Non-Boring Environments that need Fantasy Representation

Tropical Rainforests

Scrubland/Dry Forests. For extra effect make them the sort that burn very often; some native plants never germinate until after a fire, and some animals not only rely on fire to smoke out prey, but may even start them themselves.

Savannas/Tropical Grasslands

Temperate Rainforests. I almost didn’t include this bc New Zealand is covered in them, and that’s where they filmed Lord of the Rings. But tbh, no one really knows about them, so it belongs here

Taiga Forests

Barren Tundra, perfect for some extreme seasonal dichotomy

Polar Ice Sheets

Desert-Grasslands (arguably the same as Scrubland but Australia’s good at adding its own twists)

Barren Desert

If you like Cacti, look at American Deserts like the Sonoran

Salt Flats

Soda Lakes and Alkaline Lakes

Madagascar’s Karst Limestone Formations

Madagascar’s Spiny Forests

Madagascar’s Baobab Forests

Madagascar’s Subhumid Forests (Madagascar is cool as hell ok)

Danxia Landforms

Badlands/Mountainous Deserts

Steppes and Highland Prairies

Flood Basalts

Newly-Formed Islands, still rife with Volcanic activity

Now for Underwater Environments, sure Coral Reefs are cool.

But there are SO MANY other kinds of environments for aquatic settings, it’s unbelievable:

Seaside Cliffs

Archipelagos. Not just Tropical Island chains like Polynesia (Moana anyone?) but also Coldwater Archipelagos like the Aleutians.

Tidal Flats

Bayous/Cypress Swamps

Tropical River Basins, AKA Seasonally Flooded Rainforests

Mangrove Swamps/Deltas/Beaches

Kelp Forests

The Open Ocean

Coastal Seabeds

Rocky Beaches with Tidepools

And there are a LOT more I could name but this post is already obscenely long as is, if you’d like to toss in your own go right ahead, but my point is if you limit yourself to European Deciduous Forests you’re a wimp.

First known omnivorous shark species identified!

The Bonnethead shark (Sphyrna tiburo), is a species of hammerhead that is abundant in critical seagrass habitats.

Recent research on the stomach and digestive physiology of these sharks have shown that they consume lots of seagrass (up to 62.1% of gut content mass) and have specialised enzymes for digesting plant material (cellulose).

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I started birdwatching because this girl I like is really into birds and I was trying to win her over, and I succeeded but also now I’m legitimately into birdwatching and I keep getting distracted from my work by the need to run outside and look for cool birds. Watch out for the dangerous side effects of lesbianism, fellow wlw.

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Here’s your reminder to not flush medications down the toilet.

Unless you are directed to flush them by a pharmacist or doctor, medications are very bad to have in the water system. Most water treatment plants aren’t equipped to deal with these types of chemicals when in the water. As the frog man I care a lot since having these released into the water is very harmful to amphibians, not to mention fish and reptiles. I was just sitting and started thinking about ways to protect wildlife and I decided hey, why not make a post. If you’re trying to dispose of controlled medications such as dextroamphetamines(adhd meds like adderall, concerta, ritalin, vyvanse), benzos(such as xanax, diazepam, or lorazepam), or opiates/opioids(percs, oxycontin, vicodin) most police stations are able to dispose of them for you. If not you may be able to have a pharmacy dispose of them.

Happy International Day for Biological Diversity! 

Kelp forests, like those in Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary and other West Coast sanctuaries, are home to enormous biodiversity. Kelp forests provide food and shelter for many marine animals. Here, you’ll find juvenile fish hiding from predators, sea stars hunting sea urchins, sea otters searching for invertebrate snacks, and more. 

(Photo: Robert Schwemmer/NOAA)

[Image description: A California sheephead swims through a sunlit kelp forest.]

Just in case your wondering, Puerto Rico just had its first major storm of the hurricane season in 2018 (July 9). It was debated to be between a tropical storm and a category 1 hurricane. The storm started last night, and I woke up today to no power whatsoever. I cant imagine how many others must’ve lost power, especially the many of us who just recently got it back.

Dont forget about Puerto Rico.