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Some things about Net Neutrality being threatened that I haven’t seen many comments on:

- The OOOONNLY people benefiting from this possible rollback are corporate shareholders. 

- The removal of NN would result in few if any new jobs whatsoever, so any argument that it would help the economy is null and void (btw, we’re not actually in a recession anymore, in case anyone still thought that. The US’s economy, while it has plateaued in actual growth at about 2%, it’s actually pretty high in the business cycle.)

- Limitation and partisan censorship is a major concern (I lied that one is what everyone is talking about)

- In fact it will HURT online businesses, which will damage the small business sector in general.

- And last but not least: It is going to have a majorly negative impact on the education system. I just finished highschool in May and let me tell you, even rural schools are getting more and more technology and internet dependent. Students frequently, if not regularly, are sent home with online assignments. How can students possibly be expected to finish an online homework assignment if they can’t even remotely begin to afford internet? This is already an issue in rural and poor and POC dominated areas, and should Net Neutrality be removed and access to the internet be placed back into money hungry corporate hands, it will be an even more massive and far worse problem that will only perpetuate low education levels in these areas. what if their assignment requires research on a website that their partisan provider has decided to censor? You get a zero. Especially if you’re a college student that can’t afford another $150 a month just to get ok-ish internet speeds. 

- This gives me great concern for marginalized and outcast kids. The internet has been one of the very, very few places where LGBT+ and POC children and people in general can go and feel safe and accepted and loved and celebrated for how/who they are. Imagine that that’s the ONLY place you feel safe and okay and then that gets taken away from you. Early teen suicide rates are already high enough. 

This is all just a disgusting money grab by the GOP and other politicians who are invested in cable and cellular companies. Call or message your congressional representatives to oppose. Drown them in resistance. I’ve already found several posts with links that let you do that. 

It would be wrong to think that, because Kokuren’s membership had come to reject syndicalism, they were automatically hostile to unions. On the contrary, as an article published in April 1928 on ‘Anarchists and the Union Movement’ made clear, they considered that under capitalism workers were bound to form unions in order to pursue economic objectives and resist the bosses. However, they did not believe that there was anything inherently, or even potentially, revolutionary about workers engaging in such activity. Workers would only become revolutionaries to the extent that they made a conscious choice to direct their struggle away from seeking improvements within capitalism towards overthrowing capitalism and reorganizing life on the basis of anarchist communism. That was where genuine anarchists had a role to play, since their function 'must be, via the daily economic struggle, to make the workers themselves aware of the fact that, without unionists embracing anarchist communism, they can never bring about the true liberation of the workers’. If anarchist communists were to neglect this role, day-to-day economic demands would be uppermost in the workers’ minds and unions would be nothing more than 'mere organs of daily economic struggle’.
—  John Crump, Hatta Shuzo and Pure Anarchism in Interwar Japan

Why Capitalism is Great

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someofyrproblemsareyrfault  asked: can the womens march leaders and feminist Tamika Mallory both express support for Farrakhan who belongs to an antisemtic Muslim hate group per the SPLC, and who just 5 years ago criticized Obama for his stance on gay marriage for example. i believe if you search enough youll find hypocrisy in everyone, but on issues that they champion so passionately?? how can that not be interpreted as divisive by Jewish feminist and march goers? how are these motives not questioned by supporters?

Because their beliefs are dogmatic. “Listen and believe”. I’m sure you’ve heard people say there’s a religious element to the progressive movement. There is no sound philosophical principle underpinning their motivations. This allows for hypocrisy, absurd ideas held as truths, and contradictions rational people might call doublethink.

I mention it pretty regularly but I always go back to the idea that all of critical theory is founded on sand but the sand, which can shift and reform easily, sits atop old Marxist foundations and motivations.

The Marxists failed to spark revolution in the West with their traditional 19th-20th century class warfare rhetoric. Over the last 35 years they changed tactics which critical theory allows because it makes reality malleable.

All they had to do is infest and corrupt education to shape the minds of the youth.

The dogmatic sand is currently the idea that all evils of the world emerge from the straight white male.

This scapegoat also happens to encompass the most economically successful demographic in the West. We’ve obliterated all “white” ethnicities and their histories to get here. That should be lost on no one.

Like the kulak or bourgeoisie before them, they are being targeted by the marxist who is veiling their motivation of economic control with the agitating race and gender rhetoric we’re all familiar with.

The rank and file useful idiot may not realize this.  We see them overwhelmed with white hot rage and infused with religious zeal.  This is a sign of indoctrination and a lack of education.  They’re not educated too much and they’re kept on an ideological rail. They’re manipulated and then programmed not to think at all.  Anyone can witness this when you examine their dialectic parameters which include the following; Ideas are dangerous and words are dangerous, echo chambers are desirable and safe, pangs caused by cognitive dissonance are reason for spastic emotional outbursts.

These group norms act as bulwarks for insensible notions like POC being incapable of racism.  Kept safe from rational challenges they become widely dispersed beliefs integrated into their dogma and conversation with any opposition is cut off. Thus everyone who is not on board becomes a Nazi.

