economics is the most boring class ever

Professor Asshole (Joel Heyman/Reader)

hislendercry said: Ok so. Teacher Joel x student reader. Forbidden love. Smut.

Word Count: 1,584

Warning(s): Cursing, sex

Summary: You weren’t very happy about having to take economics in college, until you started talking to your professor.

Author’s Note: I literally saw this prompt and did the real definition of the word ‘Joeled’. I saw, it, I read it, and I went “IT IS THE GREATEST THING TO EVER HAPPEN TO YOU. EVER. AS IN, ‘OH GOD! I HAVE BEEN JOELED!’”

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Baekhyun & Luhan - Love Triangle

Economics class was always the best. The class where you could just dose off and stare at debatably the most handsome and most lovable human being on this earth; Luhan. His focused and concentrated face startled you every time he went to look up at the board, mostly because you had a fear of being caught staring at him.

You sit comfortably in your seat, watching him as he scribbles down note by note, taking everything in. His chocolate eyes matched with his newly dyed brown hair color. Why does he always look so perfect?

“Miss ____. Would you mind re-phrasing what I just said, since you look like you are paying a hundred precent attention and listening attentively.” Your eyes shoot up meeting the teacher’s harsh gaze. The whole class turns to look at you as you’re lost for words.

“Sorry, I will listen now.” You say shyly, taking out your workbook, scribbling notes down into your book. A flush to your cheek appear showing your embarrassed side.

“Good. Next time I’m catch you out with the pixies, you’ll be in detention next.” He finishes as he throws himself back into the book he was reading to the class during his boring lecture.

Okay, maybe Economics wasn’t the most interesting or best class, but you still were in love with the view you had of Luhan.

As you were completely oblivious to everything that consumed the space you were in, you had never really noticed the nerdy, yet cute Byun Baekhyun.

Baekhyun was unusually in love with you. He thought you were the most beautiful, kind and gentle being in the entire school. Although Baekhyun never really had a chance to talk to you or at least be noticed by you, that wouldn’t ever dare to stop with his love for you. He was the most dorky yet smartest guy in the year level. He always thought your standards were much higher than where he sat in the social class, but with the attitude and humbleness about you, he suddenly gained hope that one day something would happen. He was hoping that someday would be today.

As you scribble down notes productively, you feel a pair of eyes gaze over at you and as your sensitive reaction kicks in, you realise that you were actually meeting the gaze of Luhan himself. Startled, your eyes widen and so does your perfectly prim smile. He smiles back kindly, his eyes disappearing slightly. His smile was the most gorgeous one you had ever seen in your entire lifetime. His lips curled upwards revealing his aliened and straight teeth.

As you were mentally ‘flirting’ with Luhan, Baekhyun sat two seats behind Luhan, begging to anyone out there that you would turn to smile at him, just once. Up against Luhan, he had no chance with you really, especially when it turned out the Luhan also liked you the same way you liked him.

As both yourself and Luhan look away from one another, the class shortly comes to an end. Whilst collecting your work, your teacher aggressively places your papers on you desk. You quickly looking through the grades and see most of them as D’s and E’s. At least you hadn’t failed just yet, but indeed you were close to it.

You sigh, staring at your results before packing them away inside of your folder. You need to get somebody to help you with this class. You couldn’t afford to fail any classes with the strict parents who raised you. If they found out you were failing, you’d be locked in your room, studying your entire Economics textbook.

As you filled the hallway of lockers with you presence, you tried to find somebody that was good at Economics, somebody that could help you with your studies. You looked around at everyone like a lost puppy who had forgotten where home was.

“Woah.” A boy peers out of nowhere, knocking directly into you. “Sorry I didn’t see you-.” The boy looks at you, slightly squinting before his eyes appear to grow larger. “I-I didn’t mean to do that.”

“That’s okay. Baekhyun right?”

“Yeah, that’s me. W-Were you looking for me?” He smiled brightly with a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

“Not partially.” You say as the boys smile disappears slowly. “But, you’re good at Economics, correct?”

“Yeah, I guess so. Do you need some help?”

“I’m failing, so I really do need to improve. Would you mind helping me?” You ask kindly and in a sweet manner. Baekhyun lights up immediately, brighter then himself couldn’t even imagine.

“I’m happy to do so.” He says gleaming a smile. Baekhyun couldn’t have been more happy. He was more then excited to help you. Absorbed in the conversation with Baekhyun, neither of you moved out of the way so people would brush passed you and bump into the two of your sometimes. Baekhyun was almost swept away sometimes as his light weight self was easily pushed around. More to the point because he was a nerd ad nobody really liked him, but you did. You genuinely enjoyed his company, no wonder you were frozen in the same spot just conversing with him.

“____. Are you going to come and watch us play soccer?” A voice appears beside you, the voice of Luhan with his friends. You stand there frozen for a moment, not exactly wanting to leave Baekhyun, but wanting to just to be with Luhan, not to watch him play.

