ecological engineering

In his book The Millennial Project: Colonizing the Galaxy in Eight Easy Steps (1992), Marshall Savage argues that building floating cities above tropical oceans would be a good first step to learning how to build space colonies. These floating cities—or “arcologies” as they are sometimes called—would preferably have to be constructed near the equator, where the ocean is relatively calm.

“Accordingly, the design […] must harmonize with nature, minimizing material requirements, while maximizing volume, usable surface area, and dynamic stability.”

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A team from the University of Cumbria have produced a floating house which can be transported worldwide to any lake or waterway. The designs are flexible, so it can be produced in varying sizes and according to different requirements. Completely self-sufficient, the house can be fitted with a solar-powered motor.

Original source: Dezeen Magazine
Women in Science You Should Be Following On Social Media
Your Guide To #WomeninSTEM on Social
By Sci Chic

Hey check out who made the list ;) 

This list does a great job of covering a bunch of different fields within STEM so even if you are not interested in space there will be something for you!

A Coastal Defense Against Storms And Rising Seas That Bruce Lee Would Like

by Michael Keller

The way to protect shoreline communities from monster storms and climate change’s rising seas might not be to erect huge walls to fight the water, but to use its own energy to control it. 

That’s the idea behind a comprehensive coastal resiliency project called Living Breakwaters, which in late October won the 2014 Buckminster Fuller Institute Challenge for socially responsible design. The system, created by SCAPE/LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE PLLC, looks to reduce risks by rebuilding tidal habitats like oyster reefs that once protected shorelines along with smarter coastal planning and development.

At its heart, the winning idea is to construct rocky mounds and sloped walls within the water column that armor the coastline and diffuse wave energy. Those in front of undeveloped onshore lands like parks and refuges would be fully submerged tidal breakwaters while those in front of developed communities would protrude above the waterline as exposed islands. Both versions also act as artificial reefs that rebuild ecosystems and become homes for fish and shellfish. These are meant to serve as buffers between populated land and open water that absorb wave energy to diminish erosion and flooding. 

Read more and see images and videos below.

Keep reading


How to make a water filter | Do Try This At Home | At-Bristol Science Centre

Water is essential to life on Earth. But how does the water get from the rivers and streams to your tap at home? Ross & Heather of the Live Science Team show you how to make a water filter and visit Bristol Water treatment works to investigate the science and engineering behind a glass of water:

By: At-Bristol Science Centre
Injured sea turtle gets 3D printed jaw - BBC News
A 3D-printed beak has been made for a sea turtle badly injured in a collision with a boat's propeller. The beak, made of medical-grade titanium, replaces the loggerhead turtle's jaws, half of which were sheared off in the accident.

Science folks. Science!

The thing that often surprises me is that people seem to think that Ford has all of his PhDs in something science related

But really, that’s not exactly how PhDs work. PhDs are your ticket to say “I am capable to teaching myself this subject and, in turn, teaching it to others.” When you get a biology PhD you are not limited to one topic (your research is but your subject knowledge and expected teaching are not)

So I preset to you the idea that Ford has 12 PhDs in multiple different subjects: Math, Engineering, Biology, Ecology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Art, History, Sociology, Anthropology, etc. etc.

This man has 12 PhDs! He’s not going to JUST have them in scientific fields! They are going to cover EVERY range of topic you can imagine.


Plants vs Solar Panels: Which is better at capturing solar energy? | At-Bristol Science Centre

Photosynthesis or photovoltaics? Leaves or solar panels? Which is better at capturing the energy from sunlight? Heather and Beth of the Live Science Team investigate the similarities and differences between these two processes, both powered by the Sun:

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