the tip because, again, I am trash. 

So now you’re gonna fill in your patchy ass eyebrows. You can brush them. I always forget to so w/e. 

(I forgot that I could make gifs so I just did them after) This is what it looks like when I fill in the front. Don’t dip your brush back into the eyeshadow otherwise it’ll be too black. Just use the residue that’s already on there. Maybe lick it again to get it goin’. 

Ok so now I thicken the top with an actual eyebrow pencil (wow) 

This one is Maybelline EXPERTWEAR. Again, it was cheap as fuck. 

so you basically make a small obtuse as fuck triangle on the curve of your brow. 

i got this trick from my “Retro Makeup” book. 

and again here we are 

Ok so moving on to BLUSH

I had an old roomie who had all these weird small tester blushes from Bobbi Brown so I stole one from her and this is Calypso Coral 2 from them with an Ecotools blush brush. 

and i mean y'all know how to put on blush just pull a fish face and slap it on yer cheekbones. 

I mean it all depends on the shape of your face (just google some shit about that idk) 

i use very little of this blush because it’s so pink and I don’t wanna be lookin’ all trashy n whatnot.

I mean I am trash but I ain’t lookin like trash you feel.

Ok so now we got the eyeliner:

This is like the “hooker” brand because it’s so cheap. I wouldn’t know I just use the eyeliner. This is NYC Liquid eyeliner. it’s like 3 bucks as opposed to like $10. I’m broke as fuck don’t look at me

So basically I just do one wing first 

They say to do the eye that you fuck up on the most first so your good eye can save it when you get around to doing it but i always forget these tips so i just do my good eye first

So honestly just sell your soul to satan and pray these wings come out even 

Good e-fucking-nough

I have the fortune of wearing glasses so that always covers up my fuck ups with my wings

For y'all who don’t wear glasses

I’m sorry my friends 

Anyhoo that’s my makeup tutorial and here’s the end result ft. glasses

(see how it covers em up) 



@sophiabush: Did y'all know that April is Earth month?! For the first #FashionFriday of the month I want to talk beauty. I know you know I’m passionate about the environment, so this April @EcoTools and I are partnering up with one of my favorite organizations, @GlobalGreen, to help inspire others to take steps to help this beauty-full planet. We believe that people can both Live Beautifully AND Give Beautifully! I’ll be offering change-making tips all month long. Tip #1? Trade a product you use daily for a conscious version. If you’re a beauty lover like me, for example, you can trade in your makeup brush for one like EcoTools, that’s made with renewable, recycled, and cruelty-free materials. And the impact goes past your cosmetic routine. For every #ComplexionCollection brush sold EcoTools is donating $1 to the amazing efforts of @GlobalGreen. This campaign is a whole lot easier to participate in than the time I did a half marathon to fundraise for GG! ;) Join the movement, and join the conversation using our hashtag #EcoInspire. I can’t wait to read your tips for conscious living! You can read more about our efforts at And tell me how YOU make change in the comments below! #ConsciousnessIsChic

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(most of video is silent so you can play your music while u watch)

sry this is rly shitty editing bc i cut it down from 18 mins also ive never edited anything before so i just kinda did some shit…ANYWAY some of u guys asked me to post my daily makeup routine so here ya go! i didn’t explain what i was doing bc im not good at teaching this stuff lol pls msg me if ur confused on anything. oh ya & sry bout the lighting a dorm room is not ideal for shooting a makeup tutorial :/

products used:

- NYX shine killer primer

- Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation for combination/oily skin in shade 150, Buff (applied w/ Real Techniques beauty blender)

- e.l.f. HD blush in Headliner

- Maybelline fit me concealer in shade 15, fair

- L'Oreal hydra perfecte translucent powder (applied w/ ecotools kabuki brush)

- NYX matte bronzer in medium (applied w/ bare minerals kabuki brush)

- NYX illuminator in ritualistic (applied w/ sonia kashuk fluffy brush)

- L'Oreal true match blush in baby blossom (applied w/ sonia kashuk kabuki brush)

- Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion

- Urban Decay Naked3 & Naked basics palettes (applied w/ Naked2 brush; walk of shame on lid, venus on brow bone & inner corner, nooner in crease)

- NYX eyebrow cake powder in blonde (applied w/ ecotools angled brush)

-Maybelline the rocket mascara in blackest black

- MAC lipstick in pink plaid

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lauren curtis



anonymous asked:

What eye shadow brushes do you reccomend for starters?

eyeshadow brush necessities all very affordable!

• a flat shader brush: ELF eyeshadow brush
• fluffy blending brush: sonia kashuk pointed blending brush #109, ELF studio crease brush, coastal scents pro blending fluff brush
• a pencil brush: essence smoky eye brush, ecotools sharpen & smudge duo brush