May 22nd, 2017 — yas. econ notes. again c:

my kittycat was sleeping on the backdrop I wanted to use for my studyblr photos » didn’t wanna disturb lil furball’s beauty sleep, so I included her in the shots :3 accidentally woke her up a moment later tho hahah.

also, thank you for all the kind words, messages and congratulations on my first big milestone! ahhh I love you all so much 💕

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Name: Beatrice
Age: 20
Country: Australia

Hey! I’m Beatrice and I’ve always thought this penpal thing sounded so interesting and maybe it was about time I give it a go. Currently in my 3rd year of uni majoring in economics and sociology so definitely a topic of interest but I love learning and talking about all kinds and things.

I like video games, typically story based ones but I’m currently into Overwatch, even though I’m not the best haha. Really big music lover and I listen to all kinds depending on my mood, so rnb, pop, folk, rock, punk, rap, etc. Also really into books, comics, watching shows/movies, being active. I guess I live in phases where I cycle between all these interests but I love hearing about other people’s interest and am open to trying new experiences.

I’m kinda in a unsettling and confusing sorta place in my life right now so it’d be great having someone I can maybe talk to about the bad days as well as the good ones. Plus I’ve been a bit bored recently and since I’ve never made an international friend I’m keen to hear about other countries and broadening my horizons so to speak.

Preferences: someone around my age and over 18 would be good
I’m bi so someone who’s LGBT would be nice but not necessary

7 things I've learned from studying economics

• Forget what you’ve been told in the past about classical/neoclassical theory. Listen to your current lecturer. Repeat when you have a new lecturer

• DON’T underestimate the difficulty of microeconomics

• Coloured pens in exams will save you

• Supply = Demand. This will be more or less your entire degree

• Econometrics is the devil’s spawn

• Textbooks will help more than the lectures that you pay £9,000 a year for

• Life is complicated

The fact is: When you treat medical health like a business, when the financial bottom line is more important than human beings, then people are going to suffer and die.

If you’re okay with that, then be okay with that, but own it. Don’t hide behind rationalizations and falsehoods. Come right out and say, “I think capitalism is more important than the suffering of human beings.” Don’t pretend to care about the sanctity of life and then show callous disregard for your fellow humans. And if you show such disregard, don’t complain when people say you don’t sincerely care about human lives.

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Last night, MSNBC held a town hall in Chicago and it was just as great as you think.

I don’t think I’ve seen a better example of the need for a Class & Race approach to politics in a long time.

Why Hollywood’s writers are on the verge of a strike — and what it could mean for the industry
By Alissa Wilkinson

In a nutshell:

– Writers get paid by the episode and most TV shows have gone from 22 episodes a year to 10.

– Production companies/studios want writers to work exclusively on one series for the duration of the series, meaning a writer on hiatus from 10-episode Series A isn’t allowed to write for 10-episode Series B.

– Writers could once count on residuals from syndicated broadcast re-runs of episodes they wrote to supplement their income, but ratings for syndicated broadcast shows are down. Meanwhile, residuals from streamed views of episodes are substantially smaller than those from broadcast TV.

– The WGA’s health plan is running a huge deficit and is about to implode. Since the Big Six studios (Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures, and Warner Bros. Pictures) have seen record profits over the last 10 years, the WGA wants them (and the other 344 production companies and studios that make up the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers) to pay more into the plan.

The strike is slated to start May 2nd if an agreement can’t be reached. It will not only delay the Fall 2017 TV season but affect Saturday Night Live and all late night TV shows immediately, as well as sideline production crews.

25/2/17 • 15:24

it’s the end of another hectic week at school!! bless my soul it’s only the second week of JC and i already feel so drained 😢 sos pls send help 😂 press on everyone 💪🏼💪🏼 sorry for being inactive too hehe life’s tough i have training 4 days a week 😭😭😭

The Invention Of Prices

It used to be that anytime you wanted to buy something, you had to haggle. The store owner and the potential buyer started out at different prices, and through negotiation – or argument – came to agree on a single price. And that single price would be different for each buyer who walked into the store. The Quakers were not fans of this. Since everyone was equal, according to their religious beliefs, it was un-equal to charge different prices. So they invented the price tag. In the mid-1800s in Quaker stores, each item in the store cost exactly the same thing, no matter how rich you were or how good you were at haggling. Revolutionary!

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The biggest joke about this is that I can't access a paper without paying for it, mind you this is a paper I contributed to. My name is on it. I could get it of course through some other way, but if I wanted to access it througn the journal by myself, I can't without paying for it. And this is in a country where college access is free. And yes running a journal costs money. But guess who contributes the content to these journals. The people who have to pay to read that very same content.

but anon???? remember?? the paywall is to protect scientists?? ??  ??  and researchers?? ?  did u FORGET?? ?  ?? ? ? ?? !!!!