ECOXGEAR - ECOROX Rugged and Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Orange

ECOXGEAR – ECOROX Rugged and Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Orange

ECOROX -100% Waterproof wireless Bluetooth speaker system. ECOROX is your perfect portable music solution. The ECOROX wirelessly connects to your Smartphone, tablet, or laptop providing a rugged and Waterproof mobile Bluetooth speaker and speakerphone solution. The ECOROX is not just water resistant but actually 100% Waterproof. So don’t worry if it gets knocked in the pool, falls off…

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Gadget Review - The Ecoxgear Ecorox

Gadget Review – The Ecoxgear Ecorox

My “hobby” project has been recycling a salvaged golf cart that I purchased at a garage sale a few months ago. I live in a golf course community, so families riding around the neighborhood in these kinds of carts are an everyday occurrence. Many families have some really nice custom rides too, but I cannot afford to invest too much in what is technically a toy for me.

My latest project has been…

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10 "geek" gadget che potrebbero cambiarvi l'estate

10 “geek” gadget che potrebbero cambiarvi l’estate

Chi mi conosce bene sa che oltre alla passione smodata per scarpe e borse,  ho quella per gli accessori in genere, compresi quelli tecnologici.

Io impazzisco per tutto quello che è elettronico e facilita la vita e le “connessioni” col mondo e siccome quest’anno sono già in vacanza ( si vabbè, evitate gli insulti) e non ho potuto far danni come mio solito durante i saldi, ho pensato a una wishing…

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