we’re currently learning about phospholipid bilayers of the cell surface membrane, membrane proteins and membrane processes!! really enjoy learning about biology so far!!(^ω^)

AP Gothic
  • You open the test booklet. The first page is formulas. The second page is formulas. They’re all formulas. You can’t find the questions. Everyone around you is diligently working. You flip through the booklet but all of it is formulas. They consume you.
  • “Close your booklet and stop working.” Pencils sound as they hit the desk. Time is called. Time doesn’t answer. Where is it? It is lost. You are all lost.
  • You are told to seal the multiple choice question booklet. The white labels don’t fit properly in the designated sections. None of this fits. You may never discuss these questions. They no longer exist. They never existed. Ryan tried to fight back. They drag him away. Ryan never existed either.
  • The test references AP students in it. Haha. The test is very funny. Laugh. College Board wants you to laugh. College Board just wants to be friends. College Board is very friendly. College Board beckons you closer. Closer. They are very funny. L A U G H
  • You may only use black or blue ink. Your pen breaks. The ink spills everywhere. Milky black liquid falls over everything you knew and loved. The College Board confiscates it. “How can we accurately assess your skills without gathering all your materials?” They smile. You never noticed they had so many teeth before. 
  • The proctor reads the instructions and you begin writing. The proctors circle you. They lean over your test and make disapproving noises. They are hunting. They pick out the weak. You will be next. 

☆.。.:* Econ Notes w/ my fave periwinkle pen .。.:*☆

I’m almost done with my term paper which means that I’ll be able to be more active here as well. so! hype!! :^))))

[shows up to meme months late with starbucks]


{ 23-5-17 } 80/100 days of productivity

Guess who’s in love ? Me . This is my new study home!!!!!

** also, regarding the sudden terrorist attack in Manchester, I hope all of you and your family and friends stay safe 😔the world can be a scary place and we need more love!! Take care of yourselves

I know all of our AP exams are coming up. Just a reminder to study a little bit each day and do not cram for the test. If you stay up late studying you will retain little and be exhausted for the exam. Go to bed early the night before and have a good breakfast before the exam. If your exam requires pen bring an erasable pen. Bring layers incase the room is cold. Bring water. Leave your phone at home because you can’t have it in the room. Dress comfortably. And remember