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You can’t call yourself an avid environmentalist and be non-vegan:

Take the United Nations’ advice and go vegan.

Don’t dump your fancy beverage bottles. Strip the labels and turn them into a striking bud-vase display like this one. And/or keep your eyes open at flea markets and garage sales…heck! even the dollar store…for cute bottles you can use as bud vases. So help me God, if you ever pay bud-vase prices to get this bud-vase look, I’ll come looking for you. There’s just no reason to, even if you’re sitting on a pile of money. Which you’re not. -ts


The German city of Hamburg has announced an ambitious plan to create, and link, an amazing 27 square miles of new and existing green space all over the city. The plan, called the “Green Network,” will effectively remove all cars from the city centre and promote cycling and public transport - and it is planned to be in place by 2034.

If fully realised, the network will cover some 7000 hectares, over half the size of Boston or San Francisco. 


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This eco-friendly house is made of cardboard

An Amsterdam-based creative construction company called Fiction Factory has devised a sustainable home out of the stuff usually reserved for packaging. The Wikkelhouse is a modular home made of 1.2-meter-long interlocking segments that creates a long single floored home. What happens when it rains?

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Kanopi House (Blue Lagoon, Portland, Jamaica) :: A tropical jungle of vine-drenched, 100-foot Banyan trees; soaring chartreuse bamboo and flowering magenta ginger lily descending into a secluded, white sand cove.

Where an elegant, earth conscious oasis of chic-ly appointed, ‘tree houses’ is linked by a winding pathway sliced through a sun dappled rainforest overlooking the Caribbean Sea. 

A private shoreline that wraps around a blue lagoon, ringed by an untouched coral reef; purple manta rays gliding through clouds of colorful fish in a warm turquoise sea, glazed in a layer of cool from the mountain stream that flows into, and over, it. Kanopi House is an environmentally friendly hideaway.