‘The windscreen phenomenon’ - why your car is no longer covered in dead insects
Wildlife experts have been warning about the alarming decline in insects for decades.

An amateur German group called the Krefeld Entomological Society has been monitoring insect numbers at 100 nature reserves in Western Europe since the 1980s. Although there were the annual fluctuations they discovered that by 2013 numbers began to plummet by nearly 80 per cent.

Experts mostly blame intensive agriculture and the use of pesticides over the past 50 years.

Since 2006, beekeepers in Britain have lost about a third of their managed bee colonies each year largely due to the loss of flower-rich grassland which has declined by 97 per cent from the 1930s, and the increased use of insecticides on crops.

“This is part of the wholesale loss of small animals in recent decades.  The public know about bees and butterflies, but these are just the tips of the iceberg.  Moths, hoverflies, wasps, beetles and many other groups are now sparse where once they were abundant.”

Imagine being Rafael’s Boss (Part Three)

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Part One Here 

Part Two Here

Imagine being Rafael’s Boss (Part Three)

“Your honour, may I say something?” you said, standing up and walking down the isle towards her honours desk.

“District Attorney Y/L/N, please proceed.” she returned, slightly surprised by your sudden presence but allowed you to continue.

You strode until you reached in between councils desks. Looking directly at her honour, not looking at anyone else, especially not Rafael.

“On behalf of the DA’s office, I’d like to request the all charges against the defendant, Mr Whitingham, be dropped and for his immediate release. I’d like to apologise to both the court and to Mr Whitingham for wasting everyone’s time and any inconvenience caused. We extend our sincerest apologies.” you requested, commanding the attention of the whole courtroom.

“Why isn’t ADA Barba, making this request?” Defence Council suddenly questioned broadly to the court, you couldn’t remember his name.  

“ADA Rafael Barba has been taken off the case,” you informed, still not looking directly in his direction but tiring your head towards it, “Effective immediately. “

“I’m assuming Defence Council has no objections?” her honour questioned.

“None your Honour.” he agreed.

“Case dismissed. The defendant is free to leave. Court is now in recess” the said, the sound of the gavel echoing through the room as she got up and left.

The whole court suddenly started piling out. As you turned to leave yourself, you caught the confused and surprised eye of Rafael Barba. You ignored him for the most part. You shot him an intense glare as he remained in your eye-line as you began to walk out yourself. His expression was one of shock,horror, confusion…anger. That made two of you. You ignored it as you did him as you marched out the courtroom.

It was done.

The corridor was bustling. And you let out a sigh. You weren’t happy about what you had just done but it needed to happen. You never liked exerting your authority over your ADAs. Everything worked better when you treated them equals and your subordinates. On the rare occasions you did have to show dominance, you made sure they weren’t ever to question it again.  You had a meeting with the Mayor in an hour,so you were about to head to it. Just another thing you had to chuck off your list as well as what happened in court just then.

You were about to make a move when somebody suddenly grabbed your arm, you turned around defensively. Rafael was standing there, his face mirroring the one you had observed in court. You were slightly surprised. You knew that he would confront you about your actions in there but you had expected him to wait until you go back to the office. He must be angrier about it than you had originally suspected. Then again after what he did, you weren’t that surprised. You didn’t have any expectations of him. Nothing he did was a surprise anymore.

It was like you didn’t know him at all.

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What's pan-africanist? Did I spell that right?

In a nutshell:

A Pan-Africanist is an African who embraces the Pan-African Ideology & Mission.

The Pan-African Ideology is one who acknowledges the historical, political, economic, and cultural ties of All Africans, on the African Continent and in the African Diaspora.

The Pan-African Mission is to formalize the historical, political, economic, and cultural ties between all Africans in order to liberate Africans who are under oppression, the sustainable management of African resources, and the deconstruction of Systems and Institutions of Oppression and Ecocide.

Activism & Awareness: A Reading List For The Holidays

It’s been a tough year, and many of us are trying to figure out where to go next. But education is essential before we take informed action, so do a deep dive into some of the issues we face in America with these books.


