economic downfall

I know I probably shouldn’t be, but I’m seriously creeped out by this Jade Helm 15 thing. It’s happening right in my hometown where I’m living in Odessa as they shut down a Wal-Mart in Midland TX. My family members were deeply affected by the shutdown after 10+ years of employment and the city is in a paranoid stand still as we’re hearing word of military presence. I know we shouldn’t be in a panic but why the hell weren’t we notified, why last minute? Why were the employees not told that they would be laid off until they showed up at the front doors and were told they couldn’t enter. It’s all really secretive, and I can’t help but question wtf the government has planned for us here, which I hardly ever question the government. I’m worried, anxious, not scared but a little pissed. Plus the fact that the entire city has been going through this huge lay off process no matter where you work has me worried about the economic stability in our area.

This is one of those things I really hope won’t go to shit I hope all these conspiracy theories are wrong because I can’t protect myself and I can’t fight against an army. Our city wouldn’t stand a chance.

Strangers And Descendants

Jungkook x Reader
Supernatural/Fantasy/Mystery/Romance AU
4461K Words

Set in the year 2065, after moving to South Korea because of your father’s line of work, you meet Jungkook who claims he is your “guardian” with the rest of BTS. They all work together, using their “gifts” to protect you from an anonymous group called The Organization that are after you for reasons unknown. Trusting the boys will be your only chance of survival. 

Chapter 1: 

Y/N was used to moving around by now from country to country, ever since she was born her father was an influential man who only followed whatever his company ordered him to do. Her mother had to explain things all too often, but this didn’t lessen Y/N’s disinterest in whatever new city or town they moved to, it was all the same to her. Eventually they would move again, and she would have to blend in with a new culture she knew nothing of; it fed her rebellious nature, and much to her father’s disdain, she never tried to follow in his footsteps.

Looking out the window of an expensive black car with windows darkened to conceal her identity, the Korean streets on the outside were left naked to her eyes; Y/N was blank. So many neon signs, Korean writing on every inch of the streets, it dizzied and blinded her. She had learned enough Cantonese, Mandarin and Chinese in her life time, in fact she knew more than eight languages and this would be just another task for her to ease into this culture. Just another one of many.


Seoul, South Korea

January 5th, 2065 8:00 P.M.

A TV in the middle of the hotel room was turned on, the volume adjusted to a faint vibration and unrecognizable language from a news anchor on national television. Y/N threw her Korean language book on the bed and looked into the mini-fridge beside it, glancing over at the subtitles forming at the bottom of the screen, suddenly her eyes sprung wide open at what she saw, “…South Korean government welcomed Mr. Y/L/N at Icheon airport with high spirits, we hope he helps restore companies after the economic downfall due to the recent dismantle of secret societies and imprisonment of corrupt stock holders in government—“

Y/N couldn’t finish reading the subtitles before the TV was shut off and instinctively her eyes darted towards the door, where her father stood, wrinkles puckered together in a tightened expression,

“You should get ready for bed; the flight here was long.”

“I slept through most of the flight.” Y/N looked down at her can of soda and realized she hadn’t opened it. To avoid any more awkwardness with her distant father, she popped the aluminum tab and let the drink fizzle.

“Well, then make sure you’re ready early in the morning. Your mother and I already picked a university for you to attend.”

He quietly exited the room, and she simply watched as she took a sip of her soda to wash down the bitter taste he left in her mouth. After all the years of rebellion, Y/N knew there was no way to go against his word when it came to school. He wouldn’t hesitate to throw her out in the streets with nothing more than the clothes on her back, nothing her mother could say changed his views on that. She knew the only way to inherit his fortune would be to finish school, and continue his legacy.

Seoul National University

January 6th, 2065 7:00 A.M.

The inside of the building was warm as soon as Y/N entered from the negative temperatures outside, and nothing scared her or intimidated her at this point. To be 19 years old, Y/N had a strong character that the other students could sense with a single stare. It scared many of them away as she walked alongside her parents, toward the admissions office with a stoic look on her face.

“Mr. Sung, pleased to meet you.” Y/N’s father kindly smiled and gave the president of the school a firm handshake, both hands extended out, and she politely followed suit with a bow.

“You’ll fit right in.” the old man smiled, the corners of his eyes wrinkling.

The classes on Y/N’s schedule were already advanced, there was no doubt that her father had something to do with it. How nice of him, she thought. But again, there was always something in her psyche that let her excel in whatever she wanted, whether that’d be learning a language or studying people’s gestures and actions, to taking an advance college course in accounting, it was all too easy for her to decipher. A Rubik’s cube was a warm up for a brain like hers. This wasn’t a phenomenon to her, she knew she inherited her father’s intelligence, but it was more of a curse than a blessing.

“You look like you don’t wanna be here.” A young man’s voice interrupted her chain of thoughts, but before she could say something intimidating to make him go away, something inside her wouldn’t let her speak. Seeing her response, the boy brushed his fingers through his dark brown hair and settled down in the seat next to hers. The two were in the far back of the lecture hall, and Y/N figured he usually sits in this row of seats. “I’m Jungkook,” He politely bowed, using formal speech as she had quickly learned from reading her language book.  

“I’m Y/N, but my Korean isn’t the best…” she replied, making Jungkook’s eyes go wide.

“Ooh,” He made a sound of appreciation for how well she pronounced giving her a thumbs up, “You pronounce very well.” He replied in English.

