we are contradicting souls
—like the sun and the moon;
living in the same universe
but i loved you still even if
it will hurt me because
you’re so close yet so far
and i always wanted to
cross the distance between us
i wanted to risk everything
for us to be together and
i wanted to prove my love for you
so let me defy our differences
and just pretend that we were the same
since the beginning of time
and let me come to you and
we will create a rare yet beautiful scenery
—an eclipse.
—  r.b
Anna or Layla?

So as much as everyone is calling bullshit about the end of this chapter but it can make a little sense, cause it was something date wise didn’t make sense. 

So first off as of who I think it is, is I think its Layla. This is why… 

So we know that the gate opened on July 7 x777 and that on Layla gravestone it says July 7 x777 though afterwards we still see her alive/ dying in bed so theres that. 

… okay… thats all i got… also something about the Eclipse Gate and the One Magic spell coming and undoing…. I don’t know… oops… lol… goes hide

greynert  asked:

Hey, so I was about to draw something for the phan elf AU that involves the eclipse flower (plant?) and I had some questions. 1. In what environment do they grow in? 2 Are they rare? 3 Do they glow? (Btw, thanks for liking and retweeting my past drawing on twitter) Thanks!

1. In bush form in temperate landscapes - not so much in the woods, but in large clearings with access to moonlight. They only germinate on a lunar eclipse, and grow best during a moonless night. The flower will die after a month, but the plant can live for a long time. That’s why they’re rare. 

2. Yes they’re rare! 

3. No they don’t glow. 


umaju1882  asked:

O que é o amor p vc?

Vou usar Drummond para te responder :)

“Amor é dado de graça
É semeado no vento,
Na cachoeira, no eclipse.
Amor foge a dicionários
E a regulamentos vários.”

Um trecho de “As Sem Razões do Amor” Carlos Drummond de Andrade.


It is the most popular attraction that the afterlife has to offer. Millions & frolicking millions of heaven’s souls crowd its glistering gates, which open for exactly forty-five minutes on every full moon. If you’re lucky enough to catch it on an eclipse, you get to have a whole three hours there as a blessing from the gods. Every moment spent in The Garden of Earthly Delights is a moment that seemingly lasts an infinity. The spirits that are fortunate enough to enjoy its splendour, return blissful, with buoyant little sprigs of light gathering in their irises. It’s the chamber of eternal peace. Sometimes, when Hades comes to visit and hell spills over, the underworld’s best behaved are allowed a once in an afterlife’s chance to visit the garden for themselves. The only catch is that once you’ve visited the garden, you’re never able to visit again (due to high demand), the gods deemed it unfair for anyone to get to witness its glories twice when there are so many others who still haven’t been, when there are so many others losing what’s left of their souls to its immortal shrine, its uncanny splendor. Spirits thrash, become restless and drive themselves insane over it. If anyone is ever caught attempting to enter when the gates are closed or if they’ve already been guests before, they are immediately banished to Tartarus, left to rot forever amongst the darkest of monstrosities. The punishment is extreme, but the gods see it as fitting considering how hopelessly desperate some of the spirits are to get back once they’ve been let in. Growing greedy and insouciant, desperate for more. As if one go were not enough. The Garden of Earthly Delights is the only place in the afterlife that resembles earth. The only place anywhere that resembles it. Spirits who experience it feel, for a few generous moments, as if they are alive again. Life, or even the mere suggestion of it, becomes the most valuable experience for one that’s been dead. To only feel the sunlight against their skin again. To only hear the birds chirp. Some spirits watch the citizens of earth from up above and sit in still, uncaged wonder: how do they not see it? all the multitudinous beauty that surrounds them? how can they be satiated without feeding on its ragged charms? how do they sleep at night, in that crystal ball? how must they be so blind? Humans crave paradise, ignoring the vast, grizzly paradise that bore them, when all the dead crave is the earth. 

bodyasleep-mindawake  asked:

I think that the Cullens will move to Canada next, somewhere near the border so Jake can visit Billy (in eclipse I'm pretty sure he goes to the border and back in a night) and Nessie can visit Charlie often too. Also they will be near the Denali Coven which will be good as they can support their loss. Do you agree?

I think that would be a good option.  They’ve been to Canada at least once before (Calgary, where Maria showed up for a visit and forced them to move with whatever she did while there), so it’s feasible. (And this is part of why I just can’t get behind the “Olympic Coven” stuff–they MOVE. If we’re gonna name them after geography, the less-specific “North American Coven” makes more sense than the very specific Olympic peninsula where they’ve only lived for a few years). 

It would give them some distance and being in a different country is an extra layer of distance (even if the physical distance is not so great, it’s still a whole different set of paperwork). Probably will need to change their names this time, though. Being near to Denali in case the Volturi try something is good, and near enough to their former home (Forks), and some members visiting often enough to know if other vampires are coming there looking for them for good or for ill. 

Being a New Hampshirite, though, part of me will always be a little annoyed they never actually moved there like they planned! 


A full moon, lunar eclipse and comet may all be visible on Friday

  • A full moon, lunar eclipse and a comet may all be visible to much of the world Friday night if the skies are clear.
  • Early in the night, the snow moon will pass into the Earth’s penumbra, shading part of it.
  • A few hours later, the bright green comet 45P will shoot past the Earth.
  • Though penumbral eclipses are typically not as noticeable as total lunar eclipses, the moon is expected to pass so deeply into the Earth’s shadow that it will appear far darker than usual.
  • The green comet, which visits our neck of the solar system every five years, will whiz within 7.7 million miles of Earth at a speedy clip of about 14.2 miles per second.
  • Most of the world — except for Australia, New Zealand, parts of East Asia and Hawaii — will be able to see the eclipse. Read more (2/9/17 3:30 PM)

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