“The large cohort of youth entering Africa’s labour force is the best educated one the continent has seen, and Africa is witnessing its best growth performance in decades”

Unemployment is considered a ‘luxury’ in Sub-Saharan Africa. So, in the absence of formal wage jobs, the youth of SSA are exploiting their talents in innovative ways in the informal sector: in agriculture and household enterprises. How should economic policy in Africa shift to reflect youth employment in the informal sector?

Image credit: pull cart kid child by Foundry. Public domain via Pixabay.

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1963 Camp Econe Senior High Photo





Photo below was scanned from a poor photocopy. A better photo would be appreciated.


External image

External image

Names listed on back of photocopy & scrapbook page [in alphabetical order]:

Judy ADAMS [#35]; Mike BESSONETTE; Cheryl CHRISTOFFERSEN; Kurt CROWNOVER; Pam CROWNOVER; Linda DOBSON; Claude DUTY [#51]; Shirley ENGEBRETSON [#49]; Lloyd GILL [#6]; Don “Tiny” GLENN; Janet GUNTER [#47]; Steve GUNTER [#44]; Jerry HIGHLAND; Jody HUSTON; Linda LARSON [#2]; Susie LAWRENCE; Bob LOVE [#46]; Connie LOVE [#36]; Kandi MAJORS; Laurie McDONALD[#13]; Joe MEEK [#50]; Vicky MONTGOMERY [#41]; Alice NELSON [#52]; Karen NELSON; Donna PURDUE [#38] Jeanette QUICK; Lois REED; Janet RHOADS; Harriet ROSS; Sandy ROY; Judy SHUEY; Donna SMITH; Anita SPENCE [#21]; Dale SPRECHER [ #19]; Tom SYLVESTER [#18]; Jim TAYLOR [#48]; Luke TROYER (Seventy) [#37]; Carolyn TURINSKY (Charlie);  Kathi WHITING;  Marvin WITTMEYER; Bill WORTHINGTON 

[Corrections and additions would be appreciated.]

You can right click on these photos to download and view them on your Windows Picture Viewer or other photo program viewer to enlarge them.

“Telegram” a Spokane District newsletter, RLDS Church, September 1963, page 4.

“Senior High Camp Acclaimed Success

A fine experience was reported by campers and counselors alike at the Senior Youth Camp—Camp Econe—held at Liberty Lake’s Zephyr Lodge from August 11 through 17. Previous attendance records fell as campers from all parts of the Spokane and Central Washington Districts–49 in all–converged on the grounds.

Directed by Tom Sylvester, the camp had as counselors Alice Nelson, Anita Spence, Dorothy Wilkinson, Claude Duty, and two visitors from the Boise District: Luther Troyer and Donald Glenn.

The small congregation at Orofino "took the prize” for proportionate representation with four campers: Bill Koerling, Lois Reed and Ronnie and Sandy Roy.

The Sagle Branch was represented by Carolyn Turinsky, Jan Gunter and Jim Taylor and by Independence visitor Steve Gunter.

Lloyd Gill from the Spokane Valley and Shirley Engebretson, Laurie McDonald, Vickie Montgomery, Harriet Ross, Jim and Mike Spence and Bill Worthington from the Southside Branch were nearby campers.

From Audubon Terrace were Cheryl Christoffersen, Jerry Highland, Jody Huston, Susan Lawrence, Karen Nelson, Donna Perdue, Dale Sprecher, Forest and John Toney and Bob Wilkinson, Jr.

The Central Washington District was well represented by Sandy Cole and Marvin Wittmeyer of Pendleton; Keith, Kurt and Pam Crownover, Kathy Flinn, Linda Gurwell, Judy Shuey and Kathi Whiting of Richland; Harold and Linda Dobson and Kandi Majors of Brewster; Bob and Connie Love of Mansfield; Linda Larson, Chelan; Jeanette Quick, Quincy; Carolyn and Donna Smith, East Wenatchee and Janet Rhoads and John Peterson, Moses Lake.

