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“ And when the light came back, this weird plant was just sitting there… Just, y’know, stuck in, among the zinnias. I could’ve sworn it hadn’t been there before…

Happy Birthday, Audrey II!


Yerkes Observations, 1918 Solar Eclipse Expedition (part II)

1. Prominences around the sun taken with the 61.5-foot coelostat telescope at Green River, Wyoming. Photographed on the Yerkes Observatory expedition to Wyoming to record the total solar eclipse of June 8, 1918.

2. Corona of the sun taken through clouds with a 61.5-foot coelostat telescope using a 6-inch lens. Photographed on the Yerkes Observatory expedition to Wyoming to record the total solar eclipse of June 8, 1918.

3. Corona of the sun (1 second exposure). Photographed on the Yerkes Observatory expedition to Colorado to record the total solar eclipse of June 8, 1918.




Happy eclipse. Please remember.

Wear eye protection and keep animals inside. You don’t want to burn your eyes!

This would be the best day to defeat the fire nation.

Don’t buy any strange plants today. We don’t want a repeat of what happened in the 60’s.

If you see a traveling circus suddenly appear in your hometown after the eclipse, don’t visit the circus. Don’t confront the circus members alone. Seriously, you should just let the local Sailor Scouts handle them.

If once upon a time you were falling in love, but now you’re falling apart, we can’t help you. That’s a different total eclipse.

Spoiler alert! Bella chooses Edward.


Since everyone is at this, here are my other two cents on this.


What is love – History – KKB – Wolf/Growl – MID - Exordium VCR – Lightsaber - Coming Over – Lotto - Mama 2016 VCR – Monster – Lucky one – LMR RU - Exoluxion vcr  - Overdose – SFY(I) – Pathcode/CMB –  Repackage - SFY(2) + For Life - MAMA

What is love

If you notice the mv, they do not have power in the very beginning. They are living normally, that’s why everyone is shown twice. First when they are normal and next when they have power. It can be interpreted that they were all meeting at some point and got the powers from Mama or they were experiments by red force who were injected with power. They power up and now they are getting adjusted to it.

** Mama is considered an entity here or rather can be symbolically represented as love


Mama is captured and they have the tree of life divided between them baekxing being the guardians

Light – sun

Eclipse – moon

Soo might be in love with Mama or connected to Mama somehow because he has connection to everyone.

They travel to earth.


They are now in earth and getting adjusted to it… they can’t use their powers well. A part of exordium vcr happens in this timeline when they are enjoying new life and also using their powers to help people here.


Their time together in earth but also how the eye of red force creates the evil within. Kris n luhan’s eyes turn red so we know somehow something has gone wrong with them.


They are remembering the past and the good times and also grieving for the things lost..

Exordium VCR

There are two parts to this.,.. some before the eclipse/calamity which means that they are leading normal lives in earth and saving people.. but also after the eclipse/calamity they use their powers to save people. At the end of the vcr we see everyone joining in, but that is because the red forces have somehow found out that they are here on earth and now they are anticipating the enemy moves.


Here in lightsaber, they are mostly having a will of battles…because red forces is after them and they have been found out. Some might be tempted to join (sehun), while other may work like double agent but for the benefit of others (baek) and (Jongin) knows which path he stands. We see them running or hiding and at the end they vanish when we are shown the red forces light on them.

But if we think about how Soo has connections to all of them, it makes sense that Jongin teleported from in front of the lift, and saved baek and sehun too.

Coming Over

They are hiding underground because ow red forces know about them.

Also some members are shown to recognize that red forces are keeping tabs on them and they are destroying the cams.


In Lotto it may seem at first that we are at a debauchery and divided teams, but we are not.

We can assume that this is because they have received a message from Mama(the girl) but she is tracked down and kept captive. So they are showing that they are not together and they are divided but Kyungsoo is observing all (Soo does so because they are maintaining an archive, Xiu is the archive). Their attack seems to work (Chan n team) and they are on the verge of freeing the messenger, but another force comes in. We can safely say that this is the red forces because there’s a red light on yeol’s face when he is going away with the girl. So instead of them freeing the messenger, they all are caught by the red forces.

