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In the games canon, before he fought Mephiles, has Shadow ever actually purposefully removed his inhibitor rings?

Like, iirc, they were originally just a random part of his character design until the idea was taken from Sonic X that they were there to put a limit on his power. They were there from the beginning of SA2 so presumably Gerald designed them? After all, Shadow wasn’t just supposed to be a peaceful experiment on immortality and cures for diseases, as much as Gerald would have preferred that - GUN was insisting he be designed as a weapon, and Gerald also had to give him enough fighting ability to be able to successfully take on the Black Arms (hence why he originally built the Eclipse Cannon).

So like… Gerald creates this incredibly powerful creature, realizes that it’s harmful (both to Shadow and to others) to enable him to use his power without restriction, and gives him inhibitor rings that, if Sonic X is anything to go by, don’t stop him from using any abilities but rather put an upper limit on how much he can use at once, so he doesn’t burn out or accidentally hurt anyone. Because of that reason, I doubt it was GUN who insisted Gerald make them - they were very clearly there not to shackle Shadow, but to protect him and others (and Shadow continues to willingly wear them throughout all the games, suggesting he agrees). They were, if anything, an act of kindness and caution on Gerald’s part.

Now I seriously doubt that Shadow would have seen cause to remove them anytime before GUN placed him in suspended animation, because before Gerald tampered with his memory he wasn’t a violent personality. Even when GUN was trying to hunt him and Maria down on the ARK, his response was to run away and try to protect Maria first. Then in SA2 he also never removes them, just loses one at the moment of Chaos Control, the one Sonic brings back to Rouge. In Heroes he has both again, so I’m assuming Eggman copied the remaining one so he’d have two again, and in ShTH he also leaves them on the entire time.

So my question is basically, how did Shadow have any idea what would happen when he fought Mephiles? When he snaps off the first one Rouge gives him a look of shock, almost like “I can’t believe it, it’s really happening, he’s really doing it”, a look that makes me think he’s probably warned her before that if he removes them she should be prepared for anything. But like… assuming he really never has had any prior cause to remove them, all Shadow would have to go on is hazy memories of 50 years ago, Gerald giving them to him and telling him to wear them always, so nothing will go wrong. He just knows that they hold back some of his power.

Like… it honestly just makes me impressed. Because if all of the above is true, that means that even when facing down threats like the Finalhazard, Metal Overlord, and Devil Doom, he never got the impression that they were undefeatable by normal means. Mephiles, however… the moment he sees Mephiles standing amongst his hundreds of clones, that is the moment that finally convinces him that it’s time. He’s gonna take off the rings and deal with whatever consequences that might have.

You notice he puts them back on immediately after he’s done fighting. I don’t think he likes the uncertainty of having them off.

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"sonic fandom in 2005" TELL ME WHAT THIS WAS LIKE ANDY RUSEY, i was but a child then and my curiousity is BURNING

Shadow the Hedgehog (the video game, not the character) came out in late 2005, and since 2005 is a year that is more recent than 1996, the Sonic fandom spent most of 2005 wailing and tooth-gnashing about how this is ruining Sonic forever, etc.

I don’t know how widespread it was, but in my particular corner of the fandom, there was a particular complaint that kept coming up which was that it was out of character for Shadow to use guns, because he hated guns, because his tragic backstory involved someone he cared about being shot and obviously this means he’s Bruce Wayne.  There was literally nothing in the games supporting the idea that Shadow had any particular opinion about guns, and in fact his debut in Sonic Adventure 2 involved him working with Eggman (whose gameplay is entirely based on shooting) for the purpose of firing the Eclipse Cannon (which is, after all, a really big gun), but when I pointed that out, I was promptly informed that I was being ridiculous and the only possible reason I might say this was that I was blindly defending Obviously Bad Things for the purpose of starting arguments.  (One normally-reasonable person compared what I’d said to defending the Holocaust.)

Incidentally, Batman Begins came out in 2005 and features a scene in which Bruce Wayne intends to shoot someone.


Alternate titles: “I am very worried for Shadow the Hedgehog” or “why they should’ve expanded more on Shadow and Amy’s relationship post-SA2 for fUCK’S SAKE”

Let’s start with Shadow.

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By studying the ARK’s data and combining that with his advanced Chaos energy control techniques, Shadow was able to reproduce the power of the Eclipse Cannon as a energy beam when in his super form. As soon as he thought of it, he swore to himself to never use it unless the universe was in danger and Sonic couldn’t handle it.


Did you know? When Sonic Adventure 2 was ported to the Gamecube, there were numerous drastic changes to the lighting in cutscenes.

In SA2B, the flash of light that occurs when Shadow shows Dr Eggman the Eclipse Cannon in the Dreamcast version is no longer present in the Gamecube version. The lighting of Shadow’s model still reacts even though there’s no source of bright light anymore.

Level-up items don’t react to the new lighting at all This is most evident in the cutscene in which Sonic uses Chaos Control for the first time to save himself from Dr Eggman’s explosive capsule - Knuckles’ Hammer Gloves stick out like a sore thumb in the Gamecube version. They gelled with the lighting caused by Sonic’s Chaos Control in the Dreamcast version.

Guys … I just realized something.

… did the Eclipse Cannon ever have to be tested while it was in development? If so, then how in the hell did it get tested? Because 

1.) Chaos Emeralds are hard to come by. Did it have any other back-up power source? 


2.) I’d imagine any weapon this powerful would have to be ironed out for bugs to ensure that it does what it’s supposed to: otherwise humankind would have been up shit’s creek without a paddle when the Black Comet reappeared. 

The thing is, however, you can’t exactly shoot a humongous death laser at Mars without alerting the people on Earth that the ARK is up to something.