Visitors were Linda Troyer, Boise; Joe Meek, Laguna Beach, California and Mike Bessonette, Baker, Oregon.“

Spokane District History, 1963, page 37: "During the month of August, Camp Econe and a Married Couples Fellowship were held. Camp Econe was held again this year at Zephyr Lodge, Liberty Lake, Washington. The camp was a fine experience for campers and counselors alike. There were 49 campers from many parts of the Spokane and Central Washington Districts. The camp was directed by Tom SYLVESTER who was assisted by a fine staff of counselors. The week was a spiritual height for a dedicated group of young people.” Historian Walter DUTY

* * *


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one of my favorite adam scenes is that fight between him and blue at the beginning of tdt because it’s undeniable that he’s in the wrong in that scene, and worse, he reacts in a physically violent way. but he’s able to deconstruct that anger, he’s strong enough to realize that this is something he’ll always experience but look he has the tools to temper it, and he won’t be like his father. 

1965 Econe Youth Camp


1965 RLDS Spokane District History, Walter Duty, Spokane District Historian:

 "August was a time of change and youth. Our Seventy William Haden was reassigned to another area of ministry and the district welcomed a new seventy. Seventy Ray Whiting and family moved to this district from the Western Montana District. His ministry was distinct and comprehensive. The first test of his quality came at the youth camp held in August.

The district youth met for a combined camp of junior and senior high age camp. These programs were separate and headed by Camp Director Richard Curtis. Tom Sylvester was the program director, jointly with Seventy Donald Comer, for the junior high camp. They were programmed along the semi-primitive camping line. Seventy Ray Whiting was the program director for the senior high camp. This centralized camping experience showed to the youth of the district that they could “prove God” in their lives. All those in attendance were enthusiastic about their experience with their Divine Father.

The supporting staff of the two camps held at Field Springs State Park, August 15 to 21, were diverse in talents and leadership. From this camping experience it was hoped that the youth would continue to grow. Time will tell if they gained the depth for future trials.“

1965 - Econe Youth Camp Log

with additional photos

External image

External image

Camp Staff

Camp Director: Richard Curtis; Camp Pastor: Alma Johnson; Business Manager: Henry Kinney; Zion’s League Leadership: Ray Whiting; Zion’s League Cabin Counselors; Walter Duty, Dixie Marshall, Karen Nelson, Anita Spence; Zioneer’s Leadership: Don Comer; Zioneer’s Cabin Counselors: Tom Sylvester, Carl Strand, Barbara Jorgenson; Cook Staff; Madonna Wilson, Goldie Lawrence, Alice Bartram

Econe Log Staff

Advisers: Tom Sylvester, Anita Spence; Editor: Jim Erlandson; Assistant Editor: Rich Wilson; Reporters: Wendy Spence, Wayne Gunter, Robin Lehman, Gayle Lucas, John Marshall, Laurie McDonald, Linda Nelson, Donna Roy, Sandy Roy, Bruce Wilkinson, Dave Wilcox, Doris Wilcox, Adrian Wilson


External image
As I sit down and try to think of something to say in an editorial, many things come to mind about the different aspects of our camp Econe.

I observed a great sense of fellowship between campers. This is one of the main goals in every camp, but I feel we had more of this Spirit than expected. It means much to me to know and be friends with the kids at camp. I hope that this is one of the lasting and outstanding memories of Econe "65” to you.

In conclusion I want to express my appreciation for all of your friendship and companionship. I hope to see you all again next year to listen to my sour banjo.  Jim Erlandson, Editor  [1966 photo of Jim was not in the Econe Log]

Dear Campers Letters:

External image
Dear Campers, It has been gratifying to see the growth and potential of you during our camping experience. Often times we come to accept stereotypes of our abilities and capabilities. It is thru an experience such as we have just completed that we can see the leadership abilities that each one of you have. As you return to your home group, it is my prayer that you will continue the good work.

