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COVEN - Handpainted one of a kind vintage t-shirt going out to a new home today…for silmilar stuff visit

Horned Moon - ooak handpainted vintage shirt, one size fits XS, S and M:

Moon in Taurus - handpainted fashion - exclusive original art to wear - inspired by nature and mystic tales…

Soo the other night Dusk was talking about a particular detail of an AU, where during Daxter’s awful first year or so in Haven he ate some food that Sig had been leaving out for strays on the streets…. and they started coming to recognize one another from those visits (which becomes relevant later).

It was just…. such a sweet and sad idea, I had to draw it.

((dusk note: the au in question is dark jak au; Sig ends up helping Daxter find information on the prison and sets up a safe place for Dax to hide Jak once they get out, though naturally this doesn’t go according to plan))


Today I took some random photos with this handpainted scarf I made recently. It also has a large picture in the middle/on the back which I still keep a secret until the Etsy update in about two weeks.

WITCHES COMPANION - Toad, moon, crystal ball and the magical herbs Hawthorne, Deadly Nightshade/Belladonna and Foxglove.

One of a kind handpainted vintage cardigan with pointed hem and batwing sleeves. 

This cardigan is sold, similar garments can be found at the shop:

Detail of some handpainted leggins with poppy blossoms and crescent moons. Like all my garments these are one of a kind and will be available in size S. A shop update is coming up on next Monday, August 03, 2015!