On top of that, the bonuses on Wall Street were almost double then what all minimum wage worker made combined.


Sarah Anderson, the director of the Institute for Policy Studies’ Global Economy Project, subsequently pointed out this $27 billion bonus pool paid to securities industry workers in New York City in 2013 was larger than the total amount earned by all of the country’s 1,085,000 full-time minimum wage workers last year. In fact, Business Insider’s calculations show the Wall Street bonus pool was approximately 65% larger than the total earnings of America’s full-time minimum-wage workers in 2013


Hillary: free expansive shrugs.

“The large cohort of youth entering Africa’s labour force is the best educated one the continent has seen, and Africa is witnessing its best growth performance in decades”

Unemployment is considered a ‘luxury’ in Sub-Saharan Africa. So, in the absence of formal wage jobs, the youth of SSA are exploiting their talents in innovative ways in the informal sector: in agriculture and household enterprises. How should economic policy in Africa shift to reflect youth employment in the informal sector?

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Canada's Unemployment Rate Rises To 7.2% -- Largest Gap With U.S. Rate In 14 Years
Alberta's unemployment rate is higher than national average for first time in 28 years.

-Alberta rate above national average for first time in 28 years
-Canada’s rate 2.3 points higher than U.S. — biggest gap in 14 years
-More trouble ahead as oil crash ‘trickles across broader economy’

Canada’s unemployment rate rose in January as the country lost 5,700 jobs, Statistics Canada reports.

The country’s job growth over the past year is now well below the rate needed to keep up with population growth. The country has added 0.7 per cent net new jobs over the past year, below the 0.9 to 1 per cent needed to keep up with the population.

In that time, the jobless rate has jumped from 6.6 per cent to 7.2 per cent in the latest labour force survey.

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What counts as voluntary? Is it possible to be coerced by circumstance?

For more: http://www.libertarianism.org/media/free-thoughts/when-is-voluntary-choice-really-voluntary#.vrlrs8h:MVPO

The thing about Stained isn’t even the fact that it’s a gradient or fairly simple, given that it’s a gene we kind of needed. Hell, its not even really the price. It’s the fact that it’s JUST an overlay. There are so many things the staff could have done with it: more varied layering, stronger colors at the base, a varying color similar to iri/shim, sparkles, ANYTHING. That’s why the price matters, because if they didn’t make the simple edits to make it. a worthwhile gene. Think it makes good pastels? Imagine pastels with glitter.

They had a huge opportunity to make a gorgeous gene and they wasted it on this shallow second to make mess.

Surprise! Data shows job markets grinding to a halt in cities with recent minimum wage hikes

People who don’t understand economics will be thoroughly baffled by this new data. As it turns out, when salaries are based on anything but fair market value, job markets take a dive. Government bureaucrats and labor union lobbyists fail to understand this time and time again, and the people who stand in the picket lines demanding a higher wage don’t realize that they’re really killing their own chances of getting a job at all.

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My mother is a single parent, raising 2 children with no child support. She is a full time teacher and student. She works harder than any other person I know, and she’s on welfare. We need it to eat. We need it to be able to have food and rent money. And I’m so fucking sick of piece of shit conservatives bitching about “welfare leeches” They have publicly shamed my mom and I in like at the grocery store. They’ve yelled at us, in public for buying name brand cereal because “it should be a privilege.” My mom is ashamed to tell our own family because they always post about how welfare sponges are ruining our country. I’m sick of if. And if you are like these people, feel lucky enough that you’ve had the privilege of eating without help. Feel lucky I’m not there to sock you in the mouth for being a scumbag.

Myth of the middle class: Most Americans don’t even have $1,000 in savings
0.1% of Americans have as much wealth as the bottom 90%. It's time to stop saying "middle class"; it does not exist.
By Ben Norton

American politicians constantly speak of the middle class. Democrats, Republicans and even many independents all insist their policies defend it. But what does it really mean? This question is rarely asked. What exactly is the middle class?

A new study suggests that the U.S. hardly even has one. More than half of Americans — 56 percent, to be exact — have less than $1,000 combined in their checking and savings accounts, according to a recent survey, Forbes reported.