CASSIDY had the pleasure of getting to know Rachel Cobb, fellow Dawsonite, and seriously great, down-to-earth youtuber, she’s honestly one of my style icons! Scroll down for more on Rachel’s inspiritations, style & more!  :)  

My name is Rachel Cobb, I’m a nineteen year-old Montreal native and I make videos on my youtube channel (just look up my name!) on thrifted style, my monthly inspirations, and whatever else comes to mind! My goal for my channel when I was first starting out was to create a creative platform for myself, where I could share the things I love and hopefully create a community of people who share those same things, while also showing young people that we don’t have to spend tons of money nor shop at fast-fashion retailers to be stylish. My new goals for my channel are to continually grow my community, create new connections with cool people around the world, and continue to challenge myself to make better and more creative content. 

When it comes to my channel, I don’t have very many concerns. I know that YouTube is not the end all be all of what I’m going to do, I don’t necessarily see it as a career path at the moment. I simply see it as this beautiful place where I get to be myself for the people who like watching. Sometimes I wonder about getting too involved with social media and becoming too concerned with how I look and seem online that it may take away from my tangible life but I try my best to detract myself from that. I try my best to be my authentic self and to not over-think what I post, but that can be pretty difficult. I hope that as I get older and continue to do what I do, I will become more and more comfortable with who I am and what I create so that frivolous things like posts on Instagram won’t matter much. 

I began watching YouTube channels when I was 16 and really got into ClothesEncounters back when Jenn Im made thrifting videos and she was in her dorm room. I still love her channel but that part of her life really fascinated me and I was incredibly inspired by her. I would definitely say she changed the YouTube style game. Soon after that I went to California and went thrifting for the first time and it seems sort of strange to say but it was a life-changing moment for me. I was so incredibly happy that day and I discovered this part of myself that I had never known. I had struggled all of high school with wanting to be creative but believing that I wasn’t good at anything, so when I discovered that style was a way for me to be creative and channel everything I was inspired by from movies to music, I felt like I had locked into something I needed to pursue. Quickly after that I discovered channels like, Svetlana D and Rian Phin who had smaller followings and made incredible thrifting/style videos and I knew that I had to start my own. Now I am continually influenced and inspired by the young people I subscribe to on YouTube. My favorite channels/people usually have small followings, are around my age and are pretty much the coolest people on the planet. My favorite people are Jujusquad, Rian Phin, Taraola, Empowa, Fashionbambini x Tara. Check them out asap, you will 100% not regret it.

Living an environmentally-conscious/cruelty-free life is very important to me. I try to do my part by only shopping at thrift stores and I try to promote that on my platform as much as possible. I am strongly against shopping fast-fashion and believe that we can and should all shop sustainably. I mean, it’s much more fun anyway! Who doesn’t like a treasure hunt?! I believe shopping on depop and shopping at independently-owned stores are great options as well. I also became a vegetarian in November which is a decision I’m so glad I made. I had wanted to be a vegetarian my entire life because I have such a deep love for animals, but I struggled for years to really make the connection between the meat on my plate and the animals I loved. Now that I’ve been a vegetarian for over 7 months, I have never felt so good and so much more myself. I hope to continually become more conscious about the things I consume and my impact on the planet and others. I am so excited for the future and the things I will learn and create, and the person I will subsequently become.

You can check me out on youtube here :

Instagram: @cobbaloo 


How to customise a cardigan with lace:
I actually customised this plain blue cardigan of mine from H&M ages ago but i thought i’d share it now as I’ve annoyingly felt too poorly for the last few days to do much sewing.
First i found some pretty white lace, and I carefully cut out some of the motifs from it. Then I cut the lace in to a shape that would fit around the neckline where I wanted it. Positioning the lace to be arranged equally on both sides is probably the trickiest part.
Once i was happy with the layout of the lace I pinned it in place.
Finally I handstitched this using small neat stitches.
And voila….its done! No more plain old boring cardigan for me! :)


Deep green custom order T-shirt I made recently featuring my sun stag design, inspired by the Sun Tarot card and a symbol for radiant life, growth and the power of nature.

I do custom requests for clothes, take a look at my etsy and message me if you are interested!

Another shot of the Ritual Robe now available! #SOVRIN #supporthandmade #darkfashion #occult #occultfashion #fantasy #ritual #ritualrobe #etsy #eco #ecofashion #organic #oversizedhood #cloak #witchinghour #witchyfashion #medievalfashion #medievalart #medievaldress #darkelf #elven

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new in the shop today; ‘continuum’ heavy knit scarf in rust and black. worn here with 'dune’ fringe tunic. also available in grey and white in my shops + all black via @sistersoftheblackmoon. model: @sneakyfemale // shop link in my profile or – recycled textile and handmade as always // #supporthandmade #ecofashion #sustainablefashion #sustfash #imadeyourclothes

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Changing a skirt into (unbelievably cool) shorts:
Right, I’m totally on a roll now getting myself a wardrobe ready for my trip to Costa Rica in a few days. I have to make sure I have enough suitable clothes to take and since I’m not allowing myself to buy any I have to seriously get upcycling and sewing.
I got this wrap around beach skirt from the clothing swap party and initially intended to simply turn it into a simple a-line skirt, (im just not a wrap around skirt type of person), but then I couldn’t stop thinking how nice the material would be as shorts. To make the shorts pattern I used a pair of shorts I already had and drew around them onto grease proof paper to make a paper template to cut around.
Next I cut out the fabric, stitched and overlocked the centre front seam and the centre back seam, and then sewed the front and back pieces together at the crotch.
Then I decided it absolutely needed bright orange edging. So I bpught orange bias binding for £2 and sewed to the leg pieces as shown. Then I sewed together the two sides.
After this I needed to make the waist band. I only had enough of the skirt fabric to use for the front of the waist band so used a grey piece for the inside. I stitched theses to the shorts and then inserted a wide piece of elastic. Finally I sewed over the elastic in bright orange (partly to make it a feature and partly because I forgot to change the thread on my sewing machine!). Sewing over also stop the elastic from twisting inside the channel, you just have to stretch the elastic tight as you sew.
And they are finished. I absolutely love them……truly I think they’re my favourite! :)

A limited supply of back patches coming soon! I’m going to try and offer more patches this year 🌿 #sovrin #darkfashion #skull #vultureculture #vultureculturefashion #occult #occultfashion #nature #rune #dagaz #fern #pines #roots #eco #ecofashion #etsy #supportartists #wolfskull #skull #osteology

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Shop update Wednesday 1.6.16 at 6pm CST will be releasing some limited run pieces. Including this hand dyed and printed cardigan. Printed with Eco friendly ink, cardigan made from an Eco friendly/Eco modal fabric. USA made/sweatshop free. #sovrin #darkfashion #occultfashion #occult #cardigan #etsy #supportartists #supporthandmade #skull #skeleton #creatureskeleton #fashion #ethicalfashion #ecofashion

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