REVIEW: EcoNatural Curling Cocktail 

The infamous Wash and Go.

(second day hair)^

This is probably my favourite style to wear my hair in for many reasons; it allows my to embrace my shrinkage, also allows me to wear big hair as the days go by, it takes me under 20 mins to achieve the initial style, I can wear it for up to 4 days, my curls be popping and it’s super cute!

After a co-wash or normally a general wash I follow these 4 simple steps to set my curls till the next wash.


I start off with 80% wet hair because it just gives me that extra slip and gives the products a chance to really soak into my hair. Once sectioned into 4, I begin with Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner to SMOOTH onto my hair. This conditioner is heaven sent. I use it for absolutely everything in my hair regimen, but for now it’s a leave in. I’ve noticed that if I don’t use this under a gel I get the crunchiest curls for days upon end. Which is a big no no. 

Smoothing begins the clumping of the curls, even though I do comb them out after. It also relieves some shed hairs which tangle up my ends leading to the dreaded fairy knots. Once I’m happy with that step I move onto sealing that moisture with an oil.

I couldn’t tell you what exactly is in that bottle because I constantly top it up with whatever oil tickles my fancy. Normally it consists of castor oil, sweet almond oil, extra virgin olive oil, rosemary oil (which I made myself), coconut oil, tea tree oil and vitamin e oil. But don’t hold me against that. I try not to overload my hair in oil on the first day as it’s something I tend to add daily. So a good squeeze of my trusted bottle is enough for me. I continue to seal my hair, focusing on my ends ready for the next step. DETANGLE.

Finger detangling is just amazing. I can really feel each hair and all the knots and tangles they’ve made. Taking my time to separate them with my fingers is something I can’t do with a comb. It can be time consuming but with good slip my fingers slide though like butter. Don’t get me confused with a natural nazi! I do use a wide tooth comb straight after just my make sure I’ve get every hair free. Once the detangling process is done I add my curl popping beauty; Pink Eco Styler. Most naturalitas go for the green one which I have used in the past but for curl styles I think the Pink Eco Styler gives me a softer hold and defines my curls much easier than the Olive Oil Eco Styler.

Slap it on. I always have a mini panic attack after I glob on the gel, thinking I’ve used too much when my thick fluffy hair turns into one sticky curl. That doesn’t stop me from adding more!  I don’t think I’ve ever used way too much gel. This gel really defines my curls so all that’s needed after applying is a good RAKE to separate the hair.

Months ago when I was using the Olive Oil Eco Styler to achieve wash and go curls I wasn’t really able to define them as I do now with just my fingers. I’d go though the process of detangling again with my Denman Brush after applying the gel,then twirling the hair with my fingers. Now I just RAKE and SHAKE.

That’s some hardcore shaking right thur’. Shaking just separates the curls naturally and relives some of the hold, because nobody wants crispy hair. That’s about all I do to style my hair. I’ll either leave it to air dry or I’ll go ahead and diffuse if I’m in a rush to leave the house.

Sorry about the mass of photos, but here’s a few more.




Eco Styler Krystal Strong Hold Gel is one of those legendary hair products. This is one of those products everyone and their mamma uses in the natural hair community. And if you aren’t, you’re using IC Fantasia gel. And if you’re not using or never tried either you’re probably one of those all natural, organic products only kinda natural.  

Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Not so great...

Sure, ecostyler gel has seem to won over many girls in the natural hair community so of course I felt like I had to try it out. Do I like it? Meh. It has a really good hold (which is great!) and it contains olive oil which is great for your hair + its very easy to apply. BUT, but the dry effect that it has on my hair is ridiculous. I didn’t expect much from a gel which is why I always refrained from using it, but even after applying moisurizer, leave in or whatnot to my hair BEFORE applying the eco styler gel, my hair always seemed dry and just…dry afterwards. Don’t get me wrong, its better than any other gel most likely but I had high expectations for it and it just doesn’t meet it at all. My curls were fine before i used eco styler gel, all I needed to do was twist up my hair before going to bed and it’ll be fine for the day. Eco styler gel does make my curls pop and it does hold my curls..but I hate feeling how hard, dry and lifeless my hair is after applying it.

Pros: Easy to apply, good hold, makes curls more visible. Oh & it smells nice

Cons: Dry hair, HARD hair & my hair feels stiff and lifeless

Would I try it again? probably at last resort but after this I sure will be trying other things before ever coming back to it. I give it a 3/5

Making my favoite Gel, 101 Followes and tons of thanks!

Hope everyone is well! I wanted to do a short post on a small DIY project that I did yesterday. Ever since I made the black soap shampoo (link here), I’ve been searching for things to do with the huge bag of xanthan gum that I have. Thanks to one of my favorite natural YouTubers, Roots4U45, I’ve cam up with something I love.

I’ve been using the Xanthan gum to make gel for months now, and I just love this stuff! It gives tons of hold, comparable to an Eco Styler gel, but is 100% Natural!!! The only downside to the gel is that it goes bad, which I think could be prevented if you just add a preservative. So far, I haven’t dabbled with the preservatives, and instead, just keep my gel in the fridge. I would say it lasts about 2 to 3 weeks before you start seeing visible mold growth. Overall, I love this stuff, and it’s so easy to make! Really you just need two ingredients: Xanthan gum, and H20!

All I did was add a bit of water to a container, and then sprinkle in a very leveled amount of xanthan gum.

After sprinkling it over the water, I used my grandma’s amazing manual beater to mix.

As I began mixing, lumps formed, but with more mixing, they just kind of dissipated. Overall, after about 10 minutes of mixing, all the lumps were gone.

The result was a clear, pretty thick gel. It drys quite fast and left my hair in place. It does give a really great hold, in my opinion, it’s comparable to the Olive Oil Eco Styler gel, in regards to hold. Oh, also, I add a few drops of the tea tree/lavender essencial oil in hopes of adding a bit of an “anti-oxidant” property. Also, the oil mix gives the gel a pleasent smell.

Finally here’s a pic of my hair, after using the gel, and tying my hair down with a scarf. Lol, I’ve lost all of my brushes, so I did this ponytail “brush-less.”

Also, I’d like to thank everyone who’s following my blog! I’ve now reached 101 followers, and will be doing another giveaway as a thank you. School is just giving me the blues now, but after Tuesday, I’ll be doing much better, and can post more consistently.