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Hi friends!

My name is Dana and I am a beginner witch in the Tumblr stratosphere. 
I’d love to get to know some wonderful witches and find some amazing blogs to follow! 

So if you post:

~ Spells (jar, emoji, pop culture inspired, literally any type!)
~ Sigils
~ Candle Magic
~ Bath/Shower Magic
~ Witch Info and Tips
~ Beginner Witch Tips
~ BOS/Grimoire 

Or if you are a witch of any kind, or specifically:

~ Spoonie Witch
~ Kitchen Witch
~ Cottage Witch
~ City/Urban Witch
~ Music Witch
~ Eclectic Witch
~ Storm/Weather Witch

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Eclectic Method - A Brief History of Sampling by Eclectic Method

Set aside Shazam for a moment and watch Eclectic Method’s A Brief History of Sampling.

Kevin Parker from Tame Impala performing at Coachella 2015. Who can wear scarves better than Kevin Parker? Not many. His eclectic style with this simple tee and jeans is expressed through a simple scarf (and props to the long hair), his style really suits his expressive and psychedelic rock style of music. 

Image sourced from Deerwaves