Behind The Scene - L'écocentre!

Dans ma capsule 07, je ne vous avais pas menti! J’ai bel et bien commencé ma journée avec un café…vous aurez deviné, Starbuck! Délicieux comme café! Un classique.

Ensuite, direction l’écocentre! Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas, c’est un endroit où tu peux aller te débarrasser de tes vieux meubles, appareils électroniques, ordinateurs, etc. C’est VRAIMENT pratique comme endroit puis mes amis Mitch et Sarah étaient absolument contents d’avoir enfin plus de place dans leur petit nid d’amours! Raison de plus, tu as l’air vraiment mâle au volant d’un camion.

Il y en a plusieurs au Québec, alors selon votre région, vous pourrez vous aussi avoir l’air d’un mâle ou si vous êtes une fille, prendre les photos des mâles.

C’est comme un 2 dans 1 en même temps. Tu n’as pas le temps de t’entrainer. Tu es vraiment frustré de la vie? Ton chat a grafigné ton divan? Garoche le au bout de tes bras!

Je vous encourage à visiter l’écocentre le plus près de chez vous pour votre grand plaisir et également celui de l’espace que vous allez gagner chez vous! J’ai bien trop de fun moi là. Un peu de repos s’est mérité!

Living The Good Life

As time goes on, more of us are thinking about recycling and how to be more eco-friendly. Unfortunately, in the past, the aesthetic appeal let it down slightly. But, now as we are all much more aware of our environment we want to protect it. And now there are many designers who have created so many beautiful things for you to bring into your own home. One of these designers is Oliver Heath who helps with lighting, colour and structural changes to make a home more sustainable. He is a trusted expert, and has appeared on TV and as well as being the author of some fantastic design books such as ‘Urban Eco Chic’ and ‘Home Book’.

There is also a brilliant site called EcoCentric that offers many different home decoration, accessories and homewares that are all organic and at an affordable price. 

There are so many novel and unique items that are available now: 


Some really sweet place matts and coasters from Nestify Online designed by Rani Deshpande. They are made from paper, and once they have been used they can be planted to produce some beautiful wildflowers in your garden!

These are the wonderful Liqui Baglights with different prints on them that lets a warm light glow through. They also use energy saving bulbs. These bags are also on sale at Lluster (yet another link to their fab site!). Grab one while you can!

I’ve also found a brilliant site, E-side that sell all sorts of furniture and homewares that have been recycled and are eco-friendly. They are all made to a high standard and are lovely and would look great in any home. I hope these new interior design wants will become musts for every newly built home, and we will all live a much cleaner life style!

I hate my birthday, I hate being disappointed, I hate my ex boyfriend, I hate that california has less than a years supply of water, I hate that I can cram Greek history but not roman history.

I hate my professor for con bio I think he’s dangerous. Definitely on the radical side of the environmental spectrum. Like not a green peace ecocentric way, but in a fucked up egocentric way - “let’s euthanize any sentiment animals that don’t serve humans ecosystem services”. Piece of shit man used to run COSEWIC what the hell happened.

Angry but still taking idiotic self indulged selfies.

My friend tried to tell me chimpanzees weren’t strange and contradictory like humans and that this generation doesn’t believe in respect anymore despite it’s socialization.

We may not have the same respect for authority after media transparency, but we’re still hanging on to our bullshit respectability politics.

Chimps have mothers who cared for and protected them, but they throw feces, steal alcohol, and are jealous manipulative little demons just like us. Plus, they have penis spines.
When you think humans are responsible for all the world’s evil, remember animals are dirty murders and rapists just look at giraffe, dolphin, or duck behavior; hell, even ants have war and slavery. Don’t even get me started on the ethics behind brood parasitism. Just be glad none of those shitty animals are in charge.

Lololol reading the stuff I wrote during my Literary Peak at Lake Forest and
1. Yo I used to be somewhat decent at stringing sentences together
2. I forgot how in love I was with the creative writing class and French classes that I took
3. Almost everything has a very ecocentric undertone and I’m very proud of my eighteen year old self for it, as this was the point tha I really started feeling those thoughts germinate
(I miss English and French and writing so so so so so much.)

Week of March 1st

“Extinct” Bird Rediscovered in Myanmar, Surprising Scientists

Dell’Amore, Christine. “‘Extinct’ Bird Rediscovered in Myanmar, Surprising Scientists.” National Geographic. National Geographic Society, 05 Mar. 2015. Web. 05 Mar. 2015.

A team led by the Wildlife Conservation Society recently discovered a bird that has thought to be extinct since 1941, called the Jerdon’s babbler. The article highlights reasons for the possible extinction as the area has been transformed from a grassland to a human dominated farmland. It also details how scientists have rediscovered plenty of species thought to be extinct, such as Worcester’s buttonquail.

I chose this article as it connects to our topic of Conservation and Biodiversity. Once the species had been rediscovered, scientists immediately began looking for solutions to conserve the species, such as looking for its current habitat. An ecocentric would look at this article and find proof that the best thing humans can do for the environment is to have a hands off approach to the environment. After all, it was human interference which caused the bird to go “extinct” in the first place.