Looking at this site all morning ’That Roundhouse’. Ecohome of wood frame, cobwood and recycled window walls, straw-insulated turf roof; with solar power and wind turbine for electricity, compost toilet and reed beds for grey water. Turned down for planning permission several times. Plenty of pictures, history and updates.

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The Green Self-Build Book: How to Design and Build Your Own Eco-Home

Whether you want a turf roof, solar-powered hot water, or a superinsulated (and cost-efficient) house, you need to know the essential elements of the self-build process, and in The Green Self-Build Book, Jon Broome gives an overview of the different methods of sustainable and eco-friendly construction techniques. The book includes case studies of green building techniques such as earth and straw bale buildings and is intended for anyone who is planning a self-build project, housing professionals, students, and teachers. The Green Self-Build Book gives inspiration and information to guide you through the green self-build process.


Some of the most beautiful earthships I’ve seen! Can’t wait to build one someday!

Here’s just a few amazing benefits of having indoor plants:
Help improve indoor air quality
Help improve well being
Help improve productivity and performance
Help to lower stress and negative feelings
Help to reduce noise
Sharpening focus
Purifies the air 🍃 and the list goes on #ecohome x