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Why Ivy League School Are So Bad at Economic Diversity

Yale Alumni Magazine’s cover announced this month that the university “seeks smart students from poor families.” As the illustration of a white man in a business suit reaching past low-hanging fruit demonstrates, Yale believes “they’re out there—but hard to find.” I guess my alma mater feels fortunate to have found me–a native of East Flatbush, Brooklyn and the descendant of a housekeeper, doorman, drug addict, and prisoner. I completed a Master’s and Ph.D there in African American Studies and Political Science in 2002 and 2006, respectively.

The article the cover refers to, “Wanted: Smart Students from Poor Families,” argues that decision-makers at this school and others (including Amherst and Vassar) are sincere in their efforts to both recruit more low-income students and make them “feel more at home” once admitted. The piece inadvertently reveals how the privileged point of view of trustees, administrators, and wealthy alumni donors present serious obstacles to these intentions ever manifesting into reality. Since graduating from Yale, I have taught courses at Williams College and Northwestern, published articles, as well as given lectures and trainings related to the politics of structural inequality. Here are three reasons why I believe elite universities and colleges continue to fail to economically democratize their student bodies.

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Trump’s Education Department nixes Obama-era grant program for school diversity
Advocates say the decision symbolizes a lack of interest in school diversity, a charge the administration denies.

It’s like Devos and Sessions are racing to find out who can do the most racist things with their departments before the 100 days are over.

Though I have to point out something, from the article:

Research has shown that poor children who go to mixed-income schools fare better academically than poor children who go to high-poverty schools and that such integration doesn’t hurt the performance of affluent students. And yet U.S. public schools have become more segregated by race and class over the past two decades, according to a federal analysis released last year.

The diversity grants, called “Opening Doors, Expanding Opportunities,” were announced in December by then-Education Secretary John B. King Jr., who used his year-long tenure at the helm of the agency to bring new attention to the advantages of integrated schools. Many advocates, who had been disappointed by federal inaction on school diversity issues during much of President Barack Obama’s time in office, cheered the grants as a small but symbolic move.

Poor students who attend economically diverse schools don’t perform better because middle class students sprinkle them with magic fairy dust and middle class work ethic when they walk through the doors, they do better because high poverty schools in high poverty RACIALLY SEGREGATED areas are neglected and disastrously under-resourced. Cherry picking “worthy” poor kids to be air-lifted into a different school allows liberals to pat themselves on the back while leaving a huge structural issue largely unresolved. People in education tend to laud themselves for innovating new band-aids for huge gaping societal issues.

With that being said, it’s not going to be helpfull AT ALL when Devos decides to find each and every liberal band-aid and rip them off one-by-one.

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Could you talk more about Stanford stereotypes regarding literally anything (idk majors?) bc they way how you explain them is literally so funny/good

lmao aw ily, you can always come to me if u want my opinion related to anything stanford (stereotypes about dorms, sports teams, greek life, a cappella ??) because i have A Lot Of It - i only wish i was more integrated with the school cuz most of my opinions are hearsay instead of personal experience

major stereotypes….hmm thats hard cuz there are So Many majors but i can just go with the most common ones and group some together, etc