Next year we need to enlarge our camp so that we can minister to more of our youth. Part of our camping experience is the association with other young people of our district. I would challenge you to work with other young people to encourage them to attend our next camp and enjoy the spiritual, mental and physical growth attainable at a church camp. Sincerely, Richard Curtis  [1958 photo of Richard was not in the Econe Log]

Dear Campers, This week in camp has been another experience in becoming aware of the great potential that the Lord has endowed us. It has been and interesting experience for me to see the spiritual development in each one as we have participated in this group endeavor.

My prayers will go with you and may you also recognize that Christ your Lord will continue to hold you up before God the Father in His prayers. May the good spirit abide with you always so that your lives may be spent in bringing to pass the Kingdom of God on earth. Love, Alma Johnson

Dear Campers, I have enjoyed camp very much. We have a fine group of both junior and senior young people, as well as a fine staff. All I can say is that if anyone is hungry it is their own fault, because the food has been tops.

As the boys sang in their song at the banquet, “I just take their money.” I wish to extend my thanks to all for their cooperation in camp and K.P. Sincerely, Henry Kinney

External image
Dear Campers, We came to Econe out of the world. Some of us were burdened with problems. In our seeking we found God. From this encounter we discovered answers to many troubles; hope for others. Friendships have been molded; depths of understanding has been created within our souls.

Here among the pines you gave me strength. It is my prayer that I have helped you. Together we have learned a great many ideas about God and his work for us.

May God stretch our spiritual fibers to their limits. In so doing we can prove our God. Yours in Christ, Walter Duty    [Photo of Walter Duty 1940-1986, from1970 RLDS World Conference booklet, page 11.]

Dear Campers, Econe “65” is the first Youth Camp I have ever attended. Coming as an assistant counselor has made it just that much more of an experience. The friendships I have made and the understanding of others I have received have been testimony to me of the Lords great love and concern for each of his children.

I have enjoyed working with all the camp staff. The understanding and patience they have shown me has been greatly appreciated, but not always deserved. I sincerely hope that everyone who attended Econe this year had the same rewarding experience as I received. I pray that after we return to our homes we will be mindful of this past weeks activities and not forget those things we have learned together. Love, Dixie Marshall

Dear Campers, I would like to thank you for the love and warm friendship you have shared with me this week. Each one of you have given me something special and without all of you, Econe “65” would not have been such a wonderful experience.

I have especially enjoyed the enthusiasm in your singing and wonderful participation in our campfires. It’s been a great privilege to me to have had the opportunity this past week to serve both you, the campers, and my Heavenly Father. It is my prayer that we might all dare to seek with the humility to accept what we find. I have grown to love each one of you this week and hope that we might once again come together and find our God. “God Be With You "till We Meet Again."  In Christian Love, Karen Nelson

Dear Campers, I have enjoyed working with the young people and the council staff. It has been a rich and rewarding experience for me, one that I will never forget. It has taken my mind from the daily worries of home and given me an opportunity to share in fellowship with others. Sincerely, Alice Bartram

Dear Campers, Thanks to your staff for asking me to serve as your cook for Econe. This is my first youth camp and indeed it has been a real experience - one I’ll not forget very soon. The fellowship shown as you studied, sang and played together will linger on in memories. May we all be blessed as we serve the Lord together. Sincerely, Madonna Wilson

External image
Dear Campers, This is my first experience of helping at a Youth Camp and I have surely enjoyed it. I will always remember the walks to campfire, the prayer service, the baseball game and of course the serving line.

Although our work was mainly providing the food each day, we are deeply concerned with your problems and response to the opportunities here. We pray that this week at camp may be a rich spiritual experience for each of you. Sincerely, Goldie Lawrence  [Photo of Goldie taken from her 2005 newspaper obituary.]