“You don’t have to talk to me in English, I prefer to speak Korean so I can learn.” Y/N put her hands on the table and played with her thumbs to get over the off-putting sensation in her stomach. Somehow, Jungkook felt more familiar to her than she wanted to admit.

“You pick things up a little too quickly.” His tone became deeper and more of a whisper now that the professor started the lecture, which inadvertently made Y/N blush.

“Is that weird?”

“Not at all. I know that feeling very well.”

Y/N looked up at him in an almost shocked state, this random guy actually tried to talk to her and doesn’t think she’s weird or scary. It was the first time in her life she had a conversation like this with someone, and in the back of her mind she knew there was something more about Jungkook that she could not put her finger on. He knew something about her, there was no other plausible reason for him to treat her this way.

For the first time in her 19 years of life, Y/N was scared, and did not try to start a conversation with Jungkook as the lecture went on. She wanted to focus on whatever the professor was saying, but it’s as if she wasn’t really there, because trying to recall whatever the professor said only gave her a headache.

The class was dismissed, but Y/N was stuck in her chair looking down at her hands hoping Jungkook wouldn’t speak to her again.

“Don’t worry, Y/N. We’re classmates now.” He was a smug guy, Y/N could tell from the way he grabbed his notebook and swung his bag over his shoulder. But was there really a reason to be scared? No, Y/N didn’t want to question her own confidence over something so little as him approaching her first. She slowly smiled at him and gave him a nod.

“Look, once my next class is done I have the rest of the day free. Maybe I can buy you some coffee and show you around?” He faltered halfway through his question, running a little out of breath, which Y/N found cute and mentally face palmed herself for thinking he was scary.

“Yeah, that sounds good.” She tucked her hair behind her ear and nodded again, actually trying to take this opportunity to make a friend. After all, her father’s current project seemed pretty big to last a span of years. She might not have to say goodbye to this friend any time soon.

Outside Seoul National University

January 6th, 2065 2:00 P.M.

Y/N’s phone wouldn’t stop vibrating, and every time she checked it expecting Jungkook’s name to appear on the screen, she would groan when she saw her father’s. On the fourth attempt of him calling her, she swiped the screen and answered,


“I’m going to ignore that tone of voice just this once. How was your first day? I was worried.” His rough, baritone voice resonated in Y/N’s ear and she sighed by how pathetic he feigned interest.

“I did well. Like I have done all my life.”

“Yes, well, we all know you are stupendously bright but did you make any friends?”

Y/N wasn’t sure if he genuinely wanted her to have friends, or if this was a strategy to gain her trust and continue to shove his own agenda down her throat. For her to be like him. That’s all he ever wanted.

“Yes. I’m actually going to hang out with him right now.”


Just as her father made the question, Y/N’s phone vibrated and this time Jungkook’s name appeared on the screen, “I have to answer a call. I’ll call Mr. Kim when I need a ride back to the hotel. Bye.”

She didn’t leave her father any room to argue, because she immediately swiped right and answered Jungkook with a bright voice as if the last phone call never even happened.

“Hello! Are you done with your class?”

“Ah yes, where are you? I’ll come get you.” On the other end of the line, Jungkook wore a winning smirk. He was opening the door to his car and throwing his bag in the backseat.

“I’m by the front entrance. Just outside.”

“Alright, I’m on my way. Did you eat yet?” He put his seat belt on, switching his phone to speaker and starting the engine.

Y/N could hear it from her end of the line and raised an eyebrow, “No I haven’t. Why? You plan to take me on a date?”

“You said it, not me.” He laughed quietly, she’s cunning, he thought. Didn’t expect to be protecting someone like her.

Restaurant ‘Brew 3.14’

January 6th, 2065 3:00 P.M.

The car ride was uneventful to say the least, there was little contact between the two, mainly because Y/N didn’t expect to be in a stranger’s car on her first day of class in a new university and in a new country. Even Jungkook had to admit that things went faster than he planned, and gave himself a pat on the back for earning her trust so quickly. He knew she was a difficult one to approach, but after a couple of minutes of sitting in the restaurant and watching her fidget nervously in her seat, he saw a cuter side to her. Stop. I can’t get attached. He thought. This was an assignment, he had to protect her, even if she didn’t know the truth yet. He had to make his presence known before they got to her.

“You okay?” Y/N was looking at him with a glass of lemonade in her hand, holding the straw up to her lips.

“Oh, yeah. Sorry, just kind of spaced out.” He gave her a reassuring smile.

“I notice you started speaking informally to me.” She replied, amused on the one hand because she knew if he was younger then he was overstepping boundaries, but her smile faded when he spoke again and the words that came out of his mouth made her body temperature drop.

“Don’t worry, I’m two months older than you. In fact, you should use honorifics with me.” He didn’t realize the gravity of what he said in the moment, but after seeing Y/N put her drink down and her face turn paler, he swallowed hard. How was he going to fix that mistake?

“When’s your birthday?”

“2045.” He quickly replied, frantically looking around at the sauces on the table.

“No, Jungkook. Your full birth date.” Y/N’s tone was turning slightly aggressive, she knew there was something going on and now she was set on finding out who he really was. Is he working for one of my father’s enemies? Is he trying to hurt me? She thought.

