eco sea

Eco tip!

for my sea witches/ witches and kind hearted people!!! 

did you know that your common fiber wash cloths, are super super damaging to the sea? 

because the small particles doesen´t get caught up in the filters, so they go straight out into the ocean. it´s plastic particles…

the Alternative! 

knit your own wash cloths out of cotton! 

it´s a small investment but will save you money in the long run! 

you can make them super simple, or you can make them more complicated with patterns! 

they´re cute and non damaging!

please spread awareness of this huge problem with a simple solution! 

thank you! 

Crops Ahoy: Farms That Float

No Land? No Problem. If Barcelona-based Forward Thinking Architecture has its way, farms of the future will operate autonomously as they float on the open sea. Stretching eco-friendly concepts to the limit, the ambitious design firm has come up with the idea of Smart Floating Farms, large triple-decker agriculture barges that feature fish farms down below, hydroponic gardens up top, and solar panels on the roof to keep things running. They don’t exist yet, but they’re certainly providing plenty of food for thought.

The concept hits all the current buzzwords: preservation of arable land, local organic food sourcing with less “food mileage,” environmental protection, self-sufficiency and sustainability.

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Colorful entrance to Uxua Casa Hotel and Spa, Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil photograph by Adrian Gaut

  • “The only boutique hotel in the historic main square of Trancoso, Bahia, Uxua Casa Hotel & Spa has become the stay of choice in this beautiful seaside village. The Brazilian elite, not to mention style-savvy visitors from the US and Europe, flock to its 10 private casas all year round, drawn by its stunning beachside location, dedication to sustainable tourism.“

En el otoño del 2016 pocos días cayó agua, el invierno del mismo año, está teniendo una historia similar. Los cielos de Dichato están mas románticos que nunca, rosados/morados colores invitan a caminar disfrutando del abrigo de un abrazo y el calor de una mirada.  El cielo nos invita a desconectar nuestra insignificante realidad para contemplar algo que ha estado presente desde la formación de nuestra atmósfera. 

It’s hard to feel bad for the monster kingdom when their society trapped under a mountain is still a utopia compared to what us humans have done with the entire planet.

I mean, Undyne protects the scientific sea grass by throwing energy spears and gets a girlfriend and icecream.

I try to protect the Chesapeake Bays aquatic grasses by shooting spears at polluters and ships that dredge the sea floor, and I get called “Eco terrorist” and “nut job that hijacked a whaling boat with a harpoon gun” and sent to life in prison. It’s not fair!

No te quedes donde la indiferencia queme; donde no puedas crecer ni ser feliz.
No te quedes donde el te quiero solo sea un eco o una palabra más, donde no puedas echar raíces.
Huye de aquellos lugares donde se aniden los miedos y tu voz se quiebre de tanto dolor. Si, vete de aquel sitio donde no sientas las pies livianos, dónde el rencor carcoma tu alma.
Vuela a dónde tu alma encuentre paz y donde la esperanza te haga sentir tibia la piel.
—  Daniel Saldierna