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What Performing With a Belly Dancing Troupe Taught Me About Life | Catherine Chen, Ph.D.

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Try a dance class – any dance class – because everyone’s a dancer, you just have to find the right music. You just might learn something about yourself in the process….

One place to go for good fashion is Fashioning Change, which lets you search for consciously made and affordable items. Their Wear This, Not That tool is a trove of affordable fashion with impressive backstories of fair-trade labor and eco-friendly fabrics.
We’ve also looked at some of the most popular affordable brands and dug deeper into their practices on two issues:
Sustainability: Do they have eco-friendly items that adhere to sustainable fashion standards and have they implemented sustainable practices? For example, American Apparel uses fabric scraps to make accessories and lends bikes to its employees, and many brands are reducing energy use.
Labor: Do they have a code of conduct for factories fabricating their wares and do they verify that code is being followed? Have they ever been implicated in bad labor practices?
Using these factors, you can educate yourself on what brands are making an effort to cater to both your values and your fashion sense, and who you might want to avoid. We’ve color coded the chart so you can easily skim for especially impressive initiatives or alarming practices.
—  Check out their chart for the down-low on many popular brands from Urban Outfitters to Victoria’s Secret. How To Find Guilt-Free Affordable Fashion

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hi brontë, I've become a vegetarian about a month ago now and it was extremely easy since I have always loved veggies, but I was wondering how you navigate the world of meat substitutes. Mainly I was talking with a friend about how together with deforestation for pasture purposes, there is also a trend of mass soy production for the vegetarian market. I guess my question is how do you know if a brand of meat substitue doesn't contribute to corporate interests of demons like Monsanto?

There are loads of soy-free meat substitutes (partly for this reason, partly because a lot of people are allergic to it and partly because a lot of people just don’t like it!)! Here are a few guides:

My personal favourite soy-free substitute is Quorn, which is made from mycoprotein instead of soy! Its vegan range is currently expanding and it has some really nice substitutes for lots of different things, so I recommend it!! Vegusto also has a soy-free range and I can’t vouch for all of their products but I’ve tried their sausages and they’re amazing!

Also, if you want to do your shopping all in one place, vbites and veggiestuff are really good! As far as I know it’s not possible to filter for exclusively soy free products, but you could always use the guides above to choose products and then search for them!