Everyday is a new struggle and a new moment to embrace my hair journey. I was just talking to one of my best friends tonight about my rebirth from American/European beauty standards to setting standards for myself that are true to me. It’s a rebirth because some days I feel ugly, like a boy or just unkept. Then there’s days where I’m saying “oh she’s poppin’ today”. It’s a love hate relationship as I let go of the beauty I associated with weaves and straight hair (not knocking anyone who wears these styles) to where I’m at now. I’m literally at a point of having no other choice but to love me exactly who I am and how I look right now… There’s no turning back. Hence my rebirth.


From natural to straight and back again.

I love the versatility of natural hair and how it allows you to literally do whatever you want with it (with moderation lol). To celebrate my one year natural hair journey I got my hair straightened. It came out beautifully and I co-washed it yesterday which made my curls pop right back into place :)

Despite the up’s and down’s I couldn’t trade natural hair for the world because it gives me options, versatility and a connection to my best self.