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anonymous asked:

Wow, Cocoa, you just might be the handsomest spiral I've ever seen! Do you have any hobbies? What do you tend to hoard? ... Oh. I guess I wouldn't understand you even if I was deemed worthy of your time, huh? Oh well. You're still a very handsome dragon.

“Emosdnah ,em?” he blushed.  "Ezirp on ma I tub ,yllaer ,em rettalf uoy.“

“Sevlesmeht evorp yeht fi ,si taht. Ees I tahw meht llet nac I ,em fo gnihtemos sksa enoemos fi. Wonk ot ereht si esle tahw ,sseldioV nalC fo rees eht ma I ,llew? od I tahW?” he chuckled.

“On. Hguoht ,meht draoh I od? Snoitciderp ym nwod gnilbbircs rof ylbaborp ,tnemhcrap fo kcats elbaezis a evah od I ,ti tuoba kniht I taht won dna. Gnizag rof tseb eht eb ot mees yeht ecnis sbro gniwolg eht osla ,ha. Sesoprup gniyrcs rof ylno fi ,em ot esu emos fo si naidisbo esoppus I llew. flesym rof peek I tahw?”

((Also, if you want to know what he’s saying, just read everything in quotes from left to right and backwards ~))