“Does it matter? I mean you look younger than me, I just guessed—“

“Tell me!” Y/N’s shout definitely drew some attention from the nearby customers sitting at their tables, but it was lunch time rush, and everyone went back to their business immediately. Jungkook looked around wide eyed, sighing and inwardly relieved that it didn’t draw the wrong attention. But once they were out of the public eye, Jungkook grabbed Y/N’s arm with a growl and pulled her close enough to make his whispers audible. She grimaced and hissed at how rough he was grabbing her,

“Will you quit making a scene and understand that you can be in grave danger right now?!”

If they weren’t glaring at each other, Jungkook and Y/N would’ve been self-conscious of how close their faces were to each other in a public setting.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, if you ask me I’d say you’re the shadiest guy here!”

Their spewing was cut short by the waiter delivering the array of side dishes and setting the table for the main course. He was either uninterested, or thought it was just a typical couple argument in the middle of a lunch date, because he bowed and walked off with the same bored expression.

Y/N snapped a crab leg in half and began picking out the meat as she spoke again, playing along with Jungkook’s plead to not draw attention.

“My birthday is September 1st, 2045. Happy?”

“How did you know my birthday was November 1st, 2045?” She asked, looking so composed that Jungkook had to gulp down a shot of soju to understand all that had just happened.

“I can’t tell you anything yet, but you’re in danger. Trust me, I’m not the bad guy here. I’m here to protect you.” He dipped a piece of meat in three different sauces and wrapped it in lettuce, shoving the giant ball of food in his mouth that made Y/N want to wrap her own piece of meat.

“So I have no clue who you are, but you know more about me than myself?” She proceeded to stuff her mouth in the same manner he did, and it made his mouth twitch; even when she was angry and confused, she looked cute to him. But he wasn’t going to give in and smile at a moment like this.

“I know it’s all ridiculous, but the world is changing. There are bad people, with a lot of power, and they want to take over the largest economy in the world. You really think it was a coincidence someone like your father was called to work here?” Jungkook spoke solemnly, and for a second Y/N believed him 100%. But was he really to be trusted? He wasn’t telling her the full details, what if he was hiding behind the good guy mask?

She sighed, running her fingers through her hair, all of this information was confusing her. However, one thing was certain: Jungkook still felt familiar to her, and for that reason she had to give him the benefit of the doubt. There had to be some truth to all that he said, and him knowing so much about her made the hairs in the back of her neck stand.

January 6th, 2065 5:30 P.M.

The two agreed on paying the bill and talking somewhere more private. Y/N still had a lot of questions, and whether Jungkook wanted to tell her or not, she was going to get them out of him by any means.

“Thank you for the food.” She broke the silence, the two sat in his car parked in an isolated alleyway. She watched the crowds of people walk in the busy main street, all of them blissfully unaware of the problems the government was facing, and the thought made her shiver. Just how long has she been in danger?

“Here.” Jungkook held his leather jacket out for her, and hesitantly she draped it over herself.

“Thank you…you’re protecting me, right?” Y/N asked, looking up at him, unable to read his expression. He wasn’t this way when they met, he was easy for her to understand, maybe not his motives, but she got a sense of his personality. If that was even his real personality and not some façade.

“Yes. I was assigned to watch over you as you turn 20 this year and your power is fully awakened.”

“My…power?” Y/N’s whole life surrounded around facts, numbers, statistics, she was one of the biggest skeptics out there for the paranormal or supernatural, if that was what Jungkook was insinuating.

“I can’t disclose more than I already have. It can alter the future drastically.” He pursed his lips and looked out the side of his window, Y/N was smiling to herself, I think I’m talking to a mad man.

She opened her mouth to tell him that this was all mistake and maybe he should seek some professional help, but her eyebrows came together when she saw him turn the engine on with urgency.

“What’s going on?”

“Put on your seatbelt!” He yelled, and hit the gas, backing up the car with as much force as possible. Y/N felt the air getting knocked out of her lungs, and she squeezed the handle above her head until her knuckles turned white. There was no time for her to react or even scream, just when she thought she had seen it all, she looked at the rearview mirror and grasped the fact that Jungkook was running over a group of men.

“What the fuck?! Jungkook you killed them!”

“No, not really,” he countered with a grunt, expertly gear shifting the car and drifting out of the alley without scratching the car and leaving the men he ran over in the dust.

Y/N looked back and forth between Jungkook and the alley they just drove out of, flattening a group of men in the progress, and she felt her heart beating so fast it would leap up and out of her throat.

“What were you thinking?! You just ran over those guys! You really are crazy!”

“Y/N…” a bead of sweat dripped down the side of Jungkook’s forehead, but he seemed composed, it’s as if this wasn’t the first time he ran over someone. Which only made her panic more.

“No! Stop the car! I want to get out!”

“Y/N—“ She could sense the little bit of patience left in him fade by how his brow twitched, but she wasn’t going to get herself killed tonight,

“Jungkook stop the—“

“Shut up, will you?!” He screamed at her so loud that the vein in his neck protruded, only taking his eyes off the road for a second to silence her. She was scared, he could see it and feel the fear radiating off her body. He didn’t want to treat her so harshly, his job was to keep her safe, but he needed to calm down. The guys back in that alleyway were definitely from the organization. He could tell just by seeing their suits from a mile away. Jungkook had to think fast, or he would fail Y/N and the rest of the gang. Her life was their only hope.

A couple of minutes went by and Y/N’s shaky voice made Jungkook jump in his seat, “Where are we going?”

“We’re going to a place where they can’t find you. And…I’m sorry I yelled at you that way just now, I’m just as nervous as you are. Just know I didn’t kill those guys. It takes a lot more than a car to kill them.”

