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Episode #10

I will not comment on this episode… which is actually a paradox… pretty much like the one with the cretans and the liars by Epimenides, who happened to have something to say about moderation in life, by the way…
and herewith I just blew up my own rendering of the famous paradox… 

Ideas from post-Apocaliptic California

So me and Seiya (Mod S from Transcendence AU) were talking about the aftermath of Dipper’s little spat (lol) with the other demon and the subsequent destruction of California, maybe you find this interesting, maybe not, just thought to share it with you on Seiya’s suggestion:


Also I have some interesting hc about what happens in California post disaster

[13/05/2015 23:34:07] Seiya: Ohhh?

[13/05/2015 23:34:27] Seiya: Out walking rn so I’m in and out but go on?!?! :)

[13/05/2015 23:35:30] Mayordomogoliat: Well with most of California underwater or literally torn asunder

[13/05/2015 23:35:58] Mayordomogoliat: This leaves survivors on an archipelago of wreckage along the entire west coast

[13/05/2015 23:36:12] Mayordomogoliat: with the new official west coast being … the rockies?

[13/05/2015 23:36:21] Mayordomogoliat: Not that good with American geography

[13/05/2015 23:37:55] Mayordomogoliat: Also might mean that now Vegas is beachside property?

[13/05/2015 23:38:00] Mayordomogoliat: Wow

[13/05/2015 23:38:07] Mayordomogoliat: That’s amazing

[13/05/2015 23:38:11] Mayordomogoliat: Anyway

[13/05/2015 23:38:38] Mayordomogoliat: with small numbers of survivors to what was basically the biggest tossup of magical energies in the region since the Transcendence itself

[13/05/2015 23:38:52] Mayordomogoliat: some of those energies have to get wedged into the landscape itself

[13/05/2015 23:39:04] Mayordomogoliat: And in the face of disaster people do strange things

[13/05/2015 23:39:31] Seiya: CHIN HANDS

[13/05/2015 23:40:31] Mayordomogoliat: And thus I come to the creation of a society of Magic users who use their talents in trying to reclaim land from the sea

[13/05/2015 23:40:51] Mayordomogoliat: Mainly via elemental manipulation

[13/05/2015 23:41:44] Mayordomogoliat: So we have a Magic Cult appearing from the ashes of disaster

[13/05/2015 23:42:32] Mayordomogoliat: Along with the survivors who are probably desperate and fairly isolated by this point

[13/05/2015 23:43:24] Mayordomogoliat: New small societies form along the islands that are formed

[13/05/2015 23:43:43] Mayordomogoliat: Mainly by scavenging from the remains of the larger submerged cities

[13/05/2015 23:44:23] Mayordomogoliat: And after the USA officially declares the dissolution of the state of California

[13/05/2015 23:44:50] Mayordomogoliat: (cause they’re too busy with other stuff to worry about all the people they’ve left stranded)

[13/05/2015 23:45:35] Seiya: EEEEE

[13/05/2015 23:45:39] Mayordomogoliat: We’re just left with this basically lawless Archipelago of ruins, elemental magic users and with a high level of left over magic from the disaster

[13/05/2015 23:46:22] Mayordomogoliat: And since tech development in the West Coast used to be mainly created in that area

[13/05/2015 23:46:47] Mayordomogoliat: there’s a lot of old magitech devices that were never put into mass production or distributed

[13/05/2015 23:47:40] Mayordomogoliat: ((One idea was having the New California Archipelago be the only place to have a Magiorb 2.0

[13/05/2015 23:47:58] Mayordomogoliat: ((but they’re rare and nobody’s figured out the schematics

[13/05/2015 23:48:24] Mayordomogoliat: ((but for some reason they absorbed a lot of energy during the Storm

[13/05/2015 23:48:53] Mayordomogoliat: Everybody still has the original version of the Magiorb it was opensource

[13/05/2015 23:49:03] Mayordomogoliat: this was going to be a more powerful commercial version

[13/05/2015 23:49:25] Mayordomogoliat: ((also Mercury/Iris creator of the magiorb dies?

[13/05/2015 23:49:33] Mayordomogoliat: ((maybe

[13/05/2015 23:49:35] Mayordomogoliat: ((not sure

[13/05/2015 23:50:25] Mayordomogoliat: Thus in such a Magically affected society you’d of course have your anti-magic societies and such

[13/05/2015 23:51:05] Mayordomogoliat: Also maybe water based magic folk trying to move into the prime real estate that opened up

[13/05/2015 23:51:09] Mayordomogoliat: Crab people

[13/05/2015 23:51:16] Mayordomogoliat: The Crab People are here

[13/05/2015 23:51:56] Mayordomogoliat: And the Cephalopod monster followed them

[13/05/2015 23:53:34] Mayordomogoliat: But humans have tools and are stubborn about property rights

[13/05/2015 23:54:09] Mayordomogoliat: An entire region transformed

[13/05/2015 23:54:31] Mayordomogoliat: An entire continent’s ecobalance changed

[13/05/2015 23:54:45] Seiya: Which gotta say can’t quite blame them there

[13/05/2015 23:55:01] Mayordomogoliat: Probable appearance of some government called New California Republic or something

[13/05/2015 23:55:12] Mayordomogoliat: or the Californian Island Federation

[13/05/2015 23:55:51] Seiya: Excellent

[13/05/2015 23:56:23] Mayordomogoliat: It’s basically a fairly shallow archipelago protected on it’s borders by the remnants of california

[13/05/2015 23:56:36] Mayordomogoliat: You understand what I’m picturing?

[13/05/2015 23:57:35] Mayordomogoliat: a type of broken up outline of what used to be California with holes which let water in and the rest sunk into the ground and with islands all over

[13/05/2015 23:57:49] Mayordomogoliat: and with a lot of debris around the old large cities

[13/05/2015 23:57:59] Seiya: YES

[13/05/2015 23:58:12] Seiya: almost like a bigger Hawaii but with more islands and closer together

[13/05/2015 23:58:24] Mayordomogoliat: Ever seen the Maldives?

[13/05/2015 23:58:27] Mayordomogoliat: kinda like that

[13/05/2015 23:58:50] Seiya: Gotcha

[13/05/2015 23:59:11] Mayordomogoliat: Only more coastal storm breaker formations

[13/05/2015 23:59:35] Mayordomogoliat: And the remnants of magical artifacts under water

[13/05/2015 23:59:43] Mayordomogoliat: Modern Magical Artifacts

[00:00:10] Mayordomogoliat: Imagine the Treasure Hunters in latter years

[00:01:31] Mayordomogoliat: An entire Gold Rush for artifacts


Also I finally figured out how to call the Magic Cult, the Reclaimers or the Reclaimant Circle, something like that.

Hope you like it.