eco friendly tips and tricks

NEED MORE PEEPS TO FOLLOW - hi it’s tinyratfeet how are ya

So I deleted my blog on accident while trying to delete a side blog. It was a mistake and stupid and whatever I’ve made peace with it.

My dash is DEAD. So dead. I don’t know who to follow…


Wicca/pagan/spiritual/witchy things

dogs and cats and rats and little critters

plants, succulents

living green, eco-friendly, tips and tricks helping the environment

yoga, fitness, hiking, BODY-POSITIVE, health positive

vulture culture/taxidermy/cool stuff with bones and animal parts

wildlife preservation, nature, photography

piercings/tattoos/body mods

art - anything but NSFW. artistic nudity is fine but no porn


Porn - nudity ONLY in an artistic nature.

gore outside of art/obvious taxidermy photos

the “dark” side of wicca/paganism

self harm UNLESS in the light of RECOVERY

eating disorders UNLESS in the light of RECOVERY

suicide UNLESS in the light of RECOVERY


SO I think that’s about it! PLEASE BOOST because I’m ready to start creating a tumblr with a new vibe, different content, geared toward positivity and recivery.