They will change the meaning of words on a whim to suit their arguments as they’ve done recently with mass shootings.  They’ll project attributes onto individuals based on superficial physical characteristics like race and gender while claiming that they’re ardently fighting racism and sexism.

The open bigotry of Islamic fundamentalists is allowed for in the dogma because they aren’t the economic target. The exception made for them is a revealing light. The progressive movement has nothing to do with relieving racial or sexual oppression and everything to do with tearing down and controlling economy. Consider what happened with Obamacare. The resistance was economically motivated but it was painted by the left as a racial and sexual issue.

The Islamists aren’t straight white males. The Islamists do not comprise the bulk of the middle class. The islamists are forces of destabilization and destruction with overlapping interests so there is certainly room made for them in the camp.

If the hard left and the critical theorists were to apply their gender and racial standards to the Islamic world (and people like Farrakhan and Sarsour) it might make the West look pretty damn good and it might wash out the sand underpinning those dogmatic beliefs. That can’t be permitted.

Our task today is to accelerate the process of transition to postcapitalism by creating and implementing it here and now, in the bowels of a dying system. We may well fail in doing so — but the point is precisely to broaden the horizons of the present so that we become cognizant of possibilities that lead beyond it, to plant seeds that might blossom in years and decades to come as governments fall and economies rupture.

We need to work together to craft new visions, values and worldviews; to develop new ideals, ethics and structures; to innovate new politics, economics and cultures of resistance and renewal.

—  Nafeez Ahmed

What if I told you, this notebook from Ogami had paper, made, of, stone?

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Welcome to Part 1 of the Ogami Professional Notebook by GruppoCartarama.

What made me get this notebook the moment I saw it was because of the paper (isn’t that the case for most notebooks?). The paper or as called by the company, “Repap” (hey, try reversing the letters), is made of stone, or specifically, calcium carbonate (CaCO3) and “non-toxic resins” i.e. plastic.

This notebook is toted SEVERAL times as being:

  • Tree-product free save for the cover
  • Waterproof (like a Rite-in-the-Rain book)
  • Tear-resistant
  • Economic (It was $20 as of this review when purchased from, you tell me if that’s economical at the end of this review)
  • Production creates less CO2 or carbon dioxide than most factory-made products
  • Recyclable in either plastic (preferred) or paper bins
  • “Soft”
  • No paper cuts. Okay let me try and—AAHH! Just kidding.

In the Ogami line there are:

  • 4 sizes: Mini (90 x 140 mm, 48 sheets), Small (130 x 210 mm, 64 sheets), Regular (195 x 240 mm, 80 sheets), and Wirebound (195 x 240 mm, 124 sheets)
  • All sizes come in Soft or Hardbound, though I am unsure about the Wirebound
  • 3 types of Rulings: Plain, Ruled, or Squared i.e. Graph
  • Professional or Quote Collection covers; Professional Collection having same foil print cover in Black, Gray, Aqua Green, and White, and the Quote Collection with well, big color graphics and quotes on them on a white cover

This particular model is the Gray Small Hardcover variant, having 64 sheets (128 pages) of Repap paper (have you reversed the letters yet?) with 2 cover sheets of regular tree-paper (gasp!), and is 5 in. x 8.5 in. x 1 16/32nds in. or 13 cm x 21 cm x 1.1 cm (the cover tells you the dimensions in millimeters). Repap is 120 micron or 140 g/m^2 in paper weight, with for this version a ruling of 8 mm apart and a 1.8 cm top margin. Cover is made of uncoated 300 g/m^2 paper (more like 10-ply Bristol board) and is binded through the company’s “Point Singer” binding. There is an elastic strap to keep the book closed, no ribbon bookmark. I can’t tell you the weight but true to its name, it feels like a slab of slate or something, a cheap bathroom tile if you’d like.

The inside cover and facing page allows you to place standard info like name and contact information. The rear cover page and facing page contain Repap information like that printed on the book sleeve.

Upon first opening the notebook you’ll find a leaflet which contains essentially all the info I’ve listed (why read it there when you can read it here beforehand?), but a little indiscretion is to be clarified:

  • The sheets are referred to as “pages” but are actually sheets, and I counted for my notebook each sheet to be sure
  • They say there’s a rear pocket in the Professional Collection, now I don’t know if that’s in the larger sizes, but I didn’t see no pocket in my book, how disappointing! I like pockets, it’s why I wear jackets, more pockets.

Did I mention that the leaflet talks about how Repap is made out of 80% calci—oh wait, you already knew that? Hmm, I don’t remember mentioning that.

Alright, now you know about the paper itself, but what about its performance? Is “stone paper” a gimmick? Find out, in Part 2!


The bronze bull statue has been a permanent fixture of Wall Street and everything it represents: power… dominance… and aggression. In honor of International Women’s Day (and Women’s History Month), Boston-based State Street Global Advisors (SSGA) commissioned a statue to accompany the bull

It’s of a girl staring at the animal head on, fearless and strong, challenging the bull, looking as if she’s saying “Come at me, bruh. I dare you.