Y/N stared in disbelief, just what did she get herself into? Was Jungkook even a sane person? He wasn’t going to stop the car any time soon, so when they get to their destination, she was set on making a run for it.

“Don’t even think about running away. Those guys we ran over are everywhere in the city looking for you. And they’re not as nice as me.” Jungkook was still looking ahead at the road, one hand on the steering wheel, the other on the gearshift. Y/N could only stare at him with a wide-eyed, horrified look. Not only did he know everything about her, but he could read her thoughts. Great, just wonderful. She thought, Hey Jungkook, if you can hear me, you ruined my life.

He sighed, slowing down the car to stop at a red light for the first time in what felt like half an hour, and looked at her. “You’re not making my life any easier, either.”

Park Hyatt Hotel, Seoul

January 6TH, 2065 10:00 P.M.

Mr. Y/L/N looked out the windows of his luxurious hotel room, holding a glass of whiskey with his ring covered fingers. He grimaced, the folds above his eyes from obvious aging wrinkled to the max. He was a sad sight to his wife, someone he never regarded his equal and only married out of duty to continue his gifted lifeline. He smirked.

“You think they’re already looking for her?”

“You’re really sick you know that? You’d rather watch her suffer and fight for her life in a country she has never lived in before, for what? A lesson?” His wife sat in her night gown in front of a well-lit vanity. No amount of luxury could hide the suffering in her appearance.

“It’s normal, filthy humans like you, my dear, who don’t know anything about us wouldn’t understand. We are a race separate from the rest. We have abilities that put us even above you on the food chain.” He took a long sip of whiskey as he walked towards her calmly, putting the empty glass down on the vanity next to her. Her fear was something that he relished, “You know how my powers were awakened? Through the abuse I was put on by ordinary men like yourself.  I was sold into slavery as a child, trafficked from country to country, but then one day…I just opened my eyes. On the eve of my 20th birthday, I felt my body surge with power, and ever since, those who thought they could own and have their way with me were dead. It was like stepping on bugs, I tell ya. And Y/N? She’s well on her way to finding her true power very soon. All she needs is a little push.”  


January 6th, 2065 10:00 P.M.

“Show me your hands.” Jungkook had taken off the sweat covered pullover he had on during the car ride and only wore a white t-shirt, showing off the veins that snaked up his arms. Y/N gulped and did as she was told.

She was forced to cooperate with the mind reading kidnapper for now.

“These will keep you from running away,” He said, putting cuffs on her wrists and smirking when he saw her jaw drop.

“Yeah? Well I still have legs!” She retorted, sticking her tongue out mockingly.

“Really? I don’t know about that.” Jungkook turned off the engine, stuffing the car keys in his front pocket and walking out of the car. Y/N was sure that he would leave her here for who knows how long, but even before she thought of an escape plan, she felt a set of firm hands around her waist, pulling her out of the vehicle.

“Let me go!” She kicked and wiggled, making him laugh because it was like catching a big slippery fish, and threw her over his shoulder with ease.

“You can scream and kick all you want! No one will hear you!”

“You know out of all the things you’ve said today, that is probably the creepiest!”

As she was carried off to her doom, Y/N looked around and realized they were in the country side, and Jungkook was carrying her up a hill. She wasn’t strong enough to move her upper body up and look in the direction he was walking, she only prayed that he wasn’t actually a murderer.

“That’s one way of bringing her here safe.” A voice came from ahead. She wiggled around immediately at the sound of it, it was deep, so it was definitely another guy.

“Who-who are you?! Where am I?!”

“Geez, relax. Here,” Jungkook finally put her down and when she turned to look, there was a skinnier guy, sporting a black bomber and skinny jeans. He had black hair, heavy eyelids and pale skin, not as tall as Jungkook which made him less intimidating, but the way he stared at her definitely made up for the lack of height. He had his hands in his pockets, and was oddly so nonchalant, it made her breathing slow down.

“You handcuffed her too?” his face remained the same, no real reaction to the fact that Jungkook had carried Y/N to a farm in the middle of nowhere like a sack of potatoes.

“C’mere.” He took out a pair of keys from his pocket and approached her, and just as he was about to take the handcuffs off, Jungkook stepped in between them.

“Whoa, whoa are you crazy? She’ll run away. We’re keeping the handcuffs.”

“Wha-what?! No, please kind stranger, take them off.” Y/N’s voice was loud again, it echoed in the expanse of the country side and consequently was a call for the rest of the gang to come out.

“I heard a girl’s voice!” One voice shouted from the door of the farm house, this individual was practically a ray of sunshine to Y/N as he ran towards her with a perfectly square smile on his face and a goofy laugh. “I can’t believe I’m finally meeting you! I’m Taehyung!”

“Hi, I’m Y/N—“

“I know!” He put his hands up in the air, almost cheering for some unknown reason to her, and enveloped her in a hug.

“Okay, come on, break it up. You’re scaring her.” Jungkook interrupted, wedging his arm between her and Taehyung, struggling to push him off.

“Just cause you’re her assigned guardian doesn’t mean you have to keep her all to yourself!” Taehyung complained, and part of that sentence made Y/N put two and two together.

Jungkook was her guardian. She was in danger. But what really drew a blank here, was what kind of power was he talking about earlier in the alley? It was clear that she was in danger, but what more could she possibly offer than a high IQ?

