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Soft Serve (Jughead x Reader)

Imagine: In anticipation for the summer, Pop Tate equips his diner with a new soft serve machine. Your fondness for the cold treat proves to be… distracting.

It was summer in Riverdale, and it was hot.

Local news anchors declared it to be one of the hottest summers on record. The black-top steamed from the temperature, and the town’s citizens couldn’t bear to be out of the house for more than an hour. The children, usually bursting with excitement to play outside for the break, instead laid in their bedrooms covered in cold, wet towels, lazily clicking through the TV.

The one oasis in the desert that Riverdale had become was none other than Pop’s Chock’Lit Shoppe. It was even too hot for the thick, sweet milkshakes, and in a genius business move, Pop Tate had invested in a state of the art soft serve machine. When citizens could make it out of their air-conditioned homes, they often went straight to the man himself for a swirled cone in a cake cup.

As always, Jughead Jones was one to deviate from the status quo. Crammed in the attic with Archie Andrews did not do well for ventilation or temperature, and the heat was making his best friend friskier than Jughead would have liked. Jughead stayed as far away from their room as possible, knowing Archie was using it as a love nest for Betty, or Veronica, or even both of them.

The boy had decided to seek solace in the open windows and breeze of his usual booth at Pop’s. Always Jughead’s partner-in-crime (or partner-in-fighting-crime, as it was), it was natural you tag along.

The door jingled as the two of you entered the diner. Upon seeing the large chrome box that was the soft serve machine, your eyes lit up.

“Pop, you didn’t,” you gushed, leaning over the counter to get a better look at the cook, who was swirling ice cream cones with an expert hand.

“I sure did, miss,” Pop said with a genial smile.

You turned to Jughead. “I love ice cream,” you said with an enthusiastic smile. You’d only moved to Riverdale this past school year, and it had never been hot enough for your favorite craving to come about.

Jughead dug around in the pocket of his jeans, pulling out some crumpled bills. “An ice cream for the lady, Pop.” He counted out the correct amount.

“You don’t have to, Jug,” you said with a laugh. “I wasn’t trying to get you to buy me one.”

“I know,” Jughead said, grinning lopsidedly. “Consider it payment for spending this hot day with me.”

Upon choosing your flavor of choice, Pop Tate prepared for you an impeccably perfect vanilla ice cream cone. The swirl was perfectly symmetrical, its spire curling in on itself like the ones in the cartoons. He topped it off with colorful sprinkles. Your stared at it in awe.

You looked up at your friend. “You don’t want one?” You said incredulously.

“Ice cream isn’t really my thing,” he replied with a shrug.

You grinned, hugging his side. “Well thank you!”

He chuckled at your childlike bliss, walking with you to his usual booth. He took out his laptop, finishing up some of his writings from the school year.

Just has he began to write, he realized that your love for ice cream was nothing close to childlike.

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Monsta X - Gender Reveal (Wonho, Minhyuk, Kihyun)

I watched this YouTube video with this lady who has two twin girls and she let them do a bunch of stations with their dad, uncle, and good friend and it was so cute! So, that inspired me to do this post:

How would each of the members go about doing a gender reveal for their friends and family? This post is more directed toward a female reader, just to let you know. But hey, we can all use our imagination. 

Wonho - 

This guy is gonna lose a ton of sleep because of two things: he’s hella excited and he’s trying so hard to plan everything out with you. It’s his first child and he doesn’t know which gender pronoun to use so he calls the baby “my little rice cake” because they’re soft and squishy. You know what else is soft and squishy? His butt. If you were thinking about something else…Yeah, we all know. Anyway, you’d have to put him to bed because at this point, you wanted to take care of it yourself and surprise him because he doesn’t know the gender either. Well, he at least bought a big box and rose quartz and serenity (get it) colored ribbon and balloons for you to put into it. After that, you did all the planning. You’d be filming him in front of the box surrounded by countless balloons that weren’t in the box and by the time he lifted the lid, several pink balloons rose into the air and drifted away in the sky, all tied by a little envelope that he (luckily) caught. A bunch of hysterical crying noises would be heard because honestly, he’d just ecstatic that he’s able to start a family with you and that’s all he ever wanted. Sure, he may not have had the best family situations back then but he can make better ones because you’re here. When he opens the envelope, he found the name he ever so wanted for his daughter. “She’s going to look just like you– beautiful and out of this world.”

