eco friendly,

I love cooking myself a hearty brunch. I toast some turkish bread, layer on some avocado with pink sea salt & pepper, fry up some onion & garlic then add some mushrooms and place a lid on top to get them nice and juicy. while they’re cooking I dice up some tomatoes & onion and let them sit in some olive oil to the side. to the pan I will some spinach and then once they’re done chuck everything on top of the bread and sprinkle some chilli flakes on top.

Environmental Science Pick Up Lines

“Our love will last till the radioactive waste on Earth has decayed to a safe level.”

“You light up my life like an energy-efficient LED light bulb.”

“Girl, is your name methane? Cause you are makin’ my world hella hot.”

NEED MORE PEEPS TO FOLLOW - hi it’s tinyratfeet how are ya

So I deleted my blog on accident while trying to delete a side blog. It was a mistake and stupid and whatever I’ve made peace with it.

My dash is DEAD. So dead. I don’t know who to follow…


Wicca/pagan/spiritual/witchy things

dogs and cats and rats and little critters

plants, succulents

living green, eco-friendly, tips and tricks helping the environment

yoga, fitness, hiking, BODY-POSITIVE, health positive

vulture culture/taxidermy/cool stuff with bones and animal parts

wildlife preservation, nature, photography

piercings/tattoos/body mods

art - anything but NSFW. artistic nudity is fine but no porn


Porn - nudity ONLY in an artistic nature.

gore outside of art/obvious taxidermy photos

the “dark” side of wicca/paganism

self harm UNLESS in the light of RECOVERY

eating disorders UNLESS in the light of RECOVERY

suicide UNLESS in the light of RECOVERY


SO I think that’s about it! PLEASE BOOST because I’m ready to start creating a tumblr with a new vibe, different content, geared toward positivity and recivery.