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It is just unconscionable that this could be allowed to happen and all I hear in national news outlets is about well off folks some billionaires trying to gain more power. Clean water is a basic human right! It’s a damn shame some go without. #Hate it!


“It’s a battle of the soul of New York.” -  Bernie supporters tell us why he should win their state

One was born there, one bought a house so wall st. could finance senate campaign - u pick who the real NYC is. #Love it!

Cities with anti-LGBT laws can't host NCAA tournament events anymore
The NCAA Board of Governors voted Wednesday to require cities to prove they can provide an environment free of discrimination before they can host any event, including the men's and women's basketball Final Fours.
By Los Angeles Times

NCAA Board of Governors voted Wednesday to require cities to prove they can provide an environment free of discrimination before they can host any event, including the men’s and women’s basketball Final Fours. The move is a response to several states establishing laws that allow business owners to deny services to individuals based on sexual orientation and gender identity, the NCAA said in a statement.

“The higher education community is a diverse mix of people from different racial, ethnic, religious and sexual orientation backgrounds,” said Kirk Schulz, president of Kansas State University and chairman of the Board of Governors. “So it is important that we assure that community – including our student-athletes and fans – will always enjoy the experience of competing and watching at NCAA championships without concerns of discrimination.”


Pacific Ocean To Close In 2018

The world’s largest ocean, after being open for almost 750 million years, will end its run in July of 2018. Pacific Spokesman Roland Haphausenhauer cited over-fishing, pollution, and the bad global economy as the reasons for the closure.

“This is the end of quite an era,” said the spokesman, “We tried to keep the Pacific going as long as we could but the fact is, it’s just not profitable and it’s just no longer rewarding work for those responsible.” The Pacific has seen several hundred lay-offs in recent years, with the ocean becoming less popular with tourists and new businesses. Now over 30 billion USD in debt, the ocean will file for bankruptcy and close its shores forever.

The effects will be long lasting as ships fall to the dry ocean floor, weather and water concerns go haywire, and many countries bordering the ocean dry up and their people flee in search of water. Said Japanese oceanographer Noriyuki Honjo, “Japan as we know it is essentially over with this news. Much of our economy is based on fishing, most of our contact with other countries happens by sea. With no Pacific Ocean, our land is doomed.” Most other island nations have expressed similar fears.

This is the largest geographical closure since the breakup of Pangea, a supercontinent that comprised most of the world’s landmass well into the Mesozoic, when it was hit with an antitrust lawsuit and was forced to break into smaller continents.

Hundreds Shut Down Puerto Rico’s Largest Wal-Mart

In Puerto Rico, hundreds of people shut down the island’s biggest Wal-Mart Monday in protest against the ongoing economic crisis on the island and the companies that protesters say are responsible. Protesters argue Wal-Mart damages the local economy while only providing precarious jobs for Puerto Ricans. Last month, a U.S. appeals court ruled against Puerto Rico in its efforts to raise Wal-Mart’s tax rate from 2 percent up to 6.5 percent. Monday’s protest, which shut down the Wal-Mart for the entire afternoon, was organized by the Socialist Workers Movement. This comes after a massive protest last week in Puerto Rico outside a conference hosted by the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce on the new PROMESA law, which was passed by the U.S. Congress in June, establishing a federally appointed control board with sweeping powers to run Puerto Rico’s economy. This is one of the protesters from Monday’s Wal-Mart action.

Melissa Vargas Echevarría: “My name is Melissa Vargas Echevarría. I am an active member and spokesperson of the Camp Against the Control Board. I’m also a member of the Workers Youth. We closed Wal-Mart’s operations for the day, and, in part, this is proof that when the people unite, we win. We need people to keep coming out to these protests, so that every multinational begins stepping backward, and we’re going to directly affect the ones who affect us directly. While the control board remains, we’re going to continue.”

Climate change could cost the world $2 trillion over the next 14 years

Donald Trump is about to become the Republican nominee for president, a man who has described climate change as a concept “created by and for the Chinese” and “bullshit.” Meanwhile, the United Nations released research Tuesday which indicates said “bullshit” could interfere with productivity, costing the world $2 trillion over the next 14 years.

Ironically, this also coincides with the 10-year anniversary of then-senator Barack Obama‘s climate speech that changed the face of politics.

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Average income per household in the US is $51,759 USD

Average income per household in Israel is $56,892 USD

Israeli debt is equal to just under 42% of its GDP [~$95 Billion], while US debt is at 104% of its GDP [$19.3 Trillion~]

Despite this, the US has increased its military aid budget to Israel to $10.4 million dollars each freaking day

The US is sending a developed first-world country, with a cutting edge military and very strong economy $10.4 million US tax-dollars a day, rather that spending it on the many, many things we need to be working on here in the US

The average household income in Israel is higher than here in the US, yet we send them more aid than almost every other country combined [Egypt receives the second most at $1.8 billion a year compared to Israels ~$4 billion a year]

To make matters worse?

Part of the most recent US Military Aid Deal to Israel had Israel strong-arm their way into having the US allow Israel to spend some of that “military aid” freaking INTERNALLY

That’s right

This highly developed country that receives the most aid out of any other country in the world from the US set the terms for how this money would be spent, and had the audacity to ask for an increase in funding on top of that.

So now, your tax money is going to line the pockets of Israeli politicians, Israeli public works projects, and the further expand the Israeli military beyond what it already is, allowing them to maintain their chokehold on Palestine and continue their expansion of illegal Israeli settlements and the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, who will in turn continue harbor resentment against the US for continuing to fund our torture and oppression.

But hey!

The most unpatriotic thing going on is a man taking a kneel during the national anthem

Not the fact that all of our money is going to an advanced foreign country when it could be used to help those in need here at home.

That $10.4 million a day [not counting discretionary funds given to Israel by congress, which have totaled up to almost another $600 million a year ON TOP of all this to be used as Israel sees fit, which when factored in, equals out to almost $10.7 million a day to Israel] could go to help build up our horrible, horrible healthcare system, our deteriorating infrastructure, into our educational system which continues to slip behind the rest of the world year by year, to help house and feed the homeless and the underprivileged, and to expand our public transportation that also lags behind the rest of the world.

According to the National Priorities Project, that $10.4 million a day/$38 billion over 10 years could be used to provide low-income healthcare to $1.6 million children

Every year

for the next 10 years

But instead, we’re giving it so that an already incredibly strong, prosperous, thriving country with a strong economy and little debt can buy more weapons.

God Bless Amurka