Guardians of life: The indigenous women fighting oil exploration in the Amazon
November 8, 2014

On Oct. 12, 2013, a group of nearly 300 women from seven indigenous nationalitiesmarched to Quito, Ecuador, arriving in the capital four days later with their children in their arms, the sharp angles of their faces — young and old — decorated with vegetable ink designs, covered in the same strength and determination with which they began their journey. They were marching to Quito to ask the central government to respect their ancestral lands, to refrain from exploiting the oil that lies beneath his Kawsak Sacha, aliving jungle. In November of that same year, a smaller delegation of women peacefully protested during the 11th Oil Licensing Round, an auction of 6 million acres of ancestral indigenous land for oil exploitation. The protests, however, turned sour when oil executive and politicians scolded protesters, and Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa subsequently demanded the closing of the NGO Fundación Pachamama and indicted 10 indigenous leaders on charges of terrorism.

While women have always played an active role in historic marches that marked the struggle for the rights of indigenous peoples in Ecuador, this was the first walk organized and led by women.

Felipe Jacome’s set of photos Amazon: Guardians of Life documents the struggles of indigenous women defending the Ecuadoran Amazon through portraits combined with the powerful written testimonies. The words across each photograph are a self-reflectionof the lives of women, their culture, history and traditions, and especially about the reasons for fighting oil drilling on their ancestral lands. The color designs framing eachportrait use the same natural dyes found in face paint to expand on the symbols and designs that reflect their personalities, courage and struggle.

  1. “My name is Alicia Mosco. If oil enters our territory, my kids and I — we’re going to die. We get sick, and there is no cure for us.”
  2. “My name is Nancy. We want to defend our lands, forests, rivers, mountains and trees where spirits live. We do not want to get hurt, so women have to go to defend the forest. The president does not value and does not know the forest and wants to destroy it. Our children know the life of our ancestors through conversations with elders, so they learn to love the jungle.”
  3. “My name is Jimena. As a Shiwiar woman, I love my country. To my nature, I love my animals, my monkey, my fish, my rivers, air that gives us life. For this reason, we do not want to exploit the oil in our territory.”
  4. “My name is Simona. This is our land. These drawings symbolize wealth that exists in the forest. This government has no conscience. Why do they mistreat us? Our community is not going to stop fighting, though we are the last to continue the fight standing strong.”


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What are your thoughts on our ancestor Frances Cress Welsing white genetic annihilation theory concept?

Well, TBH it doesn’t really hold up on it’s own.

Dr. FCW states that Whites are driven to dominate the world due to their inability to reproduce themselves with other Races, that their genetic inferiority is at the core of their Aggression, Colonization, Genocide, Dominance, and Oppression.

The problem is, we have some insights today that Dr. FCW didn’t have in the 70s when she was developing he “Keys to the Colors” Theory laid out in the “Isis Papers.” Those insights revolve around Global Warming, Ecocide, and Omnicide.

It don’t make sense that a people would take over the world to preserve their Genetic stock, their phenotype only to destroy the life sustaining capacity of the earth.  

Also, White subjected each other to the same treatment that they imposed on Asians, Africans, and Native Americas long before they boarded those rat infested ships to “discover” the New World.

When Whites arrived in the New (to them) World they were already masters at warfare, mass systematic rape, colonization, enslavement, etc. They were engaged in these actions even before they knew there was a threat of Genetic Annihilation from the non-White Majority. 

I read and I appreciate Dr. FWC contributions, but I think it’s time we expanded and refined her analysis.

I think her theories, along with her teacher and mentor Neely Fuller have their place, but they are not the total story.

I think William Bradley's “Iceman’s Inheritance,” and Dr. Bobby E. Wright’s, “Psychopathic Racial Personality” do the work of building on and improving FCW’s theories. 

