eclipsed season 2 day 2

The Hunt || OPEN RP

The darkness laughed as a wounded soldier tried to run. The fearlings laughed as he stumbled. Somewhat simple boots catching and sending the odd being into a roll… Right out of a cave and out off of the edge of the cliff before it.

A light grey hand reached out to catch the edge. The boy winced as he hit the side hard and his shoulder was jarred. Pale white light splattering the side of the cliff from his shoulder, and his mouth.

Clad in the uniform of one who served the royal house Lunanoff. Soaked in white light of blood. Six spikes set deep into his shoulders and back. He looked up towards the edge of the cliff. Green on black. The fearlings were coming and his grip was already shaking.

Gritting his teeth he swung both legs into the cliff to get purchase and let go. Pushing himself off into a backflip. A fearling reaching out for him… reaching… and just missing the curl of a lock of dulled white hair. Gravity however took its toll. He did not have enough strength to fly.

The fearlings took after him and the boy turned in the air to face them. On reached out for him. Carefully dodging he stepped onto it. Racing up its arm and just as they were about to hit the ground he jumped off of it and into the branches of a tree. Taking off through the trees as more fearlings started to take chase.

The hunt for a little light was on.

The Catch...

Heavy breathing was all but drowned out by the hiss and growl of fearlings. Darkness was on the trail of an immortal boy. One that was leaving little spots of light all along his path. Footsteps marked in it, handprints left on branches and trees as he brushed past.

He could see it. The very edge of where the darkness had spread. He was almost there!

A fearling tried to pounce. Only for Nightlight to slip neatly under, back bend, arms out to the sides, sliding the last few feet almost on his knees. He was up again in an instant. And then… He slid to a stop just as he hit moonlight.

Beaten and bloody, clothes torn and stained. Skin ashen, eyes darkened, his hair more silver then white.  Nightlight heaved for breath, turning to glare deep into the dark. The fearlings circling just along the boarder. Prowling. Hands coated in his own glowing blood he opened both palm up what they were done already? Blood dripped off his chin even though he was smirking. Worn out but triumphant.

The boy stood in the light, and reveled in it.