Minhyuk - 

Dude would try so hard to get them to think one gender over another and then, wait! He’d try to get them to overthink or be indecisive on what the gender of the baby is. Sure, it may not matter so much to you, it’s only a gender and however the child is going to grow up will be the same. Minhyuk would give a bunch of riddles or jokes to try to get your friends and family thinking. After all, he’s great at playing tricks and having fun, so why not? By the time you’re telling him to say it or you will, he’d bring out a bin of dark colored water balloons filled with eco-friendly paint (he thought this one through, everyone) and told each person to grab a balloon and throw it at a giant wooden board. He needed that thing painted and whichever color it was, he wouldn’t care anyway. Everyone grabbed one in excitement, trying to see the color before seeing it against the wood, but Minhyuk yelled, “Go!” and saw that everyone chucked it, watching the balloon explode in a pastel blue color. He didn’t know the gender himself, he just went along with your balloon idea and made up the riddles in advance. Tears would fill his eyes as he rush over to you and kiss your face. Cheers of excitement and happiness would have Minhyuk wanting to see his little boy even more. “I can’t wait for our family to begin…”

Kihyun - 

Well, let’s just say he overheard you talking to the doctor on the phone and heard the pronoun of the baby. Since then, he couldn’t help but drop hints to get you to admit the gender. You told him it’d be a surprise and not to ruin it for the others, he decided to play along. The two of you planned a little dart board game and the center would reveal the gender by exploding with colored confetti corresponding with the gender while the surrounding ones would say, “Not yet!”. It was a nice idea, although Kihyun commented on the needles and children don’t mix. You told him it’d be okay because the needles weren’t that sharp and the balloons were from the dollar store so it’s bound to break easily. Nodding in agreement, he set up the little game and with your eyes like a hawk, you threw a dart that landed beside his hip. “Woah! What was that for?” His eyes widened. “Practice. I promise not to hit you.” You were about to throw another but Kihyun ran out of the way when he was taping a balloon toward the right of the board. By then, your family members and friends came by and after a couple of tries, your brother had the bright idea of throwing it with his eyes closed and surprisingly, he got the center. The confetti came out of the balloon, floating gently in its pastel pink color and onto the ground where Kihyun put his hands to his mouth and collapsed onto his knees. Oh, right. He knew. He hugged your leg and cried into it, saying, “Our daughter is going to be a bundle of sunshine, I tell you. I love you, you know?”

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Can Gérard Lacroix be a new hero?
  • Now I hear what your saying. Gérard Lacroix is dead and was killed by Widowmaker
  • Genji: Thought dead: Now a cyborg
  • 76: Thought dead: Alive
  • Reaper: Thought dead: Alive as a Wraith
  • Tracer: Thought dead: Alive by Chronal accelerator
  • Bastion: Though dead: Alice after shutdown
  • Mei: Thought dead: Survived Eco-point Antarctica
  • Widowmaker: Thought dead or missing: Alive by Talon
  • Or-15 units: Thought Obsolete: Alive as Orisa
  • Winston: Thought lost to Horizon Lunar Colony: Escaped to earth
  • Ana: Thought dead: Alive as Shrike
  • My point being that just because they say Gérard Lacroix is dead, does not mean we have seen the last of him.
What they don't tell you before you BC

As I’ve previously stated, I’ve had my share of BCs, just about 3, within the last 5 years. Along my journey, I’ve learned a lot on my own. Somethings I was warned about, others I truly had to learn on my own. I’m going to shed some light on some of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned. Understand that I do not rep #teamnatural or anything like that. I’m just a squirrel in a world trying my nut lol (I’ve always wanted to say that), but seriously I’m just finding what works for me. So I’m going to tell you all the secrets I wish I was warned of. 

1. Having natural hair is not less maintenance.

Sorry but that is a crock of shit. Washing my hair, thoroughly, deep conditioning and twisting my hair takes just about 4 hours. By the time it’s all over, my fingers are all pruney and my back hurts because of the arching as I twist the back of my head. Meanwhile, a perm took me about 2-3 hrs. A wash was about 1-1.5 hrs. Weaving takes me 2hrs. 

… oh, and don’t even talk about me about a wash and go. Type 4 hair does not like that shit. Maybe I were a type 3 but I’m type 4a/4b with ONE 3c curl in the back. 

2. Doing your hair will no longer be relaxing.

I’ve come to dread it. The arm aches. The time that could’ve gone to studying for Psych Statistic. The detangling. The single strand knots. It blows my happy sometimes. I was once the girl who got happy when I got a wash and set, perm, weave, whatever. Now that all that is replaced with me having to detangle and then twist my hair until my fingers are pruney and then some, I HATE DOING MY HAIR.

… oh, and twist outs?? They do not last no 3-4 days unless your hair is shoulder stretched out. Currently my hair is like 1.5 inches and my twist outs lasts 2 days. By day 3 my hair is not looking great point blank.

3. Eco styler gel flakes

These damn YouTube people talmbout how Eco Styler Gel doesn’t flake but when I scratch my scalp, I see flakes of gel on my desk. Perhaps I used too much gel? Well the more gel you use, the better your koils come out. So you just have to accept the flakes. 

.. my favorite though has to be between the clear one (it has no unnecessary dye) and the olive oil my hair responded really well to it.

