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Scott Pruitt, the EPA, and why Einstein Believed Imagination is More Important than Intelligence

Around the globe and for decades, nearly all scientists have concluded that climate change is real, created by humans, and that much of it is reversible through comprehensive and stringent regulation.

Despite overwhelming evidence that climate change endangers humans and all living creatures both right now and for future generations, the Republicans nominated a climate change denier as their candidate in 2016.

DJT not only denies climate change is real, but has tweeted (dear god, his fucking tweets) that China created this “hoax” to gain advantages against the U.S. in global trade. 

As Oklahoma’s Attorney General, Scott Pruitt openly denied climate change, took contributions from his friends in the fossil fuel industry, and then worked to overturn regulations applying to them. He stated repeatedly the EPA should be dismantled.

Today, despite, vociferous opposition from all but two Democratic Senators (Joe Manchin and Heidi Heitkamp, await your primary challengers), Scott Pruitt was confirmed as head of the EPA. Much respect to GOP Senator Susan Collins for putting science above party and for voting against Pruitt.

Assuming Pruitt follows through on dismantling the EPA–and right now the GOP has enough votes and clout to allow him to do just that–innocent persons and creatures will die as a result of Pruitt’s confirmation. 

Flat out, deaths that could have been prevented will in fact be hastened. 

Climate change shouldn’t be a partisan issue. I can’t grasp how anyone who loves children or who purports to believe in God looks the other way here. 

And the destruction wrought by climate change is non-partisan, even if the GOP’s relationship to science is bizarrely partisan. Do they think their children will be magically protected somehow? That only liberal kids worldwide incur preventable childhood asthma, for instance? That only liberal kids get sick from contaminated drinking water? That only liberal kids die in extreme heat or in storms that could have been prevented?

It requires a certain kind of myopia to vote against one’s self-interest.

Einstein maintained imagination is more important than intelligence. 

Pruitt’s confirmation is another illustration of Einstein’s thesis. 

The GOP can’t imagine that climate change is real and that they just voted to imperil their own kids. 

So their failure of imagination will imperil all of us. 

No punchlines today.

Just redoubled efforts to ensure the GOP owns DJT, to take back seats in the midterms, to work toward DJT’s impeachment and, most importantly, to fight for the heath and safety of everyone’s kids worldwide. 


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Wanna have a bad time?

I want to point out here, that when I talk about the importance and biology of a sea grass featured in a videogame as a joke explanation, I get tons of reblogs and support and followers.

I talk to people about the real importance of subaquatic vegetation and the importance of the Everglades and Chesapeake and point out how industry and lack of regulation is destroying it, and how huge companies are using money to control the government and have more power than people, and I get called a hippie, a libtard, a tree hugger, a millennial, atheist, and a socialist.

I get more positive attention discussing the destruction of a fictional world than I get discussing the real world problems and real science and showing the evidence of how all these horrible things are going to happen if we continue this way.

I may go on about the delicate balance of the underground and the natural sciences in Undertale, but remember, they all get saves and resets and patches. They get multiple play throughs. We don’t. If we keep going until we see even more consequences, until we have an extinction event for humans on our hands, or a threat that could collapse society as we know it, we don’t get to go back and change things. It’s already too late for a lot of stuff, the climate will change, weather patterns shift, hurricanes, tornados, droughts, floods, they all will shift and become more severe, as we have seen in the past few years, respiratory and skin diseases will increase, antibiotic resistant bacteria will increase, hundreds of species are projected to go extinct in the wild, and we are still sitting ducks for any meteors or asteroids because of underfunding NASA and other space programs for so long. Oh, and there will be more horrible atrocities committed by extremist religious groups, but that’s the norm for humans so whatever.

We are the future of humans. Our voices and votes and money matters, whether you are peaceful and spare and win with social campaigns and public support, or become a vigilante and use violence and illegal methods to win, honestly I no longer care, all I know is we need to act and change things, because if you don’t take a stand you better be hyped for the destruction of humanity. I know we all want to hide from the truth because what it requires us to do is not fun and conflicts with the morals and political views of many people. Trying to ignore it or dismiss it as fearmongering and politics is not going to help when it is too late. For some of us, it is already too late. Even if we cut emissions and basically stopped existing right now, the projections show that entire islands and coasts will still be covered by the rising sea. We can’t ignore it when our homes and food are gone or when there is a giant rock in the sky hurtling towards us. We can’t ignore it when the diseases kill our loved ones. We can’t ignore the air being too polluted to breathe.

You can’t keep ignoring this. I have fun with this Undertale blog, but I still cannot believe people are willing to put more effort into saving a videogame world than they do saving their own world. Please spread this message.