[T]he question of what constitutes European modernity is a complicated story of genocide, slavery, ecocide, and, most strikingly, the production of a new world not just for those colonized and enslaved but for those engaged in the project of expansion as well. The New World moniker is not a sentimental or history-denying term, but it does reference the brutal realities of life in the Americas as the bedrock of European modernity and its satellite campuses like Canada. The Enlightenment’s naming and ordering of peoples, places, and things has bequeathed to us those namings and orders as the very terms through which it might be challenged. The Haitian revolution of 1791 took up liberty as its central rallying cry from the same French Revolution that sought to crush it. In our time we have become Black and Aboriginal, among other names we have been forced to take on, and internalized them out of the very cartographies of Europe’s global expansion since the fifteenth century. It is indeed these names that only partially make sense in the logics of, and appeals to, the invented genres of European Man that apologies are meant to assuage. The question we are often faced with is: how are we to make other conceptions of being human and of traversing the globe appear? What intellectual, political, and cultural—not to mention economical—space do different conceptions of human life have to offer our present globalized, networked humanity?

In my view the politics of reconciliation throws these questions up without offering answers. The politics of reconciliation ask us to come into the apology as the people Europe invented, not as people we once were. And one cannot be romantic about a past, given that how history has intervened to be a part of the conversation often means one must in some way work with Europe’s violently profound re-ordering of the globe and the peoples within. Thus, one is often left asking: what is being reconciled, with whom, and to what?

Reconciliation suggests a past action. It suggests that some wrongdoing has been done for which the possibility of forgiveness is an act of coming together again. Reconciliation suggests a significant rupture of some kind has occurred. Above I have suggested that European colonial expansion from the fifteenth century onwards produced a rupture in the Americas, which in part produced the settler colonial nation-state of Canada, which also produced new states of/for being indigenous peoples and belatedly African peoples. Those kinds of collective namings—Indigenous, African, Indian, Asian, and even European—are the cataloguing evidence of the historical rupture for which European Man comes to overrepresent itself
as if it was indeed Man. As Paul Gilroy suggests, the “[b]lood–saturated histories of colonisation and conquest are rarely allowed to disrupt that triumphalist tale,” and one that apologies and the politics of reconciliation attempt to make invisible in the contemporary moment. Thus reconciliation also suggests a certain kind of suturing is possible in the aftermath of the brutalities that makes it a necessary response in the first place. But what reconciliation does not appear to do is dismantle the institutional basis of the present arrangements of human life. Reconciliation does not ask us to rethink where we are; it asks us to accept the present as an accumulation of injuries for which apologies must suffice as the entry into the flawed ecocidal, genocidal, anti-human, late-modern world still premised on Europe’s partial conception of the human as the only option for being human in this world. Reconciliation might provide us a view towards new and, or more, hopeful human relations, but it does not allow us to seriously grapple with the brutalities that have brought us together in these new geo-political zones and their multiple disadvantaged relations of Europe’s invented Others. 

“Into the Ranks of Man: Vicious Modernism and the Politics of Reconciliation”, Rinaldo Walcott

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Comrade Diallo, Why are white folk so psychopathic? Seriously what is wrong with these people? I can't understand this shit. There's levels to how deranged these whites are. These folk past and present create volumes of material showing each and every time they engage in violent mindless acts how they enjoy that shit yet seriously claim that Blacks are responsible for all social ills, are genetically inferior and have low iq? Are these people really this crazy and dumb or are they pretending?

Short Answer:
I don’t fucking know, I wish I did, but it baffles me too.

Lone Answer:

There are several White Scholars, Psychologist, Anthropologist, Scientist, and Philosophers that offer insight in to this issue of Intrinsic White Psychopathology and Hyper-Aggression that has brought Racism, Global White Domination, Ecocide, and Omnicie to the world’s inhabitants and ecosystems, but they know better than we do how dangerous it can be to penetrate this issue.  At best it’s career and professional suicide, at worst, it’s literal suicide to bring this issue to surface. Whites ranging from Sigmund Freud, to Thom Hartmann, to Derrick Jensen have all touched on this issue, but they were wise enough to dilute it and not take it head on in their writings. The anthropologist Michael Bradely took it head on and has worked in relative obscurity every since his ‘Iceman’s Inheritance’ was published. 

