Couple of things:

I thought I only had to give a presentation based on a tech article in CS35L, but a classmate posted a question on the class forum about the PAPER that’s also due. SO, glad I read that so that I could get the damn paper written under the wire. Thank you, “Anonymous”!

Yesterday, that “church group” was back on campus and I couldn’t resist challenge their “You’re all sodomizers and are going to die” form of “Good News” that they were spewing. It was all yelling, natch, but I think I earned some points when the woman sputtered as a response to my asking about the Hebrew and Greek definitions of the word. She was also hazy on scripture in general when challenged, which is a very bad platform to be standing on if you’re trying to condem people with scripture. I hate hearing people trying to turn others OFF of God. I actually think that’s one of the worst things you can do to someone.

I checked again for my ECON2 midterm2 score again this morning (in the dark of DST, on the small screen of my phone) and saw that it had finally been posted! I’d felt good about the test, so when I saw an 84%result,  I was surprised. It was about 10% less than I’d expected. I went through a whole mental labyrinth, trying to tell myself that it’s OK that I’m not as good at ECON as I thought I was and don’t let it affect your day/identity/self-esteem, etc. Even sat all through ECON2 lecture feeling like a dope for thinking that I was good at this. Then, the professor tells us that he’s sent an e-mail giving the grading breakdowns for the scores. I check it and see that he’s listed the raw scores, not the percentages. As I’m doing the math to discover what my raw score must have been, I FINALLY NOTICE THAT I’D BEEN LOOKING AT MY MIDTERM2 SCORE FOR ANTHROPOLOGY THE WHOLE MORNING. I quickly click over to the ECON2 page of my grade listings, and there is my lovely high raw score. YES. What a mind fuck.