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Please share and watch this documentary. 25 MILLION songbirds (as well as raptors and game birds) are massacred every year. Because of this I’ve never seen a turtle dove in the UK. How sad is that?

There were billions of passenger pigeons once. Look what happened.

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We’ve all seen the impact of the Internet on Seaworld. Let’s see if we can do the same for all these birds!

In 03.03.2016 was murdered well known ecological activist in Honduras - Berta Caceres!

The crime received wide coverage abroad, because 45-year-old Caceres recently led a campaign against the construction of a giant dam and hydroelectric power. The investment would flood a large area inhabited by Indians of the tribe Lenca and would deprive them sources of drinking water. Caceres led Indian protests. Her family revealed that for some time She constantly received death threats from construction companies, politicians and even police. Last Thursday, unknown perpetrators shot her in her hometown of La Esperanza, a distance of approx. 200 km north of the Honduras capital - Tegucigalpa. According to the family murder-crime was politically motivated. But the authorities claim that it was simply a criminal offense. The funeral turned into a demonstration against the government and large corporations. Were erected shouts “Berta lives, the struggle continues!” and “Justice!”. Rightly! She was the true daughter of Gaia, real Terran! R.I.P [*]