  • aero/astro - small department full of space nerds, most of them are in SSI, drones, i personally consider them very brainy and if i were better at engineering i would be aero/astro cuz i think it’s the next frontier. there should definitely be more women in it for sure
  • bioe - my ex was bioe, they’re a bunch of nerds but they have good enough hearts. they care about curing diseases and shit
  • CS - oh boy. ohhhhhh boy. here we fuckin go. honestly CS is barely even a sterotype at stanford cuz its such a dominant culture…..the people who decide what stereotypes even are, are probably CS. it’s gotten to the point where if i meet someone and they aren’t CS it’s worth noting. it’s gotten to the point where, in my psych/literature/communications/education classes, i expect the other people to be CS. i have so many Opinions on CS Boys because CS Boys are such!!!!a!!!type!!!! (and different from just, a boy who does CS). they worship the trinity of google, facebook, and microsoft. their junior summer internship is at least one of these. they buy into all silicon valley startup culture and they love elon musk and talk about venture capital when its really not welcome. they love talking about how much work they have and how little they sleep. all INTJs. probably virgos. there is also a subgenre of CS boy who didnt come into stanford wanting to do CS and ended up switching because its easier to be a CS Boy at stanford. they criticize the culture all the time. to this you can say, “it’s all right, craig, i know you just want to make money.”
  • CME - people major in this when they dont love themselves
  • design - i personally think this major is fuckin cool and considered it before i realized physics was a pre-req. the d school is thought to be d for douchey though because their whole shtick is so ~ideate~ ~prototype~ ~We Are Quirky and Put Post-Its On Walls~ but i dug it as a frosh. they can be kinda condescending, but theyre by far the most interdisciplinary dept in the engineering major (although its also full of white men who think theyre hot shit cuz they can use photoshop)
  • EE - again for people who lack self love, its supposed to be so fuckin hard
  • MS&E - white frat boys who glorify jordan belfort
  • ME - similar to design. live at the PRL. stay up till ungodly hours carving wood. somehow this is enjoyable. also white male heavy

who knows how the f to categorize this:

  • education - if i could do stanford over i would major in this. usually very diverse, woke, often come from underprivileged backgrounds so they want to make it better for other people and reach communities that arent currently benefited (unlike silicon valley or wall street :) ) i respect them because they do what they love and not to make $ although if educational engineering were a thing im certain people would jump ship. it’s also not in the humanities dept so i feel like theyre Above the stanford hegemony and i love that
  • earthsys - i considered a minor in this. usually sweet, earth-friendly people. white but woke. possibly queer. granola loving hippies and maybe some frathletes who want an “easy” major but not sure (im not shitting on easy majors. i have one. love ‘em)

generally i like girls in any of the engineering depts because they are dealing with sexism and doing it. the boys are oftentimes extremely self-congratulatory and will usually say something dumb about the humanities. even the girls will hit you with the “oh i wish i could study that!” about any non-engineering discipline, and it’s implied that what they’re really saying is “but i care about my future too much!” 


