eclipse class

Daniel Cudmore

Height: 6’8”

Most Famous For: Playing Piotr Rasputin/Colossus in the “X-Men” films and the Volturi Felix in the “Twilight” films

Suggestion Credit: rrpdsks


DJcurtis’ Eclipse-class Enterprise G.

There are few “future” Enterprises that I like, usually they lack the elegance and a certain flow of design that I think befits the name. But this one, I think, manages to sit well alongside the others of it’s lineage.

Perhaps it’s not a huge depature from the others, but often the “future” federation ships (canon or not) lose something in terms of visuals that leaves them looking more like a ship in federation colours, rather than a federation ship in my eyes.

I like it anyway. YMMV.

the signs as random things that i’ve done so far in 2015

aries: shouted “fall out boy shirt!” at a stranger in an airport at 3am because i was also wearing a fall out boy shirt

taurus: gave up writing my end-of-year maths exam after i realised i didn’t understand any of it and took a forty-minute nap instead

gemini: watched the shining with my brother and made fun of the carpets the entire time

cancer: befriended an entire flock of pigeons with a packet of tuc crackers

leo: wrote ‘thug life’ across my tiny, quiet friend’s knuckles in permanent marker

virgo: texted my friends apropos of nothing to tell them i was changing my name to bread, then refused to give them any explanation as to why

libra: went to see big hero six for my seventeenth birthday and stayed for the entirety of the credits (long after everyone else was gone) so that me and my friends could loudly sing immortals and then cheer when dan and phil’s names came up for their cameo roles

scorpio: looked directly at the sun during an eclipse and walked to class with a bright circle of afterglow obscuring my vision

sagittarius: got in trouble in art class for holding and petting one of the sheep skulls my teacher has (for still-life drawings), as if it was a cat and not a piece of bone, and severely creeping her out

capricorn: watched netflix in my driveway at one in the morning

aquarius: threw a scrunched-up piece of paper at the back of a good-looking stranger’s head on the public bus and then engaged him in conversation when he turned around (he told me i should visit stuttgart when i finish school because it’s a beautiful city)

pisces: tweeted one of my favourite authors a question about one of her books, had a chat and ended up getting told top secret canon info never included in the book itself as a reward for being a nice fan