I could see three ants climb up an endless tree-

every knot, a gnarly universe. Chewing on

rubbery leaves, foliage-high, you turned to

me and all I remember is: You are an ugly


I could see the satin cloth, three dots of light

dancing at the corner of my eye. Every face

lightbright, every  tongue rolling words into

happy joints. Sweep whatever you want under

the carpet, but come back honey, because all

I remember is: You look sexier when you fuck


I can count five retrogrades, three eclipses and

hundreds of days when all I thought was: Do you

really think I don’t know how you feel? Would I

not just help you take your shoes off and tuck you


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using only the song titles from one artist, cleverly answer these 12 questions.

artist: Avenged Sevenfold
what is your gender: Nightmare
describe yourself: Natural Born Killer
how do you feel: Trashed And Scattered
if you could go anywhere, where would it be: Bat Country 
favorite mode of transportation: Planets
your best friend: Beast And The Harlot 
favorite time of day: Radiant Eclipse 
if your life was a tv show, what would it be called: A Little Piece Of Heaven 
what is life to you: The Art Of Subconscious Illusion
relationship status: Warmness On The Soul
fear: Lips Of Deceit 

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The thing came out of nowhere. Scott’s still not sure what it was, only that it caused a herd of deer to come stampeding for him before ultimately taking him down. He should’ve just fessed up when the Sheriff found Stiles, came out and said he was there. Maybe then he wouldn’t be dying. He tries to reach for his phone, but like his inhaler, it’s gone too far out of reach for him. His breathing is escalating and he’s sure he’s seconds away from a full blown asthma attack. He wonders if he could get to the road, but currently he’s not even sure where it is.

galen marek canon
  • ahsoka:buddy you really fucked up and i know you're sad about me
  • vader:false. not true. this is my new apprentice and he's way way way better than you
  • galen marek:*eating a piece of wood or something*
  • ahsoka:are you serious
  • galen marek:can i have some help writing this poem for juno eclipse, i can't think of anything that rhymes with "imperial pilot"
  • ahsoka:try "violet"?
  • galen marek:oh thanks

You loved me like I put the stars in the sky, & I blew up your universe.

You loved me like flowers bloomed in the sun, & I eclipsed it.

You loved me like a breath of fresh air, & I locked all the windows.

You loved me like I woke you up in the morning, & I switched off the alarm.

You loved me til it killed you, & I selfishly cried craving you at your funeral.

Kyrie Eleison

Today, the voices sign only one song.

They have seemingly compared notes. They must have shared the bed last night without a fight. They must have enjoyed each other to the point of total and complete eclipse of the climaxes that they worked so hard for. Finally. The voices decided that the body with which they live in and live for could only handle up until an octave of eight. While they still shout, they know when to stop, pause and go.

The voices are on their knees. The voices are singing a prayer that for once, the body they belong to, finds peace. The peace that remains once these voices resume to regular programming.


Scott’s holding the wrench, turning it over and over again in his hands before looking up at Allison. “Okay, but why would Theo lie about it?” He’d sent the male in question with Malia to see what was going on with Hayden and Liam, but he’d gone to Allison to talk about what the other had said about Stiles. He needed to talk it out with someone before confronting his best friend and besides him, Allison was the one person he trusted the most.

Mental Maps In The Early Cold War Era 1945 68

Mental Maps In The Early Cold War Era 1945 68: The early Cold War was a period of dramatic change. New superpowers emerged, the European powers were eclipsed, colonial empires tottered. Political leaders everywhere had to make immense adjustments. This volume explores their hopes and fears, their sense of their place in the world and of the constraints under which they laboured. […]

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I directed the new official videoclip for SUUNS!

with Thomas Badinot

directed and edited by Pamela Maddaleno
director of photography David Becheri
in collaboration with Alessia Castellano

special thanks to
Emanuele Tassi
Ilaria Castellano
Andrea Gandini
Léa Neuville
Paola Papi
Emiliano Pona
Sebastiano d'Ayala Valva
Gianni Bianchi

Babele Filmica

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Yahn back in Russia. -5°C (23F). Same sun, different latitude ;-) Back in Thailand I’ve found Polaris (North Star) to be super low (9°). And managed to picture likewise very low Big Dipper. With help of StarWalk app, located Southern Cross and pictured that too. Missed partial solar eclipse though. But once I saw one the other became much less exciting