External image

Dear Campers, Being invited to camp as a counselor is always a delight to me, for when I am with the youth of the church, I feel an awareness of God that is beautiful. There is a cleanness and sweetness about young people that can’t be matched. I will always be concerned about each of your lives and pray that you each might begin to fulfill the purpose God created you for while you are still young in years. I will always be with you on your journey of "daring to seek” that which is right for you. Love, Anita Spence.  [2009 obituary photo of Anita (Abramson) Spence Woslager]

External image

Staff Devotions: Richard Curtis
Flag raising and Exercises: Tom Sylvester
Camp Cleanup and Service Projects: Walter Duty, Anita Spence
Quest and Bible Class: Ray Whiting
Evening Chats: Alma Johnson
Campfire Preparations and Campfire: Karen Nelson

Morning Devotions:

The view of the early morning sky and the panorama of barren hills provided the setting for our morning worships this week. Accompanying this beauty were hymns sung by the youth, inspiring reading and theme talks given by members of the staff. Each day followed the theme and gave a spiritual uplift.

Early Thursday morning the campers and staff met in the chapel for a prayer and fellowship service. The accompanying spirit was very good. I’m sure we’ll all remember this is an important step on our way toward purity. Remember the admonition “Prove Me.” Devotions for the remainder of the week continued to give us strength and wisdom and opened each day with new zeal.  Laurie McDonald


External image
Through the week we have been quite fortunate in having with us as a teacher, Ray Whiting, who seems to have the unique talent for interesting and educational conversation.

As a prelude to each class we were led by Mr. Whiting in singing a hymn. Each day the discussion closely followed the theme and many interesting comparisons were made between the topic and the scriptures.

I personally had a lot of fun in this class, as I’m sure everyone else who attended it did. Our experiences were probably due to the fact that everyone was willing and daring enough to seek the answers to their problems and scriptural references which were not quite clear to them. Let us all remember these experiences and use the knowledge we have gained in order to make our lives more perfect in the future.  Wayne Gunter    [1974 photo of Wayne Gunter was not in the Econe Log]

Campfire Leadership Class:

In the campfire leadership class, Karen Nelson taught us the technique of building, preparing and leading campfires. Here we learned that the campfire was a place of unity and the soul of the camp where we can gain inspiration for the next days activities. We also learned that there were three portions of a campfire: fun, transitional, serious.

Karen told us the many different activities which can be used in a campfire such as songs, skits, games, stunts, talks, testimonies, prayers and silent meditation.

The art of building campfires played a big part in our class. Building rocks around the fire, pit fires and different methods of lighting the fire were taught, also. Our main assignment was preparing creative skits, which we presented at Friday’s campfire. This was to help us understand the techniques of writing a skit. In conclusion, Karen told us that the most important factor in leading a campfire, was to be sensitive to the moods of the people around you.  Linda Nelson


External image
The members of riflery were as follows: Donna Roy, Kathy Benshoof, Janet Gunter, Kathy Lawrence, Darrell Perdue, and John Marshall.

Ray Whiting, our leader, first taught us the parts of a rifle and how to put them together. We then learned and practiced the proper methods of aiming.

On our second day we fixed up our rifle range for the rest of the week and started on our shooting. We learned the four main firing positions: first, prone; second, sitting; third, kneeling; and fourth, standing. The three top shooters in the riflery competition Friday were Kathy Lawrence, Wendy Burke and Kathy Benshoof. Darrell Purdue was first in the pistol competition.  Donna Roy  [Photo of Ray Whiting taken at Spokane District Reunion about 1965/66.]

Deer Horn Lamps:

Monday morning was the first day we met. Richard Curtis, our instructor, let us pick out our own deer horns. Two of us chose to make a set of two lamps and the other three made one big lamp. After selecting our horns we started sanding them.

Tuesday we finished sanding and polishing our horns. Richard then gave us the stems to be sanded and polished. Wednesday and Thursday we drilled our lamps and put them together.

