“The large cohort of youth entering Africa’s labour force is the best educated one the continent has seen, and Africa is witnessing its best growth performance in decades”

Unemployment is considered a ‘luxury’ in Sub-Saharan Africa. So, in the absence of formal wage jobs, the youth of SSA are exploiting their talents in innovative ways in the informal sector: in agriculture and household enterprises. How should economic policy in Africa shift to reflect youth employment in the informal sector?

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Bernie and the Millennials
The New Yorker is wrong. Young people are attracted to Bernie Sanders because of economic insecurity, not naive idealism.

First, some context. Exit polls from Iowa, according to Vox, show that “Sanders absolutely dominated young adult voters, in a way that even Barack Obama couldn’t in 2008.” Eighty-four percent of voters under thirty, and 58 percent of voters between thirty and forty-four, cast their ballots for Sanders. More generally, as countless articles have noted, younger voters are shifting left, embracing ancient taboos like socialism and other heresies…

What counts as voluntary? Is it possible to be coerced by circumstance?

For more: http://www.libertarianism.org/media/free-thoughts/when-is-voluntary-choice-really-voluntary#.vrlrs8h:MVPO


Japan’s Debt Problem Visualized 

This should be a lesson to the US.

Surprise! Data shows job markets grinding to a halt in cities with recent minimum wage hikes

People who don’t understand economics will be thoroughly baffled by this new data. As it turns out, when salaries are based on anything but fair market value, job markets take a dive. Government bureaucrats and labor union lobbyists fail to understand this time and time again, and the people who stand in the picket lines demanding a higher wage don’t realize that they’re really killing their own chances of getting a job at all.

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Here’s the underlying issue: capitalism, as it is now, is a fucking disaster. The people who do not want to change it are the people who benefit the most from it. When someone like Bernie Sanders who has 40+ years’ experience comes along and says, ‘hey…this shit doesn’t work,’ there needs to be a lid put on capitalism by way of regulation. People like Hillary who obviously benefit from unchecked capitalism become threatened. They start shit talking. They claim that Bernie’s ideas are a fucking pipe dream… hmmm. Seems to me this nation was at its peak when unions were strong and the wealthiest were taxed at rates significantly higher than now. The claim that Bernie doesn’t have a clue is false, as a lot of what he talks about adds up to things that have already been done and have been done successfully. Regulation is the key to longevity, and establishing better equality is also key to the overall strength of this nation.
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