(also, we see the girl giving yeol soo’s tape, this Is not the message but the video recorded the traitor)

Mama 2016 VCR

We see them in the opening shot in a chessboard which means they have been reduced to mere players of a game. We are seeing them at the red forces captive center…where they are given collars based on their document details.


An extended play of Lotto where they rebel and stuff. It can be said that after they were captured baek again started playing the double agent (or rather he never gave up the role).

Baek doesn’t get captured in lotto…. He is sitting too freely. He actually thinks that they have saved the girl and waiting for the others to meet him. But the others get captured in lotto. He realizes it when they are late and he goes to free them. They get free and have their dinner where Chen is standing in the middle…. But they are again captured by the forces (xing yeol Jongin chen might have killed some from red forces too) and actually captured along with Baek.

Lucky One

We see here that they are restrained and somehow sedated with that injected liquid and they have lost their powers. But with soo able to connect with all of them and being the center and holding the key, he breaks the windows, which is a significance that he is trying to break the walls in their mind and get their powers back. They do get back the powers slightly and are shown to try and escape. Soo and Jongin doesn’t have their powers yet. Soo is running to a room but stops and looks at something which effectively means he sees Jongin dancing and understands that his powers haven’t yet returned.

Lucky one ends with them still in the maze.

(soo is the lucky one because he is mentally connected to all members and physically through Jongin)


RU can be said as real whereas LMR is soo’s despair because he is not able to save them in lucky one. They are back to square one where they are still prisoners, and soo imagines himself as alice in wonderland. Also here, it is to be noted that they are still stuck in lucky one facility, because xing sees baek running(when he was running in lucky one same place).

Exoluxion vcr

This takes us back to lucky one because the members are still trying to break free of the maze.

(maze is not shown here but their struggles are shown… it’s a mix of interims between Monster and before losing their power in lucky one to again gaining power slightly.)


One of the most important mv, because they are still stuck in a place but soo receives a message. (if we remember lotto the previous message from Mama was undelivered because the girl is captured)Soo now knows how to leave the maze and reach their destination. He and Jongin are the first one to get out because kaisoo are connected themselves, they are the beginning-end. Also, when they leave the maze they end up in different locations across the earth.


The part where everyone misses each other is shown here, also we see soo driving the same car here as in pathcode. He looks back at the back seat signifying he is remembering the others. We can say that they have escaped but all of them are alone and missing each other.

Pathcode/ CMB

Soo n nini are very important
Because Colorado n london are same time
Now if we calculate everything with Colorado time
Hun yeol min baek tao jun dae xing
This is the order how the events happen

Soo day 1. He is out n o his way to Colorado.

Soo day 2.

Nini. Soo reaches him first because he will be teleporting with them.

Hun. He gets a msg from soo with a place code. He checks the place finds the home.. the two kids resemble lu n kris..But then he sees the eclipse n feels the wind… Signifying the return of powers

Yeol. He doesn’t start the fire.. the flick looks very much like soo/dae..He starts the fire but yeol is unaffected signifying his powers have returned.

Min. He touches the guy in stairs but no freezing happens. He receives the msg on the tv bcz he is the archive. He keeps his glass n runs.. the glass turns frozen. Powers are back.

Baek. He receives the msg in the middle of a chase. Lights are flickering because he is powerless n he is in danger. Lights go off. Baek reaches gate. He is scared but the teaser ends with light dots, meaning powers are back.

Tao. He reads paper. Something about forces joining. And suddenly there’s a burst n time stops. He is shocked because he can’t stop time because he is powerless. But when he leaves the store the outside time is frozen meaning his powers are back.

Jun. He gets a call n he’s calm because he knows the powers will be back. He welcomes the water.

Dae. He is reading in the rooftop. He’s there because he has got the msg. His powers return with the eclipse.

Xing. He is going in. The flower is dry. He is inside n gets the msg. He goes out flower has blossomed. His powers are back.

