• Shiro: We’re here to stop the senseless slaughter of this planet’s inhabitants!
  • Zarkon: 92.
  • Shiro: This has gone on for too long, and now you’re going to pay!
  • Zarkon: 355.
  • Shiro: We are… We… What are you?
  • Zarkon: No. Go on. Continue. Don’t mind me.
  • Shiro: And… we are the ones who will stop you!
  • Zarkon: Oh, wow. 419.
  • Shiro: That’s it! What the hell are you doing?
  • Zarkon: Oh, sorry. It’s a little hobby of mine. I hear these heroic speeches so wearily often. So I started keeping a mental list of how often I hear certain lines.
  • Shiro: You… You insane bastard!
  • Zarkon: 190.
  • Shiro: Yeah? Well, uh… we’re going to… FUCK YOUR FACE!
  • Zarkon: Oh, oh, my! 12.
  • Keith: Hi, Lance. What are you doing?
  • Lance: I’m writing a letter to my parents.
  • Keith: Oh. Your parents? Well, isn’t that nice. It’s just so nice that you stay in touch with your parents. Your nice, living progenitors who love you, and can talk to you! How does it feel, Lance? How does it feel to receive correspondence from the people who brought you into existence? Does it feel nice? I bet it feels nice!
  • Lance: Well… I guess I like it when my parents…
  • Keith: It’s also nice to afford things! I can afford things! Can you afford things?
  • Lance: …Not much.
  • Keith: (Whispers) I can afford happiness.
  • Lance: Do you want to spend Christmas at my house, Keith?
  • Keith: YES!

Scaling to 46 years, humans have been here 4 hours, the industrial revolution began 1 minute ago, and in that time we’ve destroyed more than half the world’s forests.

This is NOT Sustainable.                                                               

  • Shiro: What’s going on, Pidge?
  • Pidge: I’m assisting Coran with his repair of the drive core shielding.
  • Shiro: Oh. I should leave you to it then.
  • Pidge: We can talk if you like, Shiro. It is routine proced… Uh oh.
  • Shiro, panicked: What?! What happened?
  • Pidge: Nothing… unless you have strong feelings about gamma radiation.
  • Shiro: …Not funny, Pidge.
  • Pidge: I almost had you there.

Día 22 “Meditar” // Day 22 “Meditate"

30 Day OTP Challenge Poth

Después de que Goth cuidara a Palette, se van a pasear por un Au pensando que hacer para pasar el día, Llegan hasta Waterfallhg y se sientan a pensar. Goth comienza a reflexionar sobre todo lo que a pasado y comienza a preocuparse por su futuro // After Goth takes care of Palette, they are going to walk around an Au thinking what to do to spend the day, They come to Waterfallhg and sit down to think. Goth begins to reflect on everything that has happened and begins to worry about its future

Palette belong to @angexci and Gothy belong to @nekophy