  • AAAS/chicanx studies/asian-american studies/CSRE - woke poc who use lots of buzzwords and say things like folx
  • art - the people who major in art are usually more quiet than you’d think. we have an Artsy Type at stanf that are kind of extra (theta chi/EBF types, also very woke QPOC) but i dont think theyre art majors for the most part. i barely know any actual art Majors. lots of engineers just do art on the side
  • bio - i love bio majors because they are sciency but also get shit on by engineers so we’re in solidarity. they are sweet and study all the time and just wanna make the world a better place. there’s also the pre-med kind of bio who i would hate if i were also pre med but since im not i just kind of admire and fear them
  • chem - i like chem people much more than i thought i would. again a very small major and they just live in lab and have varied non chem interests. this year i accidentally became friends with like 6 people from the chem fraternity and i was surprised how much i liked them
  • complit/english - i was this major! english in creative writing are usually chill, interesting people. complit and english in literature…….it’s a shakespeare circlejerk and they hit you with the Discourse. overly educated white people. avoid the boys specifically but the girls can also be incredibly self-satisfied. maybe 50/50. but if you take a creative writing class instead of a lit class, the CW kids are usually awesome
  • taps - our drama department. they’re nice, but extra and intimidating. (also stanford theater is…..okay….not really as good as they seem to think it is yikes that was mean but) however, like with english, take an introductory class and you’ll meet very cool non-taps majors.
  • econ - oftentimes wonderful people! outside of class that is
  • femgen - same people as the AAAS/CSRE crowd except whiter. queer girls with undercuts. upperclassmen are intimidating to many. everyone shares their opinion even when its not warranted. my honors is in this
  • film studies - this was almost my minor and if i werent CW i might have doubled in film and comm! i dont know any film majors but if they arent a cole sprouse im sure theyre fine (they are probably a cole sprouse)
  • german/italian/french/spanish language or studies - spot the person who studied abroad!
  • history - like english, can be cool, more likely pretentious
  • humbio - the other premeds! actually humbio gets shit on alllll the time for being easy or having a fluff major, bio majors think they’re soft. thus, i like them. their course catalog is awesome and its a huge major but all the scary pre meds are straight up bio and humbios are softer but in a good way its a lot of sweet girls
  • intl relations - one of my favorite majors. usually very down to earth, the best of the IR/poli-sci/pub-po trinity. however, they can also be self-congratulatory for being So Woke and also they love to educate you when You Didn’t Ask
  • linguistics - weird, diverse people. very small major. similar to anthro, my old major. i love small majors they always have cute dinners together
  • MCS - a hard fuckin major. not as “Look How Smart I Am” as a bad CS. mostly quiet and stay in and study their ass off
  • math - love to wax poetic about the beauty of math. fun when drunk. not when sober
  • philosophy/MTL/classics - avoid. classics can be okay if it overlaps with archaeology because theyre just a bunch of nerds and they get really excited and its cute. phil majors would rather just educate you about how free will is fake and youre like tim can you please just get out of the way we’re in the dining hall and you’re blocking the cornbread
  • physics - Avoid. they think all other sciences are lesser. women and POC are ok
  • poli-sci - hit or miss. generally pretty friendly. very talkative. fun to talk to about Not Politics
  • psych - the best major hehe. generally liberal and woke and often queer. however, non-psych people in psych classes can be a nightmare (unlike english, taps, etc) and problematic as fuck. also sometimes psych majors are extra (exhibit a: me)
  • pub policy - probably in student government. im biased against it, but go in with hesitation. student government is by and large not as effective as they seem to think (however, a “woke” person in pub po might be cool because they will campaign for sexual assault awareness and economic diversity and good stuff)
  • STS - ohhhhh man. probably the major that gets most shit on at stanford. i think engineers think it’s fake. (humbio, design, and STS get shit on the most i’d say, because they are interdisciplinary STEM majors, so engineers think that they’re for people who arent smart enough to do hard majors. whereas with english or IR, engineers know they couldnt do it because they havent written an essay since 2009, so they offer grudging respect) a frathlete major. i personally like it because i dig interdisciplinary shit, but i don’t dig frat boys or athletes so i avoid. some of their courses are great but it does seem kind of scrapped together as a major and i dont know how people outside of stan see it
  • sociology - a small major, seems cool. stigmatized but not by stanford because stanford students dont know it exists. “dont you mean psychology?” no
  • urban studies - skaters? who knows. i respect them tho. i think they care about….like….architecture? and city development? its a very niche thing and i feel like it’s pretty hip n happening

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Which cities do you think could survive the apocalypse

not toronto, its gone, theres no more toronto. it was a snow based apocalypse. they’re done. it was nice but now there is anarchy because now the cn tower can no longer function as the Lightning Rod of All of Canada’s hatred. Lucas Wilson, thankfully, was rescued last minute by his real alien parents from outer space who knew this whole kerfuffle was coming; he managed to escape the planet with several Canadian Tire bills, some roll up the rim tabs he had been saving for a special occasion, miscellaneous paperclips and coffee mugs stolen from the office, a lifesize poster of himself, his pet raccoon named chip, and the mythical chalice of lord stanley.

some intrepid saskatchewanians band together, Stoon and Regina set aside their differences and build a Roughriders themed bunker which they call Diefenbunker 2.0 and they return to a socialist, agriculture based economy while stockpiling and fiercely guarding their potash. Anyone who tries to breach the perimeter will be spotted 3 days away and football tackled to the ground. The last haven of universal healthcare is here, but only if you cheer for the right team.

