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My new anthro pattern! Purchased from Adam Humphreys on Etsy and worth every penny.

I tried out several new things for this plushie:

  • The hooves have a piece of thin plastic in the bottom for a little extra stability
  • The back legs have 2oz each of polyfill pellets, which really help her stand up and balance
  • The arms are attached using teddy-bear joints, and so are posable
  • She has a cutie mark! Formerly seen only on my chibi Luna and Celestia plushies, but made with the same felt-applique technique
She stands 15.5" tall from ear-tip to hoof, and is made primarily of minky with “eco-felt” applique for the eyes and cutie mark. (“Eco-Felt” is a more rigid sort of felt allegedly made of recycled bottles; I find it holds its shape better than regular felt!)

captainpissoffkenway  asked:

I need to talk about Jak and Daxter with someone. Do you think Jak ever misses handling raw eco? Like, we never really see it again in that pure raw form. Even the eco ore Jak gives to Krew isn't taken out of the package. And since he was such a good channel for eco, I wonder if he missed that kind of raw power. Now in the future it's condensed into weapons or cars so it's always in a vessel.

Good question!

I think that after being arrested and put into a position of helplessness and subjugation for 2 years, Jak could have greatly missed having raw Eco, yes. Jak was given such a free-reign as a child and the journey during TPL provided him with so much opportunity to explore his own strength. He excelled with Eco against a lot of enemies, including Gol and Maia, and was essentially a child(teen) prodigy. Being thrown into a foreign world that first disregards him as a human being with rights, and second, doesn’t even seem to have Eco to help him achieve his own agency once again when he needs it the most, would  be pretty jarring for him. 

The interesting thing is when he sort of “regains” that power when the Dark Eco takes effect. When he is set free, he finds Eco-fueled power again, but the first time, he very nearly hurts Dax. But he’s too bewildered in that moment to really stand around and analyze the situation, and urgency is a thing and the boys immediately move on. The second time it happens, outside the walls of the prison, he finally has the presence of his own mind to conclude that he can’t control it, and that does seem to bother him. 

He probably recalls using powerful Eco that made him a force to be reckoned with before the Prison, but it had never felt like that. He could always handle and control Red/Blue/Yellow Eco, even Light(White?). They felt like extensions or amplifications of him and his power, maybe. Whereas Dark Eco suddenly felt like another being tearing around inside of him, taking hostile actions faster than Jak’s mind could keep up, and of course fueled by Jak’s subconscious rage. In a way, I think it scared him a little, thus why we having him growling to Daxter in a very raw, angry voice. It’s just never happened before, it doesn’t feel like how Eco used to feel.

I think, however, that he adapted very quickly. Not only to the new meaning of Eco channeling, but also how it’s packaged in the world. He learns quickly, maybe he even learned in Prison, that Firearms are now the embodiment of power, Eco-derived and otherwise. That’s why he becomes excited about guns and upgrades; because they are basically his new Eco. After that, he probably just had a lot more things on his mind than actively missing it. I think part of him missed it though.

Depending on what you think about Jak’s character, it could even be a theory that while Jak might miss the good old days as much as Daxter, he also knows or thinks that hes ruined for them. Like he’s gone so far down the road of Dark Eco, guns and revenge, and terrible thoughts that shouldn’t haunt the mind of a hero that it wouldn’t be the same? Like maybe he doesn’t consider himself worthy of that life anymore and the only thing left for him IS this new, darker, more chaotic path. Colored raw Eco might, unfortunately, be behind him, regarded as a part of a different life that he can’t get back to, and he knows it.

But overall, I of course think he misses a lot of things about his old life, deep down….Eco being a simpler, purer way of defending himself and fighting that he’s really not able to reach anymore. Stuff just got too messed up for him. (Though I think after achieving Eco balance and getting over a lot of the anger he goes through, he would likely be open to retrying raw Eco if it came up in the Narrative)

At least, that’s what I think of it. Thank you for the fun question!

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So I saw The Book of Life the other day.

I think I’ll go back to making simpler plush haaaaa. .-.

Lil La Muerte is about 12" tall without the hat (about 18" with it!), and is handsewn from eco-friendly felt, a cotton/poly blend for the dress, silk flowers, feathers, and other fiddle bits for detailing.

La Muerte will be available at my AA booth (#141!!) at SacAnime Summer this September, along with other fandom inspired plush. :3

I’m all about the felt. I love seeing what I can make from a material that’s usually associated with elementary school art classes. This is a self portrait I did using eco felt, sewing and embroidery thread. It actually looks like me I’ve been told. Though I’m not quite as fuzzy.


cat butt coasters

These coasters by Etsy seller Hooks and Balls are the funniest we’ve ever come across. Why not brighten you morning by sipping a cuppa whilst admiring a not so smelly hiney.

The Cat Butt coasters come in a set of four. Each butt is hand made from 100% cotton yarn with a polyester eco felt backing so all condensation is absorbed, leaving no messes behind.