Pisces Sun

The Sun Series 

Being the last sign and carrying every part of the other 11 signs, it’s probably one of the most abstract and enchanting sun signs. A Pisces sign is a night force (feminine energy), mutable sign, and water sign. They’re very intuitive, understanding, dreamy, and sensitive. They can be very idealistic and probably the most interesting sun sign. We all know how Pluto is the heaviest planet but I believe Pisces also has the most karmic lesson to go through. They’re ruled by the illusive yet dreamy Neptune. Neptune stands for dreams, illusions, confusion, fantasies, and even inspiration. The one thing I absolutely want to talk about is how heavy influenced Pisces is, and the beauty of them (something that needs to let people cut them some slack).

Pisceans probably have a lot to face just like a Scorpio because in my opinion Neptune is just as hard to deal with as Pluto, but here’s my reasoning as to why. In ecocentric astrology, they’re ruled by Pluto. In a way Pluto assist them but it can even add more weight to them. Scorpio has Mars to help them with Pluto, but if Pisces has Pluto to help them with Neptune… I think it says a lot. “Exoteric ruler, considered to be the pure outer expression of the signs characteristics, it also has an esoteric ruler which bestows the spiritual support for the Life Force/Personality.”

It’s because of this that many of these individuals can have escapism methods and tend to drift the wrong way. That’s how Scorpio moons do as well, but this isn’t about Scorpio, it’s about Pisces. They tend to find an escapism route regardless if it’s art, daydreaming, or/and a hobby. Or someplace on the darker side such as drugs, drinking, or/and much more. It’s because of this that many Pisceans you meet seem very guarded and perplexing. These individuals will try to see the best in the world with their innocent, newborn but mysterious eyes. Just like a newborn, they see no evil or bad. They will accept you regardless but once they become hurt and taken advantage of too much, their walls build up. They soon resort to their emotions being tied inside and protecting themselves from the ugliness in the world, but it keeps surprising them at every corner they turn; there’s no escape. 

Described as “manipulative, rude, cunning, and not sweet,” It’s really their own defensive mechanism. Lets face the hypocritism though, each sign has their own defense mechanisms and faults. Yet, this is the one sign willing to love other’s faults despite being aware of what they are. They do it, when very few do.

They tend to look closed off or, not as innocent, because they have their emotions and sweetness repressed after it being beaten down so much. As much as Pisceans daydream and get lost, they’re very intuitive and smart when focused. They notice everything and can actually be very determined than most would assume, I’ve seen Pisceans leave earth signs in the dust. When they snap out and get in touch with the harshness of the reality, they move mountains. Either with pure determination or that striking behavior that can shock people, Pisceans are sweet people but they can shock you. As Naive as they can be, they’re sharp. For instance one sign a Scorpio can’t manipulate, is them. Pisceans do have a hidden strong-will and need to be courage to use it then be criticized. 

Much like Capricorns, they actually can be prone to depression, or maybe moving and a visionary, and that’s why they crave that love and happiness. They often give and give that they get tired to the point where they build a wall or leave because they feel unappreciated. They’re very loving, affectionate, and generous towards friends. As charming too, making them much liked. They don’t like to feel vulnerable or under stress. Feeling confined, or like “a fish out of water,” isn’t the best feeling for them. They’re very creative though and romantics at heart. 

Yet as much as they can love, they can leave as quickly too. Most of this is the fear of feeling vulnerable when they’re aware of the possibility they can be taken advantage of. More than likely, they’ll stick around when they shouldn’t; even when they don’t deserve you. They will constantly give chances left and right, they’ll love you when no one else wants to, they’ll save you when everyone is scared too. They’re the bravest and strongest in love, because they’ll see the beauty in you and stand by when your closest friend won’t. They’ll go through darkness when everyone runs from it because in their hearts, they feel like they can find something. Something good. It’s sad because no one cares when they stick around and are taken granted for, but are given crap when they leave. Granted these individuals may run from their own reality when they shouldn’t, they really don’t mean to cause pain to others and knock down others in the process.

They’re a mutable sign as well, making them flexible to change. Much like water, they take form to their surroundings and just like water, they’re very healing. Especially towards friends, as they’re self sacrificing. They’ll suffer and suffer for you or with you, just to help heal you. As they’re easy going for the most part but the one thing they cant stand is having their fantasy ripped away from them; it’s their home. Their comfort. They wear rose-tinted glasses and are probably really misunderstood, they’re also hard to pin point because they are constantly changing and discovering themselves.

Pisceans are sirens but the innocent kind, they may seem alarming with their mysterious eyes and alluring gaze. They look right through your soul and in it, and despite what others will run from, they’ll smile and love you. They aren’t the bad sirens either, when they have you and drag you in the water, they heal you. They cleanse you but it’s only if your lucky to get close enough with one whose been hurt too much. Sometimes the people who heal your scars, are the ones who you leave scars on. No matter how much you’re aware they’re sitting right next to you in reality, they’re not. They live in an world possibly too beautiful, too pure, that you and I may not even deserve to get a glimpse of. 

Yes, some can be manipulative, Some need to stop escaping. Some need a taste of reality. Some can be bad, but not all. For the ones that do, they need to evolve and grow, they need to go through their own karmic lesson because they get every sign as they carry every part in them. They need to go through the karmic lessons of Pisces (Neptune). Not another sign but their own. They rule the 12th house, a house no one gets, where everything feels like a secret. They need to discover themselves in that way. They need to tap into their strong-will selfishly, not selflessly~


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Weekend reading

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