Winnipeg, having learned nothing from the Great Floods of the 1950s and the 1990s, drifts away. Selkirk thrives (and by thriving i mean there seem to be still people there who haven’t been flooded out, so compared to winnipeg it is thriving.) Honestly, people are still questioning why Winnipeg was even where it was in the first place. After a while she stops drifting, hikes inland for a bit, and resettles somewhere completely different. With territories in dispute, she once again claims Rat Portage for the non-existent political entity of Manitoba just ‘cause.

Halifax quickly takes advantage of their archaic battle fortresses and offers shelter to all Maritime provinces- sadly the latest shipment of PEI potatoes  is trapped in ice and everyone starves because of the crap agricultural land around Halifax. There are only so many blueberries to go around and the competition for lobster remains fierce. Meanwhile, St. John’s presumably sits on the edge of the rock waiting, watching for the cod to be replenished. Also there’s probably a bad snowstorm but they don’t notice even though its like july or something.

Quebec City is well prepared, perhaps surprisingly, for the apocalypse. Despite their abundance of well built log shelters, buff lumberjacks, and carefully guarded supplies of maple syrup (because they’re not letting That happen again), something is amiss. Preparations are made to turn the Chateau Frontenac into a shelter for refugees from Montreal but sadly Samuel was too late to save him- the island sunk into the St Lawrence like Atlantis because no one could agree on the language laws required to efficiently evacuate. The sandbags required for the oncoming flood had also been mysteriously destroyed only days prior, and the budget for the evacuation - mysteriously 3 times the specified amount - disappeared with a certain number of crime families. A funeral was held for Etienne M. Maisonneuve at what was estimated to be the former site of the Bell Centre. Efforts were made to find Lord Stanley’s cup for the event, but in vain.

There is a forecast in Vancouver and Victoria for high winds, high tides, and 20 cm of snow. No one survives. Victoria laughs with her dying breath- she sprawls protectively over her prized begonias and english roses, dead deer surrounding the perimeter of her garden. It begins to snow. Vancouver, contemplating having to live on the other side of the mountains, concludes falling into the ocean is preferable.

Calgary is a desolate wasteland. Their new arena, finally coerced out of tax payers by like 5 separate billionaires, drifts down the engorged Bow river past the sagging yet noble remains of the Saddledome. While the downtown core is a ghost town, it’s not really that surprising because the entire population pretty much started abandoning it in droves in like 2015 when oil crashed so really it was only a matter of time - Calvin B. McCall did what he does best in an economic crisis and had already made tracks to mooch off the economic diversity of his rival to the north…

Stumbling onto main street Yellowknife, the stranger falls into a local coffee shop and is brought to his feet by his bolo-tied pardner slash nemesis. He finds Whitehorse and Iqaluit having brunch with their host, and the three blink in mild shock at the poor condition the hiker is in. “Oh, hey Ed, hi Cal, grab a chair.” Yellowknife waves them over. 

“Terrible, it’s absolutely terrible.” Ed’s fingers shake around his coffee, the Gateway to the North clearly troubled by something. “Zombies in West Ed, political factions dividing the legislature grounds, C-connor…” his voice breaks. Calvin leans over for a comforting if awkward side hug.

“It’s over now,” Whitehorse makes every attempt not to roll her eyes. “Southern politics are overrated, just turn off the news and you won’t have to think about them anymore.”

[The END]

This is your daily reminder that there are various kinds of leftists and various kinds of praxis; with the commonality of a desire to dismantle capitalism and oppressive social systems in mind, diversity within the camp should be celebrated and debated; propagate direct democracy and "the leveling spirit" that terrifies reactionaries; plant the seeds in the ways you can and watch as mighty oaks spring forth.

Solidarity, comrades.

