Mega Post (14th May)  # 2


(2/1)  spinise, i you’re adding to you list of questions, why would they 1) re shoot bend jag car ad,but re dub it w someone elses voice? why not keep the ad they have and just not do new ads w him if his contract is up and 2) why would LL not put SH in their promo reel? isn’t part of that whole thing to push SH and BC as the happy married couple and that SH is a big time player and deserves to be featured on the bill?

Ballsy:   I’ll let Spinsie comment on the Jag ad.  As for SH not in the promo reel.  Despite what the Nannie worshippers think, she’s just not a selling point.

(2/2)  Depending on the terms, they may not be able to use his voice anymore if the contract is ended. If they want to reuse old commercials in a current campaign, they have to change it. That being said, I’ve no idea if Jag dropped him or he decided not to re-sign with them. My guess is actually the latter, even if that’s unpopular. That keeps him open for Marvel deals in all markets except China (due to MG).

Ballsy:   Looks like the consensus is “contract up” and it is around the one year mark, so might just be that.  As for future, that is what we’d like to know.

(2/3)  Thank you to 6/2 May 13 anon for clearing up a little confusion on my part. You see, I’m from Canada,& here you can’t marry without a marriage license. No church or JOP will do it without. You have to obtain the license 24 hrs in advance of wedding, & signed on wedding day in front of entire congregation. Then minister or JOP takes it and sends it in themselves. No room for fudging dates or anything.

Ballsy:   Different countries have different rules.  When I got married we had to file paperwork 30 days ahead.  The UK rules have been looked into.  They didn’t comply with them.

(2/4)  OMG I sent an ask to you yesterday regarding the nans sending out a chain letter to get everyone to send Sophie their love. Someone actually tweeted Amanda Abbington asking if she would like to participate in showing SH support. These people are crazy and embarrassing.

Ballsy:   I know!   Cringeworthy.  :S


(2/5)  Psst nannies? Did you look at the land reg? Wuttya see! Anything? Aww. What about heads in household over 16 ( able to reg to vote) anything there that suggests they’ve been living together for almost a yr? What about names on deeds? Spouses get added if the owner wants them on it, anything there? BC have dependants listed? Intent to marry bank should be updates anything? I know the answer, have you seen too?

Ballsy:   I know the answer!  Ooooh!  Ooooh!  Pick me!  Pick me!  ;)

(2/6)  One for the Soundtrack:  Econolone Crush - Sparkle and Shine

Pupok the Scorpion

PS It’s so quiet…I like quiet.

Ballsy:   Quiet is good.  I like quiet. You know “laundry”.  ;) 

(2/7)  Thank Enty, I always thought he was gay. his relationship with Olivia, more like the relationship of brother and sister, Anna probably a beard, Lydia too. Sophie’s old friend, who has decided to raise the status of the expense of gay man who needed a beard in the Oscar season. I wonder if he will come out of the closet or be caught with someone, he will become the new Rupert Everett, who did not accept the gay community. And him does not help a friendship with major gay men in gay lobby.

Ballsy:   If this was to push the “no homo” agenda - so not working.  It looks more and more like a beard situation the further in he tries to dig himself and the more he tries to convince everyone with this OTT non-reciprocated PDA and shoe-horning.

(2/8)  That’s it, I’m never watching any movie again!

After seeing the blasphemy of a trailer for JEM and the Holograms, I’m totally willing to forgive Benedict of anything, including Pissybatch…I’m almost ready to even forgive Sophie…I just want my innocence back!  Please, for the love of all beings in this shared existence, let things go back to the way they were before!

-Pupok the Scorpion

Ballsy:   You made me go and watch it too.  I hate you so much right now. :S

(2/9)  prostitution is pretty much entrenched in hollywood. no one really bats an eye. i believe most actors partake in it, and many low-tier actresses earn some cash in order to maintain a lifestyle. i have no receipts for ben or sophie’s involvement, but wouldn’t be shocked to learn he’s used escorts, and she’s worked as one. 

there are always blinds on cdan that people may or may not believe, but this is from the hollywood reporter. cannes always brings the underbelly of the film and model industry to light. i’m just submitting this so that people stop thinking it’s far-fetched that she was an escort (there are LOTS of escort agencies in paris):

Ballsy:   It’s a thing.

(2/10)  Just for laughs: When you hear “Make a dragon want to retire, man” on Uptown Funk, do you automatically think of Smaug? I do. *giggles* - Offsie, in need of a quick Bailey’s.

Ballsy:   I automatically think of Smaug at any mention of dragons.  I fully expect to hear Benedict’s voice coming out of the Dragons on GoT.  But that might just be the Baileys.  ;)