Friday we sanded the fix-all we put around the stem. When we had them fixed the way we wanted them, we stained them with maple varnish. This gave them a pretty luster and brought out the grain of the horns. This class was of great interest to all who participated. We are now able to take something home to keep reminding us of this wonderful camp.  Sandee Roy


The first thing in art is to collect all your equipment. When you have been given a sketching book, eraser, a charcoal pencil and crayons, you take a long, hot hike to a place where we may find some beautiful scenes to draw and a perfectly matched sunburn.

We sketch anything and everything we see or want to sketch. We have been collecting pieces of tin, paper, moss, twigs and anything of that nature for a collage. Art class is a very fun and daring class. Walter Duty is our instructor.  Adrian Wilson

Recreation: Volleyball, Softball, Swimming and Badminton

Volleyball: Volleyball wasn’t organized during the week, but we had some hot games, for instance the one in which Ray Whiting proved that he is definitely not an old man.

Softball; A rousing game of softball is fun in any camp. Ours was great. The teams, captained by Walter Duty (loser) and Dixie Marshall (winner) played a great 18 to 17 game. Longest hit: Janet Gunter!

Swimming: Swimming was a special activity, mainly because the river is two-and-a- half miles from camp. We were supposed to swim Tuesday and Friday, but it was a bit chilly on Friday. Tuesday was kicks though. The current was pretty strong but so were the lifeguards.

Badminton: Although there was no organized action in this line, may of the kids played it during free time and recreation. On the whole, the recreation this week was very much fun and provided good fellowship for all.  Bruce Wilkinson


External image
The campfires led by Karen Nelson and Richard Curtis, were held from 8:45 p.m. until 9:30 p.m. Each campfire was full of fun with skits, stunts, songs and of course awards for the best cabins. We also had our serious portions which brought us all closer to God. After lunch and dinner, Karen taught us new songs which we used in the following night’s campfire.

Sunday’s campfire was an appropriate beginning for our camp. An egg throwing contest livened up the evening Tuesday. The winners of this sticky event were Wendy Spence and Richard Wilson. Wednesday night the campfire was concluded by a period of meditation for the upcoming prayer service. Thursday the campfire was omitted because of the banquet. The campfire leadership class prepared the skits Friday night. These proved to be very hilarious. The fellowship and spirit of this weeks campfires gave us enriching experiences which we shall never forget.  Linda Nelson [1965 photo is of Anita Spence and her daughter, Wendy, at the Spokane District Reunion. Click on photo to see enlarged.]

Bible Class:

Bible class was one of the most educational of any other classes as far as plain facts are concerned. Ray Whiting was our teacher and presented the subject deftly. We studied the history of the Bible in depth and attempted to memorize the books in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. To try and keep up with the class, most of us took pages of notes. Yet the subject was presented in an interesting enough fashion that we never lost interest. Ray presented us with many facts and figures, but also, tied in the depth and counsel of the Greatest Book. I will personally never forget the things I learned from this class and I hope that we may bring the principals we learned into our lives.   Jim Erlandson

Evening Chats:

A rousing song and big smile opened our first session of evening chats. Evangelist Alma Johnson presented the main theme and asked questions stimulating much thought and discussion. In response, problems of youth in the branch, church, and normal everyday life freed themselves from many captive minds. Alma suggested that each of us resolve to have a new experience in our relationship with the Lord.

Our Tuesday chat around such topics as the priesthood in the branch and youth’s place in church activities. Suggestions for inter-branch councils were accepted to improve the unity of the various sections of the branches. Wednesdays discussion enlightened the minds of all concerning the place of women in the work. Every phase of church life gives opportunity for service. The challenge is to prepare. Thursday afternoon and evening were filled with excitement and fun as the Annual Banquet was prepared and enjoyed. Because of these activities, evening chats were canceled.