4. Being natural is not cheaper. 

I spend more money now, trying to figure out what works for my hair in its natural state. I have wasted money on products that don’t mesh well with my hair. These products targeted for natural hair are more expensive than the simple items I used to use on my hair. 

5. You will miss your hair.

Some days you’ll be pissed that you even cut your hair off. There will be days you’ll want slap a relaxer on it and call it a day. Bringing to my last point…

6. You may come to realize this isn’t for you and that’s just fine.

If you ever feel like this isn’t for you, then its okay. This does not mean you don’t love yourself. It takes maturity to understand that you don’t have to follow a trend. You can just be you and do what works for you. This is not about being #teamnatural. It’s about finding your way to healthy hair. 

7. You can achieve healthy hair with a relaxer. 

I know of women who relax and have long healthy hair. Their hair is not thinned out due to the relaxers. So don’t feel like being natural is the only way to achieve healthy hair. 

I remember the way he looked with his chin tilted towards the sky, and how the stars reflected into his hues, illuminating his features. We sat there for a while, talking about everything that came to our minds, until eventually, we found peace in silence. It was a few minutes before anything was said. “We’re all the same, you know,” he murmured, still fixated on the night before him. “I mean, more than the whole ‘we all bleed red’ cliché.” He meant it. You could see it in the way he held himself - relaxed, but excited, as if this idea had been building up inside of him. “You see that up there?” He pulled me closer, his finger outstretched to the night. “Those stars are inside of you. They’re inside of me, they’re inside of everyone. Those stars are what connect us: humanity and earth. We’re tied to the earth, and it’s been taking care of us, I can feel that, but have we been taking care of it? Does it feel everything we do?” The boy paused. “When I look up at those stars, I don’t know how to explain it, but I feel like - like maybe I’m not so different, and stuff.” He turned to look at me, and gave me the sincerest, crooked little smile. “We’re in this universe, and the universe is in us. Because past skin color and bone structure, we are all made up of the same things: hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen. And it’s all thanks to those stars.”
—  excerpt of a book I’ll never write / the reason my love for the earth is deeper than my need for gasoline.

wow idk why i didnt think of this before?? like i was trying to think of troll digestive systems and all that comes with it, but I was lumping them all together as the same thing

but what if it was different based on where they stood in the spectrum?

so lets say trolls are all omnivores, but lowbloods are built to lean a little more herbivore, while highbloods (and especially seadwellers) are built to lean more carnivorous?

Like lowbloods would be more likely to have duller teeth in general with some fangs maybe instead of a full set of sharp teeth, and would have molars better suited to grinding up fibrous plant matter. They would have a longer digestive tract too for braking down those fibers. Their saliva would be mainly geared with helping break down foods faster like our own

Seadwellers at the other extreme have mostly sharp shredding and tearing teeth for their mainly carnivorous diet, which without food from outside their natural habitat would be mostly fish anyway so they wouldn’t need much for crushing/grinding. Though other highbloods may have teeth closer to predatory mammals and have both teeth for tearing, and even possibly teeth like hyenas good for crushing bone. Their saliva would be more like dogs and other carnivores where it wouldn’t be so much for breaking down food, as it is for fighting against bacterial infections from raw meat, and their digestive tract would be shorter too to pass meat through their body faster rather than having it sit inside for too long. And though it’s kinda funny to think of, imagine some trolls high enough in the spectrum having trouble processing fibrous things and either getting sick from it, or coughing up pellets like owls

idk, sorry for the wall of text, it’s just something I’ve been thinking about for awhile

Okay, but what if Rick didn’t leave his family of his own free will? What if he left 20 years ago because he was busy protecting the earth from the Intergalactic Federation?? Fighting in WARS? The space government clearly has bad intentions; they’re trying to control the universe by assimilating every planet with dictatorship.

Everything is pointing to that being at least a part of the reason why Rick left, yet his family thinks he left because he’s just an asshole…When he’s actually more of a political freedom fighter!


“The moment you start watching the thinker, a higher level of consciousness becomes activated. You then begin to realize that there is a vast realm of intelligence beyond thought, that thought is only a tiny aspect of that intelligence. You also realize that all the things that truly matter - beauty, love, creativity, joy, inner peace - arise from beyond the mind. You begin to awaken.” Eckhart Tolle

Can you even imagine how much extra bullshit there is to troll medical stuff? Like just a simple blood transfusion would be so complicated since there must be a huge difference in the makeup of each caste based on tempurature (being an endotherm or ectotherm), and whatever substances are in each blood color to make it that color. And if there are blood types like with humans thrown into the mix? Hah, good luck.

You’d need special training for seadwellers alone like how your average vet isn’t gonna be able to help your exotic fish.