“We know you have questions,” The pale young man from earlier put his hand on her shoulder, grabbing her attention.

“Why don’t we take you inside? It’s cold out here.” Jungkook interjected, grabbing on to her arm protectively, “We’ll all introduce ourselves and tell you everything you need to know.”

jesus christ its a game don’t throw a fit if you can’t get what you want!! it’s a GAME but some people pay REAL MONEY to get things and devaluing rare items is real money they’re losing. Gaia said they’d retire something, but then rereleased it for an insane price but it still contributed to the economic downfall.
let’s say every single item was obtainable, easily, for everyone. so you have new users running around with full sprite sets or whatever. what’s the point? the fun part about flight rising, neopets, or just anything in life is working to get what you want. i saved up for months to get a light sprite through the AH, flipping, etc. not everything has to be ‘obtainable’, that might work for a physical game like pokemon but a virtual economy like flight rising is a completely different issue. do you think people on neopets constantly bitch about bringing back rare items like the items in smuggler’s cove? no, because it would be fucking unfair for the people who spent years restocking to afford it.

l0iso  asked:

i really loved that prompt about thunder. what about companions' fears? all sorts of fears, serious ones or silly ones or weird phobias, whatever you like!

Ah I love this because it’s pure HC. Shit gives mE LIFE!

Cait: she’s got a deep underlying fear of being made fun of for her accent. Not only does no one else she ever meets have her accent, but it’s so rare and ‘exotic’ to the people of the Commonwealth that she just expects ridicule. She’s lowkey afraid of the dark and somehow finds a way to never mention it, but always avoid it by creating some kind of light source. Also, she wouldn’t call these fears but they fall under pet peeves she never wants to encounter: wet socks, the smell of brain fungus, having a runny nose

Curie: absolutely terrified of bugs, just flat out cannot handle them, rad scorpions are the worst because of all those legs. The survivor and she were talking about this at one point and they describe centipedes and she just looses it. She’s also got a mild fear of chipping her teeth or getting cavities; anything negative involving her teeth because she doesn’t trust anyone to fix them for her and doesn’t have the proper understanding of dentistry to fix them herself. Her pet peeves include being anywhere near still water (because the potential for singwings and other nasty bugs), getting anything under her fingernails, and uncomfortable shoes.

Danse: He’s not open about his fears at all to anyone but if they come up in conversation he will become visibly uncomfortable and fidgety. The big one is open water, being in, around or over the ocean or river makes him very nervous. He’s afraid of drowning, he knows that in power armor he will sink like a stone and since he feels safe in the power armor he would just rather stay away from open water all together. On a lesser scale he’s claustrophobic, but of certain spaces like shopping isles or office buildings, he’d prefer to stay away from them but he’ll put up with them if that’s where he and the survivor are exploring. He hates when people are passive aggressive, the color yellow, and the texture of uncooked cram.

Deacon: He’s deathly afraid of the paranormal from ghosts to demons or spirits, he will not mess around with anything of that nature. The survivor once told him a story about how Ouija boards were big for some folks before the war and Deacon just grunted and shook his head the whole time. He is also scared of dogs, but not as much as ghosts. He claims to have had an incident in his childhood where a dog nearly bit clean through his arm and had scars to ‘prove it’ but they could be from anything. He’s peeved by hats that don’t fit him just right, the smell of cigars, and those damn Atom Cat hoodlums.

Hancock: Horribly afraid of thunderstorms, will not be caught dead in one if he has anything to say about it. He thinks they’re way too loud; the rain doesn’t help either because it ruins his mood, lightning? Forget about it. He’s also got a fear of being alone, he can’t stand it and it puts him in a low where he gets very quiet and paranoid. He gets irritated with people who mock God, he used to be very religious at one point and even though his faith aint what it used to be, he has no room for people in his life to mock religion. On top of that he also hates seeing those bits of fish washed up on shore and when people bring up the fact that he’s a ghoul; he gets it, he knows.

MacCready: He’s very body conscious and he’s terrified someone will actually notice how awful he thinks he looks. Aside from that he’s also pretty afraid of heights and will avoid at all costs having to be anywhere above ten feet up. If the survivor does bring him somewhere up high he will stay way away from the edge of the building and on occasion, if he looks to the horizon and can see that he’s high up, he will get on the floor, he will crawl around or sit and scoot, anything to keep him near the ground. His pet peeves are Travis Miles, not wearing his coat, and having to show his teeth at all.

Piper: She’s very afraid of losing her sister in any way be it actually misplacing her, death, or emotional distance, it’s something she can’t bear to think about. Mirelurks also freak her out, the noises they make or their little beady eyes makes her want to scream, she can’t even stomach the thought of the queen mirelurks, although the hunters and the kings don’t seem to faze her nearly as much. She’s easily annoyed by going without sugar for too long, the song ‘crawl out through the fallout’, and having stray hairs, especially on the back of her arms.

Preston: He’s afraid of radiation storms, the sound they make when they come overhead makes him uncomfortable and he can’t disengage fast enough. There’s also the low-lying fear that somehow the minutemen will disband, he feels they’ve come so far that they shouldn’t, but he still can’t help but think about it at times. He’s got very few pet peeves because he’s learned how to manage his emotions, but he can’t stand when people back out of an agreement, when Dogmeat shits anywhere near the settlement houses, or bloatflies.