It’s taboo to study White folks cuz they are perfection, they are the model for humanity, the standard for what is correct and civilized; at least that’s what they have imposed on humanity, and they will Bomb you to the Stone-age if you disagree with them. 

There have been better know African Scholars who also addressed this issue, and they’d been dismissed.  It’s easier to simply dismiss Black research into White Psychopathology than it is to dismiss White (men’s) research and analysis; but Dr. Bobby E. Wright was called before an academic panel and almost lost his job and credentials for presenting his analysis on the Psychopathic Racial Personality & it the resulting Mentacide of Africans. 

Now, there are 2 dominate schools of thought on this issue: 
1. The Climate/Evolution Theory
2. The Genetic Annihilation Theory. 

(Note: These might not be the most dominate schools of thought, but they are the two most familiar to me, so let me not be so arrogant. LOL!)

The Evolutionary is that Whites are the only Race that evolved in a frigid or arctic climate (other arctic Races evolved in more Mediterranean, Sub-Tropical or Tropical climates and later migrated to the arctic; like the Inuits).  Being trapped in such a land for so long not only altered the White phenotype but their fundamental psychology and outlook (their Asili, as Dr. Marimba Ani would call it).  Driving them to perpetual war and conquest, of each other, of other Races, of nature and life it’s self; Jensen called this the Western Death Urge.

The Genetic Annihilation view argues that conscious and subconscious the White Races knows that it’s a Global Minority and that they cannot reproduce themselves with other Races, so if the Races are allowed to coexist as equals the White Race will be Genetically Annihilated within a few Generations, being absorbed by what ever non-White Race and Racial Phenotype they are closet too.  So, it’s argued that White behave the way they do to sustain inequality and domination between the Race to limit our spread and reproductive capacity, thus ensuring that there will always be White people, a White Race and Phenotype on their earth, and if they are to be absorbed by other Races they will destroy the earthy rather than have the “lesser-Races” take it over; some ole “if I can’t have it no one can-” type of mentality.

My conclusion is that both of these, and others have their song points and weaknesses, but I’m more focused on destroying their capacity for Genocidal and Racist Aggression than I am on pinpointing it’s origins.  After earth’s people and ecosystems are safe and secured we’ll have all this time in the world to figure out the true origins of the Plague of Whiteness and Western Culture. 

I’m working on a recommended reading list for my website; it’ will be up in a week or so, I’ll include a list of text and authors that deal with this subject. : #BroDiallo : #AWO

“The White American and the worldwide European ruling classes in general, refuse to accept and repent of their historical and contemporary theft of the lands, resources, and taking of the lives of their own and other peoples; their enslavement, serfdom and peonage of their own and African peoples; their colonization and rapacious exploitation of virtually all non-White peoples; their eradication of whole ethnocultural groups, their mass murder of millions of persons; their scandalization and assassination of the character of African peoples; their destruction of many of the Earth’s streams, rivers, lakes, seas and ocean (ecocide); the raping and wasting of its natural treasures; their loosening of incurable diseases on vulnerable populations; their development and use of weapons of mass destruction; their assassination of national leaders, overthrow of duly elected governments and other intrigues against legitimate organizations; their warmongering and dissemination of murderous arms among nations for profit and political advantage; their addicting of whole populations to self-destructive habits, appetites and drugs; their falsification of the consciousness of the Earth’s peoples, and numerous other heinous crimes against Man and Nature. Because of their need to deny their long criminal history and contemporaneous criminality, their refusal to recognize that they pose the gravest danger to every type of life on Earth, and their need to divert theirs and the world’s attention away from the facts listed above, the White American and European communities must compulsively project the alleged criminal activities in the Black community as representing the greatest danger to American society and European civilization. This White American and European projective twist of reality is designed to have the world forget that when this world is cataclysmically destroyed, it will not be caused by drug dealers, petty thieves, muggers, Black-on-Black criminals, but will be executed by White, patriotic, highly educated and civilized scientists, law-abiding citizen soldiers, as well as cultured, well-mannered and well-behaved diplomats.”