And you’d have to know how to handle the different muscle and bone densities of the different castes. Oh, you need to amputate this guy’s leg? Well this little baby saw sure as hell isn’t gonna cut through this dense ass highblood bone

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"I told you I don't need any shots!" (for Schneep)

AntiSchneep (fuck it imma shorten his name to that) just glared at Eco. “And I thought I told you to shut the fuck up,” he bitterly replied, tapping the end of his syringe. “I’m the doctor, and what I say goes in my laborat–I mean office.”

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Thoughts on The Picture of Dorian Gray? Also, is it at all graphic?

well, well, well. sorry, but a malicious grin is required here, my dear anon. not only you asked the right person in terms of enthusiasm, because the picture of dorian gray is actually my most favorite among my favorite books, but also because i read it so many times, both in the original version and in the cut one, in the translated one and in the commented one, that i do, i do, i do know it like i know the back of my hand - or probably i know it still a little more than the back of my hand.

also, you are talking with the person who actually wrote the italian wikipedia page of this novel and edited the english one lol - so yeah. i do have a lot of thoughts about the picture of dorian gray and oscar wilde in general.

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Snoke: Dark Side Positivity 2

DISCLAIMER: This is the second in a series of short, positive posts celebrating Dark Side things.  I’m saying something nice about a fictional character I like.  Please, I respectfully request that you practice “don’t like, don’t read.”

Here are some random Dark Side Positive thoughts I’ve had about the mysterious Supreme Leader.  These thoughts apply to the film (SW ep 7 TFA) and not necessarily relevant to any apocryphal materials.  They reflect a reading of the film-as-text only.  I have a whole other set of thoughts corresponding to other texts.  :)

1.  So oddly?  Supreme Leader kind of looks like my great grandmother.

2.  Except, poor thing, what happened to his face?

3.  If someone messed up my face like that, I would be pissed.  I would probably want a handsome knight like Kylo Ren to avenge me.

4.  Telecommuting by hologram is practical and eco-friendly.

5.  I thought it was nice how Snoke gave his blessing when General Hux wanted to fuck up the Republic.  He didn’t even question Hux’s judgment…was just like, “live your dreams, son.”

6.  Also thought it was nice of The Big Guy to be checking up on Ren to make sure he’s ok with confronting his dad.  I think “by the grace of your training I will not be seduced” implies that this training is offering Ren some kind of emotional support, allowing Ren to resist a temptation.  Ren says Han Solo means nothing to him, but he still seems tempted to go to Han.  I can definitely relate to a situation where you are tempted to go to someone but need to rely on your support network to help you stay away from them.  There is no pull quite like the desire to return to a person you love, even if that person may have hurt you. I’m really glad Kylo was able to find someone to help him stay strong.

7.  It’s also nice that Snoke sends Hux to retrieve an injured Ren.  Ren has done nothing but fail at things the whole movie.  Even so, his people really make a point to stick with him.  

8.  Snoke expresses nothing but confidence in Ren during the film, even though Ren doesn’t really accomplish any of his goals.  Snoke sort of does Ren the favor of reframing Ren’s problems as very difficult. This contextualizes the concept of failure–not as a personal weakness, just a result of the difficulty of the tasks at hand (even you, Master of the Knights of Ren, have never faced such a test…)  It reads as very positive and supportive.  Whoever is putting a lot of pressure–SO much pressure–on Kylo Ren to succeed, it isn’t Snoke.

9. Snoke also chooses not to reprimand Ren for grabbing the girl and not the droid.  Instead it’s more like…ok, bring her here and I’ll help you fix this.

10. I’m happy these three found each other.  Undoubtedly my feelings will change if/when a future film reveals information to change the context of their interactions, but as depicted in TFA, they have a healthy and functional relationship.

11.  Preventing a “new Jedi” (singular or plural?) from rising does sound like a good idea.  Though perhaps the methods used in this effort were a bit aggressive?  But what do I know about Jedi prevention!  Nothing, really!  Snoke does seem to have a plan, and inside knowledge, which puts him ahead of your casual, amateur Jedi-preventionist.

Oh boy, here’s another one:

How would seadwellers communicate underwater? I think it would have to be like 90% body language (flaring/wiggling fins, baring teeth, gesturing, etc), and then like a small part clicks with teeth or something? Since talking underwater would be near impossible just based on how vocal cords work regardless of they fact that they can breathe down there, and whale/dolphin sounds/clicks/whistles are only possible because of specialized organs that require them to surface for the air they need to produce these sounds as well as breathe, which doesn’t seem likely for the more fish than mammal based seadwellers.

But there are some fish that can make clicks and grinding sounds with their teeth, and low pitched “drumming” by vibrating muscles in their body, so there’s that.

Just imagine a seadwellers getting frustrated on their first land visit when nobody can hear their ‘drumming’, or understand their body language and gestures. Imagine silent arguments between seadwellers, flaring fins and gills to look larger and more threatening and take dominance in the situation.