Valentine: He’s afraid of losing all of his memories of the real Nick’s life because he’s become him in every sense and that would mean losing himself. He’s also scared of letting Ellie down in any way, he doesn’t want to disappoint her, even though she’s tried to tell him time and again that he could never disappoint her. His pet peeves include but are not limited to a leaky faucet, tripping over cats, and that low electrical buzzing that power lines give off.

X6: He’s not so much afraid of things, more like he hates a lot of things. The closest thing to fear that he is aware of is becoming a free-minded synth with no sense of order or priority and to live in complete chaos. He really does not like animals, he doesn’t want to kill them, he doesn’t want to hurt them, he just wants them to stay well away from him. They are unpredictable and they make him nervous the way they dart around, especially radstag. He’s annoyed by plenty of things, changing his outfit, the sun, and anything baseball related are just a few things.

Strong: Will never ever admit to being afraid of anything, but secretly mortified by the Prydwen. It’s not because the BoS, it’s because he doesn’t understand what’s keeping it up in the air. It doesn’t seem to have any jets or propellers or any other mechanism to keep it there, and that unknowing is what keeps him wary of it. He doesn’t like synths much either, they make him uneasy and he just can’t trust them, even the ‘good’ ones. He’s finicky about lots of things; he won’t go near edible plants, elevators make him angry because he’s usually too big to fit, and radroaches are his worst enemies.

Codsworth: His worst fear is losing the survivor again and he won’t think of it if he can help it. He’s also scared of getting blown up, Sanctuary has been attacked plenty of times and each time he’s so sure he’ll get blown up. He’s bothered by uneven hedges, rude settlers, and Mama Murphey.

Dogmeat: He’s scared of the economical downfall that the use of caps might bring upon the Commonwealth, especially since moderation and use is not regulated by any mint federalization or bank. Also he gets pretty nervous about the surrealism of the human lifespan and what happens to people when they die; where do they go, do they come back as a new human? In addition he’s irked by student loans, the NCR, and hubris.


WARNING: This is going to be a long rant.

So I was talking with my dad today about my school, and in case you don’t know, I’m an animation major at an art school, and he mentioned to me that whenever he tries talking to some of my family members, one in particular always opens his mouth and claims that I’m never going to find a job and there aren’t any jobs out there for animation. This particular person that says this is someone that I really used to look up to and I thought he cared about me more than anyone else in my family. However, he clearly has no faith in my degree and is basically thinking I’m going to be a failure.

When my dad said this, I kind of expected it, but at the same time it made me really mad. Like, he doesn’t know a single thing about animation. He doesn’t know that the United States basically relies on the entertainment and media industry to keep going. He doesn’t know that the entertainment industry is pretty much resistant to any recession or economic downfall, because even if the economy sucks, people are still going to go out and see movies or play video games or watch television. He doesn’t know that the video game industry alone rakes in about 45 billion dollars per year, and that’s not including the film, advertising, television, or design industries.

Basically, after hearing that he said this, of course I got down on myself and started questioning my career choices, but it also motivated me to prove him wrong. It makes me want to work harder than ever in order to get an amazing job working on some sort of film or video game that will have a great outcome and will lead me to amazing places. I know it’s a really competitive field and it won’t be easy finding a job, but I knew that going in and although I’ve contemplated dropping out multiple times, now I know I have to keep going through with it just to show that I can accomplish whatever I set my heart and mind to no matter what he might say.

The point of my story is that no matter what you choose to do and no matter what people may say about you, you have to keep pushing yourself to better yourself and make sure that you are happy. Nothing in this life is guaranteed to be easy, and if it was easy then chances are you’re doing it all wrong. Challenge yourself and overcome whatever may block your way. Trust me, I still have quite a while to go through school, and I may not even like some of my classes, but I know I have to keep pushing forward, and you all need to as well. No matter if you’re in middle school, high school, college, or anywhere else, you need to do what makes you happy and what fulfills your passions. I believe in you and so does everyone else in these communities, and I just want to see everybody succeed at what they love.

Thank you for listening to my rant and I hope you have an amazing day/night.

Oh my god. My dad’s workmate just tried to lecture him on how leaving the EU is a “good thing” because his daughter (who lives in London) sent him a picture of his granddaughter at school, and she was one of the only white kids in the class. Most of the other kids were Indian or Pakistani, and probably British-born at that. Nothing to do with the EU but apparently leaving “fixes shit like this.”

Meanwhile on Facebook, half of our family is having a field day because finally, no more Polish immigrants! They can’t take our jobs anymore!

The jobs none of them are qualified to do, btw.

These are the people we have to thank for dooming our country to an economic downfall: racists and xenophobes who based their votes on their hatred of “foreigners” and are convinced that opting out the EU will magically lead to mass deportation of Muslims. I can guarantee you that most of these folks didn’t bother paying attention to any of the televised debates or the warnings from leading economists and world leaders about the state our country would be left in afterwards. They jumped on the Brexit bandwagon because they want a country full of white British people, no matter what the cost, and they felt their ideals were represented by the likes of Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage.

This was never about making the UK a stronger nation. It’s white British nationalism at its finest and most disgusting.

We need to crush the myth that Liberals are better economic managers. This is a reputation built on rhetoric over facts and the Liberal party is taking advantage of the country’s apathy towards research to cruise off the misguided belief that they’re good with money. This is the basis of which they win votes off people despite having absolutely horrible policies, some of which are actually evil. People need the economy to be in a good place… so they put aside morality out of fear of their own economic downfall. Fear is the tool of a conservative government. It doesn’t want you to be hopeful or rational, it just wants to scare you into screwing over someone else for your own personal survival and that alone is abhorrent. Fuck the Liberals and the lie that they’re the best economic managers out there.