Sometimes I remember that this is the same world with a well written fantasy ya/children’s series where four young orphaned mages from diverse economic and racial backgrounds go live with a bisexual and lesbian couple at a temple where they learn to control their magic while becoming a family
And then go into the world and learn to teach and deal with adults who don’t take them seriously
And then leave the temple and go through the anxiety of having to find their own home and changing their childhood friendship into an adult one and talking about ptsd and safe sex and feminism

All without losing any part of the core story


Airport in Berlin becomes public space. For almost 100 years, the former Tempelhof Airport was excluded from the layout of the growing city of Berlin. Although it symbolised the connection of people and cities, the airport itself cut off the adjoining neighbourhoods of Neukölln, Kreuzberg and Tempelhof from each other. This has changed since the opening up of the airport grounds to the public in May 2010. The former airport building, the emerging park landscape and the building areas at the edges of the former airfield merge to form a giant public space. Current planning at the site focuses on social, cultural and economic diversity.  In order to be able to transform Tempelhofer Freiheit into a future-oriented component in Berlin’s inner city, it is necessary to pay need to a wide array of existing conditions, expectations and requirements in the overall urban community.

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I love your blog! My dad is a feminist and he has told me what feminism is all about. But about like, 7 months ago, I went to a kiss concert. I was walking on the side walk with my parents and brother. My mom was I front of my dad, so the way the guy drove you could only really see her hair, and I was the closest to the road. a grown man say "nice ass", When he drove by. And the worse thing is I'm thirteen. I wanted to find other people that has happened to. And this is when I found feminism.

TW for sexual harassment

Thank you!  I’m sorry to hear that. Sadly in patriarchal societies like ours it is ALL TOO common for a girl’s introduction to puberty and womanhood to be  accompanied by her introduction to random and ongoing sexual harassment, catcalling and threat. As you point out, it’s a big part of #WhyWeNeedFeminism.

Tina Fey writes about this in Bossypants, see below! Also, check out this powerful comic on catcalling and the female experience.

Tina Fey Talks Street Harassment

“[Rosalind] did this particular exercise in a hotel ballroom in Washington, DC, with about two hundred grown women, asking them to write down the moment they first “knew they were a woman.” Meaning, “When did you first feel like a grown woman and not a girl?”

We wrote down our answers and shared them, first in pairs, and then in larger groups. The groups of women was racially and economically diverse, but the answers had a very similar theme.

Almost everyone first realized they were becoming a grown woman when some dude did something nasty to them. ‘I was walking home from ballet and a guy in a car yelled, ‘Lick me!’ ‘I was babysitting my younger cousins when a guy drove by and yelled, ‘Nice ass.’

There were pretty much zero examples like ‘I first knew I was a woman when my mother and father took me out to dinner to celebrate my success on the debate team.’ It was mostly men yelling shit from cars. Are they a patrol sent out to let girls know they’ve crossed into puberty? If so, it’s working.

I experienced car creepery at thirteen….I was walking home alone from school and I was wearing a dress. A dude drove by and yelled, ‘Nice tits.’ Embarassed and enraged, I screamed after him, ‘Suck my dick.’ Sure, it didn’t make any sense, but at least I didn’t hold in my anger.”"

Tina Fey, Bossypants



Crochet artist OLEK is in New Delhi working on a massive project for the ongoing St+art Delhi Street Art Festival. Within the first few days of her arrival in India, Olek held workshops on crochet techniques with volunteers and women from several different organizations.

Olek, whose work often examines sexuality, feminist ideas and the evolution of communication is collaborating with the Afghani Refugee women center, Malviya Nagar along with a number of other women who have volunteered. Together they are crocheting thousands of meters of yarn and fabric at a workshop in South Extension.

Since then, the women have been given several meters of fabric, which they take back home with them and crochet into hearts and butterflies and other forms, which will all, be used to make a larger artwork for the project. This project aims to bring attention to the temporary night shelters “Raine Basera” which have been setup throughout the city; it also explores the issues of women empowerment. The women workers involved range from housewives, working professionals to students – across a diverse socio-economic background.