Amos Wilson

Taken from “Black-on-Black Violence: The Psychodynamics Of Black Self-Annihilation In Service Of White Domination” (pages 61-62).

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This is a spray plane
chemtrails july 15, no contrails. angebliches Treibstoff ablassen einer Thai Airways Maschine über Österreich. Die Differenz zwischen Start und Landegewicht:...

I thought jet exhaust came out of engines, NOT wingtips?! Oops. Chemtrails Proof
#feministslives: Why feminists hate debating anti-feminists - @caitoz/ @theinquisitr
Debate culture is futile. Feminists have stopped trying to convince anti-feminists that their experience is true, and are instead looking for collaboration.

(Yes, you’re the devil’s advocate, you’re “just sayin’”, you “just want to understand”, you “just think that…” etc. etc. and that’s you on a good day. But this is MY LIFE you’re batting around, friend. This is my daily, consuming lived experience.) 


Feminists want collaboration. Deep down, I think that’s what pretty much all of us want. The masculine, competitive beat-you-up-and-dominate-you approach to culture hasn’t been kind to women over the millennia, and that’s the entire approach the pernicious debate culture that sprouts up all over online forums depends upon. Competition is what all the sickest aspects of the patriarchy are built on; war, greed, socioeconomic hierarchy, ecocide, all of these things are about stomping out competition, whether it’s enemies on the battlefield, competitors in the market, or the natural world needing to be conquered and subjugated, all society’s greatest ills can be traced back to its patriarchal bias toward competition over collaboration.

Men, we want your curiosity, not your combativeness. We want you to understand the way we see our predicament, not explain to us how our perspective is wrong. By engaging us from a desire to out-debate us, outwit us, and beat us into submission, you’re already starting the interaction off on the wrong foot.

This is subtle stuff we’re dealing with here. Female subjugation is to our culture as water is to fish; it’s so pervasive and ubiquitous that it’s almost impossible to see unless you know what you’re looking for. But it’s there. And we can’t show you it’s there if you’re leaning back demanding that we somehow debate you into seeing it; it doesn’t work that way. We need to take you by the hand, walk you through it, we need you leaned-in and open-hearted, not pulled back and critical, otherwise you won’t be able to come to these subtle understandings we’ve spent the entire history of feminism trying to figure out ourselves.

No one can debate you into understanding their point of view. It will never happen, and I think we all know that, if we’re honest with ourselves. All we can really do is keep extending the invitation for you to give us your sustained curiosity, and hope that you accept that invitation someday. Until then, you can hold out in your unassailable “debate us or be wrong” fortresses for as long as you’re determined to.

Today’s Slaves Often Work For Enterprises That Destroy The Environment

Kevin Bales, author of Blood and Earth, spoke to Fresh Air’s Dave Davies about the connection between modern slavery and environmental damage: 

“This whole book for me is about exploring and illuminating that relationship between slavery, environmental destruction and climate change. … I was amazed to discover the role that slavery plays in CO2 emissions and in the simple and basic fact of how global warming takes place. …

When we calculated up, very conservatively, how much CO2 is coming from slavery, it worked out like this: That if slavery were a country it would have the population of Canada, but it would be the third largest emitter of CO2 after China and the United States. …

I can point to … the gigantic mangrove forests at the bottom of Bangladesh, India, Thailand and Burma, that’s called the Sundarbans forest, and it’s the largest carbon sink in Asia, in other words, a place where carbon is taken out of the air and sequestered by the trees, both into the sea and into the trees themselves, so this is a very important forest for removing atmospheric carbon. This is also a place where slaveholders are using slaves to clear cut these mangrove forests, to put in shrimp farms, to put in rice patties, to burn the wood, to do a lot of different things with it, but it’s almost all slave-based deforestation.”

Photo: A child gold miner in Watsa, northeastern Congo. 2004
Marcus Bleasdale courtesy of National Geographic