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wait but american society being a combo of capitalism and socialism isn't total bullshit? we have things like roads, public schools, homeless shelters, welfare etc, and those are all socialist things. not to mention all the limits on capitalism (child labor laws and such). obviously we have a long way to go and we're 90% capitalist, still evil, but saying that there are socialist aspects to our society is not wrong.

socialism is where the people own the means of production buddy pal. these words have definitions lol.


Trevor Hill is the gay socialist revolutionary we need right now.

Sciences that best match the signs
  • Aries: Chemistry
  • Taurus: Geology/Geography
  • Gemini: Psychology
  • Cancer: Philosophy
  • Leo: Biology
  • Virgo: Economics/mathematics
  • Libra: Sociology
  • Scorpio: Astronomy
  • Sagittarius: Archeology
  • Capricorn: Chronology/History
  • Aquarius: Physics
  • Pisces: Oceanology

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for that last anon, i feel like its important to note that the ussr considered itself socialist, and its capitalist propaganda that defines it as communist. i agree that it was still heavily capitalist though, but thats because im not sure if there really is a difference between state capitalism and socialism. if im wrong about that please feel free to correct, i just dont understand how worker-owned production can exist with a state

state capitalism is where the state controls the means of production, it tells the people who is and isn’t allowed to use something or learn to use something to inevitably use it. 

socialism is where the people control the means of production within their state and don’t have to answer to a government to learn to be able to use it/use it. etc. there’s still a state though, it just doesn’t control the means of production, it just means there are boundaries to where this is true. 

So like the people are bound to their state regarding the means of production. other nations can exist during socialist states where the people do not control the means of production.

communism is where all people control the means of production, there are no boundaries, there are no nation states. basically.