Imagine Castiel helping you study

Originally posted by bayanvarligibelirsiz

You sat with your legs crossed just looking at the ground, it was cold , hard and uncomfortable. In front of you was a book, which if you didn’t read, or at least thoroughly skim then you were royally fucked. 

 "You look uncomfortable.“ The sweet voice of the angel reached your ears as your eyes moved up to see his blue eyes. 

"Well Cas, I am. My ass hurts, my brain hurts and I feel like my eyes are melting out of their sockets. I would just love to be sitting in my bed right now, soundly sleeping but if I do that then I will never finish studying and my test is in….” You picked up your phone and looked at the time, “14 hours and 17 minutes. So I must retain some information." 

"Whats the class about?" 

"Well it is about the…." 

"Can I help you study I can quiz you?” He took off the trench coat and tossed it over the couch, and took a seat across from you, and slid the book over towards himself.

 "Ok so in 1929 what event lead to the economic downfall of most of the world, including America?“ 

"The stock Market crash, which lead to the Great Depression." 

"Good… What happened to the working folk during that time?" 

"Well most families struggled to afford food, and other necessities, along with luxury items. Most families were also having trouble finding long term workable jobs, and ended up working odd and end jobs temporarily.”

 "Close enough. What game was invited during the Great Depression? It was originally played on a table cloth and is still played today, however it is now played on a foldable cardboard game board.“ 

"Cas I don’t think…" 

"Just answer the question the best you can.” He smiled as you tilted your head, and smiled a bit. 

“Was it Monopoly?” You answered after a momentary pause. 

“Correct. Now…" 

And that is how it went, Cas would ask you both serious and silly questions, about each section you needed to know. You continued this set up for hours until… ”[Y/N] I think it is time for you to go to bed now, your test is in 10 and a half hours.“ 

"Ok Cas, but I have a question for you." 


 "What was with all the silly questions like the monopoly question or the beehive hair style one?“ 

"To make you smile. When I got here you looked miserable, and I longed to see your smile. The silly questions worked at that goal did it not?" 

You slowly got up and walked towards the angel, leaning over and kissing his cheek, causing a slight blush to spread. 

 "Yea Cas, it did.” You whispered before walking off to your room, leaving the angel alone on the living room floor.

I’ve been following the #OccupyWallStreet movement for awhile. I plan on actually going down there within the next week or so to see whats really going on with the protesters and why they’re participating in the movement. I saw this posting of a flier that was apparently dropped at the #OccupyWallStreet protest in Chicago. First argument from the other side that made sense to me.


“Nepal is angry at the Indian media.”

#GoHomeIndianMedia is not a result of anti-india sentiments. It is a response to bad journalism. It is a resistance against media of a bigger neighboring nation that is commodifying a tragedy of the politically and economically weaker country.

Our downfall is not an opportunity for them to find entertainment. It is not a playground for unskilled and insensitive journalists to find their next story. 

What makes the situation more disgusting is the reactions that have been coming from the many Indians regarding our backlash to their media’s failure. From people telling us that we would have had nothing without India’s rescue, to believing in conspiracy theories related to communism, China and etc. the comments have been disrespectful to say the least. 

We are grateful to the Indian government for the relief that they have provided. I, am specially, grateful to the food, water and prayers that have come our way out of Sikh temples and people India. But none of that, or even more, gives them the right to tell us that how we should feel or act. 

And again, this is not a simple issue of ego, or complex geo-political propaganda. This is us looking out for each other. This is us protecting our people. This is us responding to what the earthquake has brought. Maybe not as big and bad as loss of lives and destruction of our homes and heritage, but still something unhealthy to a nation still trying to recover from one of our biggest tragedies. 



Obama Ag Secretary: More People On Food Stamps Means More Jobs


Alright fine Kyubey….

You win. You get your soul.

I get my wish.

I wish for…

I wish for the total…

… and utter destruction

of my homeland… of Japan. Because i’m tired.

I’m tired of all the wars. Of all the pain we have to go through. Of all the useless bullshit that we nations have to carry on our backs on a day to day basis. The economic downfalls, the agony, the never ending fear that we may someday just not exist.

I’m tired of living this way. And I think it is time for me to call it quits.

I am the embodiment of true destruction.

But I was destined for it anyway…


Her soul gem was broken to begin with.

automatonboy-deactivated2015103  asked:

hitler ruined the economy in germany, was a shit strategist (prefered to spend all of his time making up racist shit and leave planning to his generals), and killed my relatives. please continue to try adn tell me he was germanys greatest ruler.

Now wait a minute. I never said Hitler was Germany’s greatest ruler. I said he would have been.

However, if you do wish for me to continue, let’s go over the positive things Adolf Hitler accomplished in his political career:

  1. Anti-Smoking Movement

    In a time before cigarettes were known to be as dangerous as they are today, Hitler lead the one of the most effective and expensive anti-tobacco campaigns in history. Smoking was banned in restaurants and in public transportation. He also was the first to severely regulate the advertising of smoking and cigarettes, and the regulations in America today are based off those. He employed a high tobacco tax, and cigarettes were rationed to the Wehrmacht (German military force) so less were available. It was in Nazi Germany that smoking was first found to cause severe health risks, including heightened risks of miscarriages in women. Hitler was so against smoking, in fact, that he would give Rolex’s  as gifts to any of his generals who decided to quit.