“The government has taken a great initiative by setting up homeless shelters all across the city, but a majority of people are unaware of their existence. Olek is an iconic name in the global street art community and her projects are always vibrant and work around empowering women. Through this project we aim to draw the attention of the whole city towards this positive initiative, while working with women from different walks of life to bring this project to life,” says Akshat Nauriyal, Content Director, St+art Delhi.

OLEK will install this one-of-a-kind project on the family night shelter – about 40 ft long and 8 foot high – in the Sarai Kale Khan area of New Delhi on March 17th.

Thanks to St+art Delhi, we can give you a peek at the making of her final piece.

As someone who grew up in between Lancaster & York Counties in Pennsylvania and who spent my entire K-12 education in the same school district where the Jewish family was recently harassed into fleeing, I need all of you to understand that this isn’t some random rural fringe population at a small, out of touch school. The school in question is a large elementary school in a very large school district serving a wide and economically diverse population in a county that has been gradually transitioning between rural and suburban for a long time. This particular school has a very large middle class population, and when I attended years ago, antisemitic attitudes were the norm (“You’re such a Jew” routinely used as an insult, the Holocaust was mocked, random swastikas carved into desks, etc.).

I somehow doubt Breitbart just happened upon this school so much as I suspect this story was actively reported to them by parents with kids who attended.

If you’re a middle class, suburban American, you cannot read this story about the Hempfield School District and think “boy more of the rural poor freaks out in Trump country.” This isn’t the case here. This is middle class rural suburbia. And it’s where people voted for Trump. And it’s where people harassed and chased out a Jewish family with a fabricated story about them putting an end to their school play.

First it means that there is no summer slump. Audiences will flock to theaters if the film debuting is something they all want to see. Second, it means that Marvel can do whatever it wants now. So if they choose not to make a female-centric or minority-centric superhero film, it’s because they just don’t want to.

Scott Mendelson, writing at about GotG’s financial opening success.

Justine Questions

Let’s lay out the Justine thing for a sec

As the shambles of her professional life and the faux outrage at the outrage subsides

Justine from her timeline is kind of racist.

Her daddy is rich and like George Gershwin said via Daddy Pope “ livin is easy”

She’s in PR. A field that is super white and dominated by entry level….INTERNSHIPS

So how many economically/racially diverse people of color and talent are shut out from jump

IAC looks really really white and older on its leadership page

How good do you think they were at tempering an environment of passive/snarky racism

How well was someone who challenged institutional going to do with someone like Justine near the helm or able to move nearer to the helm

And oh she loves feminism? The feminism of “ helping” by giving out “aid” with celebrities

Connected by who? Her billionaire daddy

the kicker of this is . She could have lived this stupidly entitled life quietly

That would be privilege

She would have been supported in her privilege even if she made an uncomfortable workspace in a hard to crack industry

That’s institutional racism

What got her?

Was her need to be seen being MEAN about it

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Out of everyone vying for control of Westeros- Who do you think would be the best for the job?

Stannis. He’s gone into the crucible and had many (but not all) of his negative traits (desire to sit and sulk rather than work for the service of the realm) purged out of him by his defeat at the Blackwater and extracted by Davos Seaworth, and now Stannis truly believes that he has to put his kingdom first and be the source of all justice that his kingdom so sorely needs. His devotion to the law is admirable, because in a system of government with monarchs, it is imperative that the monarch constrains himself by an exterior source, lest it fall into tyranny and absolute monarchy. Even the man who saved his life is rewarded and punished, for Stannis cannot let feelings sway him from the law. If Robert’s Rebellion was the fight for the rights of peoples to be secure from tyrannical overreach, Stannis is the continuation of Robert’s Rebellion, where the king must hold his position as the highest responsibility. Stannis divorces the self from the office, and that’s an admirable trait, one that brings more impartiality to the offices of government. Stannis would be a feudal monarch that could move the philosophy of governance forward under the model of responsible leadership and devotion to the nation-state. If Westeros is going to survive as a unified entity, it needs to think of itself not as Northmen and Reachmen, but as Westerosi. And I truly believe that Westeros is better off together than apart. The advances in technology, their diverse economic and export portfolio, this is a nation that has the assets of being a powerful nation without the will. With the will, Westeros could truly be the heir to Valyria as the greatest nation on Planetos, especially if the seasons can normalize and they can kickstart a scientific renaissance.

