What they don't tell you before you BC

As I’ve previously stated, I’ve had my share of BCs, just about 3, within the last 5 years. Along my journey, I’ve learned a lot on my own. Somethings I was warned about, others I truly had to learn on my own. I’m going to shed some light on some of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned. Understand that I do not rep #teamnatural or anything like that. I’m just a squirrel in a world trying my nut lol (I’ve always wanted to say that), but seriously I’m just finding what works for me. So I’m going to tell you all the secrets I wish I was warned of. 

1. Having natural hair is not less maintenance.

Sorry but that is a crock of shit. Washing my hair, thoroughly, deep conditioning and twisting my hair takes just about 4 hours. By the time it’s all over, my fingers are all pruney and my back hurts because of the arching as I twist the back of my head. Meanwhile, a perm took me about 2-3 hrs. A wash was about 1-1.5 hrs. Weaving takes me 2hrs. 

… oh, and don’t even talk about me about a wash and go. Type 4 hair does not like that shit. Maybe I were a type 3 but I’m type 4a/4b with ONE 3c curl in the back. 

2. Doing your hair will no longer be relaxing.

I’ve come to dread it. The arm aches. The time that could’ve gone to studying for Psych Statistic. The detangling. The single strand knots. It blows my happy sometimes. I was once the girl who got happy when I got a wash and set, perm, weave, whatever. Now that all that is replaced with me having to detangle and then twist my hair until my fingers are pruney and then some, I HATE DOING MY HAIR.

… oh, and twist outs?? They do not last no 3-4 days unless your hair is shoulder stretched out. Currently my hair is like 1.5 inches and my twist outs lasts 2 days. By day 3 my hair is not looking great point blank.

3. Eco styler gel flakes

These damn YouTube people talmbout how Eco Styler Gel doesn’t flake but when I scratch my scalp, I see flakes of gel on my desk. Perhaps I used too much gel? Well the more gel you use, the better your koils come out. So you just have to accept the flakes. 

.. my favorite though has to be between the clear one (it has no unnecessary dye) and the olive oil my hair responded really well to it.

4. Being natural is not cheaper. 

I spend more money now, trying to figure out what works for my hair in its natural state. I have wasted money on products that don’t mesh well with my hair. These products targeted for natural hair are more expensive than the simple items I used to use on my hair. 

5. You will miss your hair.

Some days you’ll be pissed that you even cut your hair off. There will be days you’ll want slap a relaxer on it and call it a day. Bringing to my last point…

6. You may come to realize this isn’t for you and that’s just fine.

If you ever feel like this isn’t for you, then its okay. This does not mean you don’t love yourself. It takes maturity to understand that you don’t have to follow a trend. You can just be you and do what works for you. This is not about being #teamnatural. It’s about finding your way to healthy hair. 

7. You can achieve healthy hair with a relaxer. 

I know of women who relax and have long healthy hair. Their hair is not thinned out due to the relaxers. So don’t feel like being natural is the only way to achieve healthy hair. 


REVIEW: EcoNatural Curling Cocktail 


Protective Style: Crown (Halo) Braid

My friend and co-worker wanted to try a crown (halo) braid on my hair, so I let her. I absolutely love it! She did such a great job. Before she braided my hair, I lightly finger detangled my hair with water, applied Karen Body Beautiful Sweet Abrosia leave in, and then sealed with my homemade shea butter mix. This will be my protective style for the week. I should also mention that she laid my edges for the gawds lol! She used Eco Styler Gel (the olive oil variety) to do so. There was some slight flaking and residue, but that is okay!

How the fuck do you lay your edges down!?!?

I’m tired of seeing Instagram hoes with their edges laid to the Gods talking bout “all I used was Eco styler gel and a toothbrush” BITCH YOU’RE LYING!! I try that shit and my edges go right back to looking like I hopped straight outta the boat with my ancestors! What edge control magic are these hoes keeping from me??


Eco Styler Krystal Strong Hold Gel is one of those legendary hair products. This is one of those products everyone and their mamma uses in the natural hair community. And if you aren’t, you’re using IC Fantasia gel. And if you’re not using or never tried either you’re probably one of those all natural, organic products only kinda natural.  

Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Not so great...

Sure, ecostyler gel has seem to won over many girls in the natural hair community so of course I felt like I had to try it out. Do I like it? Meh. It has a really good hold (which is great!) and it contains olive oil which is great for your hair + its very easy to apply. BUT, but the dry effect that it has on my hair is ridiculous. I didn’t expect much from a gel which is why I always refrained from using it, but even after applying moisurizer, leave in or whatnot to my hair BEFORE applying the eco styler gel, my hair always seemed dry and just…dry afterwards. Don’t get me wrong, its better than any other gel most likely but I had high expectations for it and it just doesn’t meet it at all. My curls were fine before i used eco styler gel, all I needed to do was twist up my hair before going to bed and it’ll be fine for the day. Eco styler gel does make my curls pop and it does hold my curls..but I hate feeling how hard, dry and lifeless my hair is after applying it.

Pros: Easy to apply, good hold, makes curls more visible. Oh & it smells nice

Cons: Dry hair, HARD hair & my hair feels stiff and lifeless

Would I try it again? probably at last resort but after this I sure will be trying other things before ever coming back to it. I give it a 3/5