  2. Transportation

    The Autobahn

    The Autobahn was the world’s first freeway system. Though the idea was not originally thought of by Hitler or the Nazi Party, the project had all but ceased when Hitler came into power. Hitler, however, was an enthused advocate for the construction of the Autobahn, and pushed a great deal of support and funding into it’s creation. The Autobahn was revolutionary, allowing quick public and military transportation across the country. Additionally, it provided over a hundred thousand unemployed German workers with jobs, adding necessary assistance to the reparation of the economy. It brought a sense of unity to the country, and since its construction nearly every country in the world has emulated it.

    The Volkswagen
    The literal meaning of Volkswagen is “People’s Car”. Much like the American Ford, this car was created under the pretense that the average German citizen could afford to buy it. Hitler himself advised the car’s designer and the vehicle was soon a huge success, costing approximately the same amount as a small motorbike. Today, the Volkswagen is one of the world’s most popular civilian vehicles.

    Hitler also funded many other projects which created railroad systems, bridges, road systems, air travel advancements, and rockets. The construction and design of all of these also served to create countless more jobs for the German people.

  3. Animal Rights

    Under Nazi rule, Germany became the first country in the world to ban vivisection. A basic definition of Vivisection, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is as follows: “The activity or practice of doing scientific or medical experiments on live animals.” High ranking Nazi officials and Adolf Hitler himself, were highly concerned about the treatment of animals, especially the process of butchering them. A total ban on the process was employed in 1933 and maintained since. In fact, good deal of laws in Germany and the world today were derived from ones assigned by Nazi Germany.

    Hitler was especially concerned with the treatment and conservation of animals. Once in power, the Nazis set hunting seasons and assigned regulations to how many animals could be killed per year. Like with vivisection, many western countries have adapted this law today. Laws were passed requiring education on animal conservation, and a protection list naming native species was created. Later additions to these were laws concerning afforestation and the human slaughter of fish. Without these laws and regulations, many animals native to Germany would have completely disappeared.

  4. The Economy

    Welfare Program
    Nazi Germany maintained one of the largest public welfare programs in our world’s history. It was believed that all Germans should share a certain standard of living, no matter who they were. This was exhibited in what was likely the most popular and well known welfare practice, The Winter Relief Program. Citizens and Nazi party officials alike took to the streets and collected charity for the unfortunate.

    Unemployment dropped nearly 60% during the Nazi area, due to jobs created by the many projects run by the Nazi party and German government. A great deal of jobs were created between 1933 and 1939, and allowed for a great improvement following the countries economic downfall following the end of WWI and the documentation of the Treaty of Versailles.

  5. International Relations

    The Munich Pact
    Hitler in April of 1938 expressed the desire and intent to annex Czechoslovakia into Germany. This, of course, defied the Treaty of Versailles. The Munich Pact was an agreement made during a conference held in Munich which permitted the annexation of Sudetenland, a specific set of areas along the Czech borders which were inhabited primarily by ethnic Germans. Using the process of appeasement, the other world powers (France, the United Kingdom, and Italy) at the conference allowed Hitler these areas. Despite this agreement, however, Hitler proceeded to annex the whole of Czechoslovakia and the other world powers did not stop him from doing so. Hitler later stated that had he been stopped from doing this, he likely never would have stated WWII. During the entire process of the annexation of Czechoslovakia into Germany, not a single drop of blood was spilled.

    Austria had long been a Nazi target for annexation, and in March of 1938 they made a second and successful attempt. In the early days of the yea, after leaning of Hitler’s plan, Germany’s Chancellor met with the Nazi leader with intentions wiht hopes of convincing him to not go through with it. However, his attempts were unsuccessful. On March 11th, the Chancellor gave into the Nazi pressure and resigned from his post. Also due to Nazi pressure, the Chancellor pleaded with Austrian forces not to resist any German advance into the country during his resignation speech. It was the very next day the German troops accompanied by Adolf Hitler himself marched into Austria. There, enthused crowds met and welcomed him. Hitler appointed a Nazi government in Austria, and the country remained a federal state of Germany until the end of WWII when an independent Austrain government was reestablished. During the process of the Austrain annexation into Germany, not a single drop of blood was spilled.

Adolf Hitler was an amazing speaker and a charismatic man. He would often, before his rise to power, visit nursing homes to speak with the elderly. He would also go to hospitals and put on puppet shows for ill children. He was said to be a skilled comedian as well, if a cut-rate artist. He was named Time’s Person of the Year in 1938.

I will never say that Hitler was a good man. The fact that he started what is today known as the Holocaust can neither be forgiven nor ignored. He lead cruel men and encouraged crueler actions. He allowed the torture of human beings and encouraged that they be inhumanely experimented on. He employed labour, concentration, and death camps. He did, or forced others to do, countless and indescribably terrible things.

However, it is undeniable that without him our world would not be what it is today. His political and social feats are unmet, and he was a genius of propaganda. While it is true that he was nothing more than horrible when it came to military strategy, I only ever claimed him to be an adept politician. I have no respect for the man, and no admiration. But I am aware that while the last few years of his career were nothing short of horrifying, his advancements in technology and the laws that he implemented shaped out world today.

In conclusion, though Adolf Hitler was an asshole, I would not want to live in a world where he had never existed.