Biodegradable, longer-lasting, and expensive!

Make your own Soy Candles:

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#StopTPP - The only thing that be should fast track through #congress is our capacity to produce clean energy. Not some shady trade deal that empowers multi-national corporations through rigged tribunal that allows the same multi-national corporations to sue different governments for taking climate action with regulations. 👍👍

Repost from @letsraiseawareness Where would we be without bees? As far as important species go, they are top of the list. They are critical pollinators: they pollinate 70 of the around 100 crop species that feed 90% of the world. Honey bees are responsible for $30 billion a year in crops.
That’s only the start. We may lose all the plants that bees pollinate, all of the animals that eat those plants and so on up the food chain. Which means a world without bees could struggle to sustain the global human population of 7 billion. Our supermarkets would have half the amount of fruit and vegetables.
It gets worse. We are losing bees at an alarming rate. Possible reasons include the loss of flower meadows, the crab-like varroa mite that feasts on their blood, climate change, and use of pesticides.

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Look around you
We’ve all been
It’s all part of the cycle

And let’s assume
Let’s presume
We are the exhumed
The consumed
Not the consumers

They’ll find what’s left
Of our useable parts
Maybe pluck out our hearts
Create a new start.

See, we can be
Recycled, too.

litglob © 2015

The lotus comes from the murkiest water but grows into the purest thing.
~ Nita Ambani

Rise and open in glory with this new red Lotus Zafu meditation pillow! This comfortable pillow is in the ‘Zafu style’ made with eco-friendly cotton with a woven Guatemalan fabric handle for carrying! The top is embroidery from Thailand, colorful mandala with floral motif. Stuffed with organic buckwheat hulls inside, the best for yoga cushion comfort. This luxurious creation is a perfect gift for the yogi in your life, or treat yourself!

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Wonderbag Non-Electric Portable Slow Cooker

  • Eco-friendly slow cooking. No plugs, no fuss: Slow cooks your food, unplugged, by retaining the heat from an initial simmer on the stove
  • Electricity free and worry free. Away at work or play? Keep your dish cooking for up to 12 hours without electricity, ready-to-serve when you are. No overcooking, no burning. Great for beach outings, potlucks, BBQ’s, camping, or entertaining – anywhere, anytime, any occasion
  • Stress free holidays. Perfect for the holidays when stove and counter space are at a premium. Many uses: keeps items cold or frozen, too!
  • Buy One, Donate One. For every Wonderbag purchased in the US, one is donated to a family in need in Africa. One Wonderbag per year saves 1.7 trees, 1000 liters of water, 1,248 hours not spent collecting firewood
  • Fits your home. Works with 2-9 Quart pots with short handles and lid; metal and cast iron work best


Water cube pavilion, South Korea. Architects at MVRDV have designed a pavilion that will contribute to raising awareness of the fragility of ocean ecosystems. The building is a kind of aquarium, a glass structure made of water basins that surround the central void.

My Personal Growth

Prior to 2013 my life consisted of binge drinking, smoking cigarettes, going out to bars, eating out at restaurants/fast food, concerts, and not much more… Until… I decided to start making changes! It finally hit me that we need to be the change we want to see in this world!!

7/2012 Stopped using all chemical cleaning products. Began using Dr. Bronners, vinegar, baking soda, and borax.

7/2012 Began making my own personal care products: deodorant. Starting paying attention to ingredients of products and avoiding “fragrance” and weird sounding dyes/ingredients.

8/2012 Stopped using single-use items like paper towels, started to limit plastic bags, tin foil etc.

8/2012 Got rid of the microwave. Used toaster oven/oven instead!

8/2012 Began to be cut my electricity usage by unplugging/turning things off when I wasn’t using them.

3/12/2013 Quit smoking cigarettes COLD TURKEY!

3/2013 Started to watch lots of documentaries about health, veganism, our planet, and living a more natural life.

4/1/2013 Became VEGAN! Stopped eating all animal products! Was still eating processed foods as we transitioned from the standard american diet to health foods. I began juicing and making smoothies.

4/30/2013 Bought a used bicycle! Starting biking to work, and everywhere else. Stopped relying so much on public transportation.

4/2013 Found the Dill Pickle Food Co-op! Starting doing the majority of my shopping there, eating more local organic foods. Started to volunteer in the hands-on owner program!

5/2013 Started making my own toothpaste, started using organic/natural body care products only

6/20/2013 Took medication for the last time (anti-biotics) Since then I’ve taken no prescription or over the counter medication!

7/10/2013 Started a Vermicomposting bin and began composting some of my food scraps.

8/2013 Stopped drinking alcohol.

2/2014 Quit my call center job that I hated! Decided I deserved more!

2/2014 Did a 200-hour yoga teacher training!

2/2014 Decided we wanted to build a tiny house on wheels, started downsizing possessions, saving money and designing our dream home!

3/17/2014 Began to grow my own food by starting seedlings indoors and transporting them out into 21 five gallon buckets that I had space for on my small Chicago patio. We grew tomatoes, lettuce, kale, green peppers, peas, carrots, beets, violas, peppermint, swiss chard. We learned what grows well in a bucket and got to taste our first home-grown produce. Decided we want to be able to grow all own food!

4/2014 Got my dream job at Dill Pickle Food Co-op as a Health & Wellness Assistant and Front Ender!

4/2014 Ate fully raw vegan for 30 days. Kept my diet highly raw going forward. Typically raw till 4.

5/2014 Downgraded our lg trash can to a 5-gallon bucket, became more aware of our trash and started to put less and less in the trash. Stopped using trash bags/getting plastic bags at the store. Carried a reusable bag 100% of the time. Stopped buying/using tin foil/ziplock bags/plastic wrap.

8/2014 Got a Vitamix blender. Started eating even more fresh foods! Began starting everyday with a green smoothie!

9/2014 Began sprouting indoors and growing microgreens.

12/2014 Started to get rid of plastic in my kitchen. Started using glass-ware instead.

3/2015 By using the composting system at the co-op was able to start composting 100% of our food scraps that our worms couldn’t keep up with!

3/2015 Became more conscious of my plastic waste, stopped buying most processed foods that come wrapped in plastic. Started to only buy biodegrable sponges/cloths for showers & doing dishes.

4/16/15 STARTED BUILDING OUR TINYHOUSE! Continued to downsize possessions!

4/23/2015 Started to do no-poo! Stopped using shampoo, conditioner, and body wash and started washing with water only.