Tommen is a sweet kid at the mercy of the times he was born in and the advisors around him. Unfortunately, half of them are maliciously bad actors (Varys, Littlefinger), others are devoted to his well-being but not the realm’s (Cersei). Only Kevan and maybe Pycelle (for all his corruption, his best interest is for Tommen to be a good ruler) could be counted on to give him good advice for the stability of the realm, and both are dead. He won’t grow to be an Aegon III, and unfortunately, Cersei’s prophecy has marked him as doomed.

Aegon is probably the one I like the least. He’s intelligent, which is a good thing, but everything else seems to be lacking. He goes to pieces when the Stone Men attack, recklessly endangers himself by staying on deck when ordered to go below. He is trying to be a glorious warrior-king but isn’t one. His arrogance too, and short fuse makes him a poor diplomat. I’ve examined Aegon’s story a few times, and my takeaway is that whenever things go his way, he’s perfectly fine, but when things don’t (attacked before he’s ready by Stone Men, Yollo beats him at cyvasse), his veneer of the perfect king breaks and his true colors emerge, and they aren’t pleasant to behold. He’s doomed by Daenerys’s prophecy anyway, but he might get a sweet dragon out of the deal, probably for both dragon and rider to die in the Dance 2.0, sadly.

I’ve gone into why I don’t think Daenerys is a good queen in my earlier tumblr ask. Daenerys’s philosophy on rule is a step back toward absolute monarchy, which has no safeguard against corruption and tyranny, and Daenerys does not demonstrate an interest in checking her power with respect to law. Daenerys’s personal traits and philosophy mark her more as a Hero archetype rather than a ruler. She tends to gravitate more towards actions that fulfill the former, rather than the latter. This is one of the best dramatic ironies of the series. Stannis is a King trying to be a Chosen One, and Daenerys is a Chosen One trying to be a Queen. Both are doomed to further tragedy as they keep trying to force themselves into a role that they are not as well-suited.

So, the long and short of it is: Stannis would push Westeros forward, Tommen and Aegon are doomed, and Daenerys would push Westeros back, but that’s alright, because she’s a better hero than she is a queen anyway.

Thanks for the question, Anon.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King
To Achieve Diversity In Publishing, A Difficult Dialogue Beats Silence

Johnny Temple is the founder of the independent Akashic Books, which is located in a converted warehouse in Brooklyn. Akashic prides itself on its eclectic mix of titles and the ethnic diversity of its authors. The company’s motto is “reverse gentrification of the literary world,” because, Temple says, they want to attract readers from all kinds of racial and economic backgrounds.

“If the industry doesn’t get more economically and ethnically diverse, it’s just going to be a pit that people are not going to be able to climb out of, as this certain cultural sphere becomes less relevant to the population at large.”

What is needed, argues [Daniel José] Older, is an industrywide conversation that looks honestly at the role race and class play in the business of publishing.

“Everyone in the industry needs to be able to step back from their privilege, step back from defensiveness, and have conversations about how the industry and them being in their place of privilege in the industry is causing literature itself and writers in general to not be thriving in the way that it could be.”

Lynn Neary, NPR Code Switch

What great food for thought to turn into action.

Make sure to read the full article and delve into the comments.
The staggering difference between rich Asian Americans and poor Asian Americans - The Washington Post

“A new report from the Center for American Progress, a left-leaning think tank, highlights the problem with lumping Asian Americans together. According to economists Christian Weller and Jeffrey Thompson, Asian Americans are such an economically diverse group that wealth inequality is actually worse among Asian Americans than among white Americans”