“Uh… Okay. I’ll see you later.” You say to Baekhyun as you carry your books down the hall with Luhan by your side. Luhan’s smile enlightens again as he puts one of his lean arms around your neck and onto your shoulder, making your stomach flutter and heart beat faster.

Baekhyun smiles and waves at you before you turn to walk off with Luhan. He stands in the middle of the hallway, watching you leave with Luhan by your side. Envious of Luhan he obviously was; just watching him being able to freely touch you like that and talk to you the way he did. The only thing he could hope for was that Luhan only wanted to be friends with you an nothing more whilst also hoping you had the same state of mind.


“Ah! I get it, I get it.” You smile as you continue to do you work in the dining room with Baekhyun. He sat beside you continuing with some left over homework he had whilst helping you.

“Okay, well we can start on our next chapter next week.” Baekhyun said as he began to pack up his books. It was almost five o'clock and that was usually when Baekhyun left, but today you really wanted some company; you kind of got sick of being home alone everyday till six o'clock.

“Hey Baekhyun, do you mind staying around till six? We can just hang out and stuff?” You suggest sweetly as you also begin to pack up your books.

“Really? Are you sure?” Baekhyun’s throat tightens up and begins to go dry like it did every time you asked him to come over to study. He fixes his glasses, placing them straight upon the bridge of his nose.

“Yeah. I want to get to know you more.” You giggle slightly at your pathetic response to the anxious and fearful boy. How am I going to cope 'hanging out’ with her. He breathes heavily when the thought comes to mind.

“Baekhyun? Are you okay?” You notice his frantic gestures and the heavy breathing every once in a while.

“I’m fine, um, I can stay. What do you want to do?” He asks turning towards you, brushing his knee against yours causing his heart to jump.

“I don’t know, just ask me anything.” You said as you got up and left for the kitchen which was just across from the dining room. He watched you, thinking of a suitable question to ask.

You took out two glasses and filled them with orange juice, something you both genuinely liked.

“Well, what is your favourite school subject?” He asks clasping his hands together. As you walk back holding the drinks, you roll your eyes and say “No silly. I mean, more personal questions, social questions.” You sit back down facing him again, your knees brushing against his causing him to quiver.

“Oh. Ha yeah okay. Well, you can ask a question first, I don’t know what to ask.” He scratches his neck nervously.

“Okay, sure. I’ve been wondering, do you fancy anyone?” You give him a stern look taking a sip of your drink, as a joke obviously.

Baekhyun stares at you, swallowing hard as his throat tightened and dried out.

“HA! I knew it! You definitely like somebody. You have to tell me who now.” You squint at him deviously watching his flustered self turn red.

“Aw Baekhyun, you’re blushing.” You pinch his chubby cheeks and watch him flinch with a little giggle.

“No I can’t.” He giggles as you continue to poke him all over. His sensitive body flinches as he giggles violently begging you to stop.

“Only if you tell me!” You pout, continuing to annoy him.

“Okay, okay! I’ll tell you!” He obliges quickly and you stop immediately, interested in his response.

Baekhyun breathes out deeply, debating over whether he should tell you the truth or not. Just tell her! This is your chance! One part of him was begging him to do so whilst the other half of him was telling himself to just lie. Don’t tell her! You’re going to ruin everything!

“Baekhyun! Tell me!” Pouting, you poke him in the stomach once more causing him to come directly back to his senses.

“Okay.” He sighs heavily, truthfully telling you who he really liked. “____. I like you.” For a moment, you sit there utterly shocked. You were not expecting him to say that at all.

“I have liked you for so long ____, ever since I met you. You’re so kind and careful and funny. You’re beautiful inside and out. I’ve always thought that I’m not up to your standards but here I am, confessing to you while shaking like I’m about to pass out.” He says showing you how violently he was shaking.

“Oh Baekhyun.” You grab his hand and hold it in yours, squeezing it slightly as comfort. “Baekhyun, I’m so sorry.” You feel tears form at the brim of your eyes wanting to fall down the side of your cheek. “I’m sorry but, I honestly don’t feel the same way about you. I don’t want to hurt you but I do like somebody else and I’m so sorry Baekhyun. I hope we can keep the friendship that we’ve built; I really do want to stay friends. But at this point of time, I don’t see us as something. I really wish I could Baekhyun, but I don’t and I can’t force myself to.” As much as this broke both your heart as well as Baekhyun’s, you needed to tell him this.

Baekhyun’s heart sank into a never ending depth of nothingness. He knew you liked Luhan, he knew it all along, but he was glad he got this off his chest.

“We can stay friends. I understand.” Baekhyun blows out a small smile sympathetically even though he really wanted to dig a hole a jump in it.

“I’m sorry Baekhyun.” You release his hand and lean over to hug him tightly in your embrace. “We will work something out, I promise.” Even though you didn’t even know what you meant by that, you did promise to make something happen and whatever it was, it was definitely going to be perfect.