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An organic farmer is the best peacemaker today, because there is more violence, more death, more destruction, more wars, through a violent industrial agricultural system. And to shift away from that into an agriculture of peace is what organic farming is doing.
—  Environmental activist Vandana Shiva

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Never recant! You managed to make me laugh on a really bad day with your glorious premade ratings, and it would be quite boring if everyone's take on the premades were the same. I absolutely love the Burbs ever since I developed the headcanon of them being vegetarians/pacifists/eco-activists, with Jen using her looks to infiltrate the biggest company around and subsequently overthrow the CEO in order to enforce eco-friendly management. But I still loved your take on them. Have a good day!

💖💖💖 bye @ this headcanon, love it. twist: she infiltrates Malcolm’s company and ends up #conflicted over wanting to bang him and wanting to destroy him. i mean the tv-movie practically writes itself
The world's smallest porpoise has caused a big battle in Baja California
The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is turning to dramatic tactics to fight the eradication of the world's most endangered sea mammal
By Kate Linthicum

Another story about the vaquita. This one focuses on the Sea Shepherd, environmentalists and the sudden emergence of the vaquita as the latest hot cause for conservation, preservation and extinction. On the other side are the fishermen and their families along the eastern coast of Baja California, who are being confronted by changing laws of Mexico designed to protect the vaquita and the swarm of environmentalists.


The prospect that the vaquita could disappear in a matter of months has inspired a controversial conservation campaign, with the Mexican government banning all fishing nets from a large swath of the Sea of Cortez, the narrow gulf separating Baja California from mainland Mexico.

The government has paid tens of millions of dollars to help local fishermen who have found their profession suddenly outlawed. But the money has failed to quell rising anger in the port town of San Felipe and other beach communities strung along Baja California’s east coast. They see eco-activists who have descended on the area as foreign interlopers who care more about a handful of sea creatures than they do about the livelihoods of local Mexicans.

“Why are they coming from other countries and telling us what to do?” asked David Flores, who runs a small fish market along a dirt road here.

The vaquita is the world’s smallest porpoise, with the smallest geographical range of any marine mammal: Its entire habitat is a third of the size of Los Angeles County.

Yet it has become an international cause celebre.

A dead small Vaquita porpoise found on the beach near San Felipe, Mexico. (SeaShepherd)

For those who work for the animals, the most feared thing is to see them in a state of suffering. This is a tribute to those who are facing hell to document a hidden reality. Thanks to activists who film and photograph the unimaginable. I have great admiration for them.

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I have a few prompts just for the sake of variety: 1) ghost!steve or ghost!bucky whichever. one of them attempting to haunt-woo the other living one with mixed results. 2) volunteer shopping mall santa and volunteer shopping mall christmas elf meet-cute. 3) a tale of forbidden love: eco-warrior green peace activist steve and the son and heir of an oil tycoon bucky.

It’s six months late, but here’s your ghost prompt!


A tiny hipster moves into Bucky’s apartment, which makes Bucky sigh. He could deal with the divorcee who listened to nothing but Simon & Garfunkel, but this guy seems like he likes St. Vincent, and Bucky isn’t sure he can deal with that longterm. He has nothing against Annie Lennox as a person, but he kind of hates her music. It’s like a banshee wailing—ethereal, but annoying. His wistful hopes that the kid brought those huge headphones that he sees on TV are dashed when he notices the stereo system—the only expensive-looking thing in the place—being gingerly taken out of a moving box by his long fingers.

It’s going to be a rough stay.

So, Bucky’s a ghost. He’s been a ghost since he died in Italy in 1944, defending the world from fascism. But when he—for lack of a better phrase—woke-up, he was back in his apartment in Red Hook, Brooklyn, watching his little sister and ma tearfully pack up his life and stick it into his army trunk. He doesn’t know where the trunk is, and doesn’t know what happened to them. Sometimes he minds, but most of the time he knows that it’s probably a good thing.

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A friend of mine made a good point about the FF7 Remake Trailer: The fact that it was hardly recognizable until the very end is a little worrisome. Is Nomura going to do THE DARKEST DARKNESS with the remake??

I didn’t think it was hardly recognisable? I am an FF7 nerd though. But still though, I mean when you put aside the blocky character graphics Midgar has always been a cyberpunk / dieselpunk dystopian city setting.

A big part of why FF7 captured my imagination as a kid was because it’s essentially Shadowrun: The JRPG (though I wasn’t aware of Shadowrun at the time). It’s a story about hardcore eco-activists fighting a powerful corporation who have a stranglehold on the populace, conduct horrifying generic experiments and are draining the planet of natural resources. It’s always had that grittiness, it’s just that in the original game it was balanced out with JRPG goofiness. I hope they manage to recapture that balance for the remake.