Soo day 3.
Nini. The forces know they have escaped and nini is followed. He has transported everyone n now returning back to soo at the same time which is the time in soo’s Colorado. Soo. His powers haven’t returned however he can connect to all the other members n return their powers. That is why he is waiting and worried. It’s also shown that the people are arriving..Wind water light in all those forms…
Completing the circle of begining = end


The eclipse stops the war.

SFY – II + For life

After they meet again, I think they sort of have a fight because of wrong decisions and them getting separated. The fight between yeol and jun finally resolves in for life because now he understands what all happened and they have the heart bracelet.


They forces reunite and return to exoplanet signifying their end of time in earth with the enlistment hiatus starting.


Total Solar Eclipse II | Guernsey State Park (Wyoming)

Cruz, Lightning, and Sally have some generally vague idea that solar eclipses are things that happen and they are cool. So here they are.

Storm, on the other hand, is so ready. HE IS SO READY. HE IS SO READY HE WANDERED OFF THE ROAD AND INTO THE FOREST BECAUSE HE COULDN’T CONTAIN HIS EXCITEMENT and then just stared up at the sky daring the sun to burn his retinas out–just go ahead and try.


Full Metal Eclipse (part II): “Black Hole Sun”

In part two of this solar eclipse special, The Doomed & Stoned Show continues with listener suggestions and a few special finds, including:

1. Black Sabbath - Hole In The Sky
2. The Judge - Sunshine Of Your Love (Cream)
3. KISS - Goin’ Blind
4. Horse - To Greet The Sun
5. Occult Wisdom - Look At The Sun
6. Brimstone Coven - Children Of The Sun
7. Kaballah - The Darkness of Time
8. Mothership - Priestess Of The Moon
9. Ozzy Osbourne - Bark At The Moon
10. Naevus - Black Sun
11. Alunah - Song Of The Sun
12. Moonbow - Towards The Sun
13. Shadow Witch - Sun Killer
14. Valley of the Sun- As Earth And Moon
15. Alice in Chains - Sunshine
16. Isole - Age Of Darkness
17. DAWN - The Sun
18. Cirith Ungol - Death Of The Sun
19. Cave of Swimmers - The Sun
20. Demonauta - Tierra Del Fuego
21. Acid King - Sunshine And Sorrow
22. Monolord - Empress Rising
23. End of Green - Dark Side Of The Sun
24. Black Capricorn - Perpetual Eclipse
25. Diesto - High As The Sun
26. High on Fire - Sons of Thunder
27. ((( Silence For The Great Eclipse )))
28. The Funeral Orchestra - Black Orbit
29. Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun (live)

Support the bands.

Illustration by Vitaly S Alexius

Made with SoundCloud

i remember a friend on deviantart whose ii otp was cheesy x tissues and now i can totally see it happen here’s some reason why this is great

  • cheesy totally validating, accepting and comforting tissues despite his illness!!!
  • both of them were ostracized by their peers because of something that was a part of them… they both talk about their troubles with that and just feel totally welcome and validated!!!
  • cheesy cheering tissues up with jokes YES!!!!
  • cheesy is a cheese (shocker) cheese is mold therefore tissues cannot make him sick ??? idk its science
  • its gay

so cute!!!!!!!!!!


Partial Solar Eclipse 2 - May 10, 2013 by Joseph Brimacombe
Via Flickr:
Taken from Coral Towers Observtory with a Canon 5D Mk II and 300 mm lens with 2x Tele-converter and a solar filter.

i think it’s hilarious how people shun inanimate insanity for “having too much drama” cause like

steven universe handles topics involving abuse, the main protagonist is mentally dead inside at age 14, there’s shit going on involving grief, self worth, trauma, and so much more “drama” and many people cherish the show for doing so, (as do i) saying it’s helping people who can relate to all of this, as well as all the lgbt stuff that goes on in there being really cool.

but as soon as inanimate insanity handles self-worth, friendship and betrayal it’s woah that’s way too much drama this show is horrible

like go fuck yourself gently with a chainsaw man