It was rather unfortunate because we again missed chats, but a truly rewarding hike was taken Friday evening after dinner. We enjoyed a warm campfire and again felt the fellowship of each other and God. These activities concluded our week of evenings. Each of these were filled with love and understanding and guidance. We give a special ‘Thank You’ to Alma for helping us to learn.  Laurie McDonald


“Endless Horizons”, the theme of our banquet for 1965, was held on Thursday evening from 7-9:00 p.m. The ladies were lovely and the gentlemen handsome, dressed in their finest. Everything was beautiful with the exception of the weather. Of course it had to rain.

The color theme of the evening was green and white. The main lodge hall was cleverly divided by streamers. Our table centers were made from natural foliage which was brought indoors. We were served ham and all the appropriate food which goes along with a banquet which was very delicious, thanks to the cooks.

The entertainment was as follows: The Mistress of Ceremonies, Linda Nelson, gave an opening welcome. Bruce Wilkinson, Darrell Perdue and Jim Erlandson sang a song about the counselors. Inspection awards were handed out by Walter Duty, who gave cabin “3” first place and cabin “4” worst cabin award. Next was a skit about Russian Roulette by the boys and their counselor. Jim and Laurie McDonald sang “whistling Gypsy” and “Bonua”. Bruce, Darrell and Jim did a skit about Russian Dignitaries. After Richard Curtis sang “Moon River”, Ray Whiting gave a satirical reading on man descending from monkeys. Laurie sang “Hello Young Lovers”. “Climb Every Mountain” was then sung by Dixie Marshall.

Following this we all wrote our names on a piece of paper to represent the burning of the light in our hearts for the work of God. After “I’ll Walk With God” was sung by Karen Nelson, a thank you and goodnight was given by Karen.  Donna Roy

Senior Campers:

1.  Kathy Benshoof, Pullman, WA, P.P. Kathy Lawrences snoring, S. A. Don’t know do ya!

2.  Wendy Burke, Roseburg, OR, P.P. Kathy Lawrences who snore!, S.A. Censored

3.  Jim Erlandson, Spokane, WA, P.P. Ray Whiting when he calls me “Rag Arm”, S.A. To have a physique like Walter Duty.

4.  Janet Gunter, Sagle, ID, P.P. Pistols, S.A. You’ll never know!

5.  Wayne Gunter, Sagle, ID, P.P. Formal Banquets, S.A. To hog tie Linda Nelson for 5 minutes.

6.  Kathy Lawrence, Spokane, WA, P. P. Cabin Inspection & Inspectors, S.A. Marry a Doctor.

7.  Kim Lyman, Spokane, WA, P.P. Wendy Burke waking me up, S.A. Censored

8.  Laurie McDonald, Spokane, WA, P.P. People who call my patches wet spots, S.A. to kiss Walter again.

9.  Linda Nelson, Spokane, WA, P.P. Cabin inspectors who can be bribed, S.A. Wake up some morning with my hair perfect.

10. Warren Omans, Clarkston, WA, P.P. Ray Whitings ball playing, S.A. To have an air force of flying model airplanes.

11. Darrell Perdue, Spokane, WA, P.P. Distant outhouses, S.A. Supply world with indoor plumbing.

12. Donna Roy, Orofino, ID, P.P. Bees, bears, & bugs.

13. Sanda Roy, Orofino, ID, P.P. Boys under 20, S.A. To have a chance to kiss Walter again.

14. Bruce Wilkinson, Spokane, WA, P.P. Ray Whiting picking on me, S.A. Who knows, not me, who cares, not me.

15. Karen Sorenson, Lewiston, ID, P.P. People who smack their lips, S.A. To own a lot of money.

External image

If I didn’t know better I’d say Jim Erlandson popped his air mattress on purpose so he wouldn’t have to sleep alone

Hey! Burke, what burst the night of the banquet?

Motto for cabin 4: Build a better foundation.

Who brushes their teeth with their index finger? Huh, Linda.

Hey, Goldie, what was that remark about deers in our beds?

What’s this I hear about Darrel using Wendy’s Prell shampoo?

Clarabelle says “Aloha, Campers”

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