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So I’ve recently come to terms with how desperate I am to have a ‘green wall’, it brings so much freaking vibrancy and life into a space (smells nice too i bet)….one for the future I think…I’m not so sure how impressed the landlords would be with a vertical compost bag stuck to my Kitchen wall.


FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 1 | 6.3.16

wall planters: flora antler designs by ecodeer // black or white

rock a nontraditional antler wall mount with your favorite branches or blooms in these wood-and-glass vial double-vases by ecodeer. i’m in love.

I just thought of a cool HORROR /halloween inspired /creepy pasta short comic thing involving @therealjacksepticeye~☆ 8^D

Imagine Jack having Sam has his wandering floatig giant ghost eye thingie while jack is having the ability to controll eyes balls has his living puppets. He steals eyes from humans whenever he likes and use them has attacks and such.

The story could go something like this:

Sam, the eye belonged to a human long ago (age and years are yet unknown,) who was a living experiment for a insane doctor and teacher in biology of a university, who thought making human parts living, move and think of its own, even after the host bodies deaths. The doctor took Sam’s eyes while Sam screamed in pain that ecoed through the walls.  After 2 days Sam had died of very much bloodloss and pain, and the doctor had placed his eye’s in a glass container filled with strange green liquid, that was the source that would make the eyes live.  The liquid caused one of the eyes to grow bigger than usuall but the other one stayed the same sized. The eyes were “dead” for almost a month but the doctor kept on experimenting, until the eyes started reacting and move around. The doctor was now very delighted but even so, now he needed a new human experiment to test other human parts for this gren liquid. But he wanted to run some test both on the living human and the eyes at the same time. So he took in one of his students Sean,( nickname Jack) to have him work for him has his “assistant” and “test student” only for a month, so the doctor could both run test on Jack and the eyes whenever he needed. Jack accepted the job and was promised a payment after a the month had past. The job he was assinged to do was cleaning all the test tubes and rooms, that smelled of dead animals, yuck. Jack was  later “introduced” to the eyes of Sam and has he thought they looked super freaky and wierd he found them very much… He askes his teacher where they came from and the doctor lied to Jack and explained that the eyes came from a young dead patient a time ago. Jack was scared and thriller at the same time, and after all horror games he had played he was still quite scared. Jack noticed on day 3 that the eyes reacted to him while he spoke to himself ( or shouted hahah), he even thought they wer listning to him… he then started speaking to them every day has if it was a human being…..only that it lives  in a jar…..But Jack didnt seem to mind it and was getting used to the creepy green eyes that move around and followed his every move…. actually….he was happy, talking to someone who didnt have anything bad to say back, it was pretty nice Jack thought, so he kept on talking to Sam every day has the doctor had some blood tests on both of them. A month then had passed and the doctor had decided to take Jack’s both eyes and hands, to see If the same results ends like Sams. The doctor then told Jack to stay at the room with Sam so he could get his paycheck and leave….. or so he thought atleast… Jack waited along side with Sams the eyes and sighed deeply. He actually had some great time speaking  to a pair of monster green eyes and now the time was up, Jack would never be able to see Sam again and have a nice conversation…..or um….a conversation wich someone listens to you… But has he felt very sad there was one thing he thought he just needed to do before leaving this place,  something utterly nasty and probably creepy and disqusting has shit. He wanted to touch and lift up one of the eye balls…. Jack knew it probably will feel like a slime ball  ….But this is the last time that he might ever get the chance to see and lift up a pair of creepy green eyes again. This is his only chance! His last….Then he could brag about it for the other students on the campus! He took out his phone and placed it near the jar to prepare a picture of him touching the eyes, he opens the lid and slowly takes down one of his hands and has the giant green eye slowly takes up its eyeball bloodveins the moment they touch Jack shivers a bt by the nasty feeling ………..But then…………he gets a vision……NO. ……..a memory! Sams memory! When the doctor takes his eyeballs! The doctos face of a grinden psychopath has he slowly takes Sams eye one by one……. Jack gets so scared that he almost screa med his breath out! ……And then the doctor enter the rom. …with a saw in his hand….. Jack is too freaked out to even move an inch and has the doctor gets closer and closer the more Jack trembles and shakes. Jack could not scream or fall on the floor …he just stood there frozen in await of his death…..Jack then felt a strange thing crawl up on his shoulders and has he looked down he saw the tiny Sam eyeball looking into Jacks eyes. His breath stoppes for a moment until something from his other shoulder floated past him….. it was the Giant Sam eyeball….. looking straight at the doctor.  And has the doctor then in fear waves the Saw infront of the giant eyeball screaming and shouting at it, nothing helped, the eye almost resebled a snake ans moved has one to. Then Sam whips away the saw from the doctors hand with its long giant bloodveins making the doctor fakl on the floor scared. Then the other Sam eye crawls onto Jack’s face and place itself in the center of his forehead. Has It’s veins crawls under the skin Jacks eyes then turned white, but now he could move! He was not has scared has before…. or was he being controlled by Sam? Did Sam make him fearless? He didnt know himself but now he could give the revenge for Sam….. he then gets closer to the doctor and kneels down infront of him Jack then places both of his hands to the doctors eyes and strech out his fingers closer to the eyes has he then dig with his nails to carve out the eyeballs. The scared brown eyes was then in a second ripped out off from its owner has the doctor screamed in pain. Jack then smirked with delighted  and left the doctor to bleed to death. Now Jack and Sam steals eyes from people who lies and together with the persons soul they use the eyes has puppets and has some extra eyes to keep on a watching eye for memories, liers and betreyal . …. There will be no more secret for Jack, the Eye-Ripper~!

Like that is how I would like the story to start and end at least, sorry for the lazy writing xD

I will probably do a short comic thing just for fun and this would have been a great Halloween thing, but maybe next year I guess~☆ uvu

The drawing was made by me btw!