Lately | volume 4: Just another random little mix for your pleasure.

  1. angel of death — screaming dead
  2. blues from a gun — jesus and the mary chain
  3. so in love — omd
  4. there goes my gun — pixies
  5. the sailing song — the dough rollers
  6. blonde on blonde — nada surf
  7. post break-up sex — the vaccines
  8. i struck a match — lesley gore
  9. come softly to me — the fleetwoods
  10. reptile — the church
  11. carry home — the gun club
  12. can’t be sure — the sundays
  13. i’m waiting here — david lynch ft. lykke li
  14. ha — htrk
  15. are you sincere? — andy williams

and 5 more great tunes.

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This is to the anon who was asking. There’s download links involved. The files are all in mp3 format unless otherwise stated and hosted on but the links redirect okay).

Some of them are just one song that acts like the “ending credits” song and others are full lists where I describe where I imagine the music playing in the story. For fics with full lists, I list which fic the playlists belong to and what part of the fic the music would happen if it was a movie.

Under a cut because this is exhaustively long XD!!!

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(obscure jazz-funk / various)

alioni - tsiti tsiora 

mike simpson -  open discussion 

harry roseli kharisma v.g - kebebasan semut 

terry snyder and the allstars - yours is my heart alone in a persian market mambo jumbo 

jaan kumani ansambel - gloobus

amanaz - khala my friend 

helene smith - i am controlled by your love 

honkey boo band - same

aum - today tomorrow

felix pappalardi - as the years go passing by

b.p convention - little boy with big heart

Lately | volume 5: CALLING ALL EARS! this mix is v cool so listen in…as usual, a little bit of everything.

  1. the chain — fleetwood mac
  2. kamata hollywood city — the gun club
  3. and i love her — the beatles
  4. he’s a doll — the honeys
  5. american — lana del rey
  6. sleep apnea(demo) — beach fossils
  7. linger — the cranberries
  8. down in it — nine inch nails
  9. dance hall days — wang chung
  10. walking in la — missing persons
  11. breakout a town — julie ruin

and 11 more unexpected tunes!


anonymous asked:

Are you obsessed with any TV shows/books/series?

I wouldn’t say “obsessed,” but the shows I make the most effort to follow are Awkward. and How I Met Your Mother (my favorite).

(I also like Project Runway, certain shows on Food Network, and watching videos of The Voice UK or USA on Youtube.)



Aini Sharifah - Kepulangan Ayah

Isabelle Aubret - Cas A Forte

Brandy Brown - That’s The Way It Is

Cana Brava - Bla Bla Bli Bli

Chartrand - Ani Kuni

Tamam Shud - Goolutionites Theme Part 2

Collegium Musicum - If You Want To Fail

Ellaine Dambre - Jai Peur La Nuit

First Edition - Just Dropped In

Tiny Tim - You’re Nobody Till Somebody Loves You

The PAL Studio Band - Masked Grandma

David John & The Mood - I Love To See You Strut

The Golden Cups - Do You Know I Love You

Howlin’ Wolf - Wang Dang Doodle

Jimi Hendrix - Up From The Skies

Lem Clubman - Round Up

Jimmy & Stan - Tahiti

Keith Lynn, The S.P.M’s & Byron Lee & The Dragonaires - My Sweet Lord

Les Royal Enfield - My Surf

Jane Birkin - Bebe Song

Burt Rocket - Mr.Rocket

Thar's dunben a new artikle rote ahn

Thar’s dunben a new artikle calt The Dagger’s most popular posts of 2014 rote ahn

#AdreianPayne, #CollegeBasketball, #EclecticMix, #LaceyHolsworth, #MichiganState, #TheDagger

The Dagger’s most popular posts of 2014


College basketball producet its usual eklectick mix o'steries thishere year, an’ t'Dagg'r coverd all o'um — frum t'poignant, ta t'hard-hittyun’, ta t'funny, ta t'bizarre. Here’s a look at t'10 mos popular steries o’t’ year an’ a han'fil at jes missd t'cut: 1. Lacey H…

"The Warmth of Orange"----A Colorful Treasury Collection of Unique Creations for Sale on Etsy

“The Warmth of Orange”—-A Colorful Treasury Collection of Unique Creations for Sale on Etsy

Joyce Morgan, of reJoyceJems jewelry shop on Etsy, is the curator of this beautiful and wonderful collection of creations for sale on Etsy. Click on the link, below, and that will take you to the Treasury; and, then, click on each photo, and that will take you to its’ listing, to learn more about it and to see more photos, too!…

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Brighton Record Fair 5/10/14

Cardboard boxes full of records - is there any finer sight in this, or indeed any other, universe?

That picture is from the old Brighton fair, when it was in the main Brighton Centre building. Now it’s in the East Wing, a smaller but equally accommodating venue for the event.

Anyway  - I’d missed the last few fairs so thought I’d truck along.

Spirit - Spirit of ‘76. Double vinyl in Ex. con. £6. A rotund chap in his late sixties wanted £8 but I negotiated a £2 discount. It’s got Randy California’s best-ever song on it - Victim Of Society.

Brian Eno - Taking Tiger Mountain (BY Strategy) VG con. £10. I had all Eno’s song-based '70s albums back in the day - but sold them along the way. They are quite hard to find on vinyl now. The one I bought was not such a great purchase as it’s a bit beaten-up. Worth it to hear The Fat Lady of Limbourg again though. Bought from the stall of a chap who’s nice enough - but I always come away feeling slightly ripped off. He wanted £15 but this would have been sheer robbery.

Just going out of the door at the end of the day and paused at Colin Edgworld’s handsome stall - always bulging with good stuff. He always tries to sell me things that I don’t really want - but this time he picked out an absolute stormer. My request for 'techno - but not boring’ was answered by this fantastic 12" by Karen Gwyer that came out earlier in the year on No Pain In Pop. It has two enormously long drone/pulse/drift workouts that are some of the best stuff I’ve heard this year. Thanks Col.

Also stopped at my old mate’s Rik’s stall. He always manages to find some different gear - and this time he has obtained some nice white label test pressings of Decca reissues from last year. “Those look good” I said. “I’ve had them for ages and you’re the first person to say that” he replied. Rik always sounds amazed and slightly depressed as to what sells and what doesn’t these days. Not wishing to nail the guy to the floor I put in a VERY cheeky bid of £12 for both the Caravan and a World Of Oz white label. Accepted! Deal done.

Off-beat little 7" by Beau Wanzer. Took a chance on this limited edition item by the Long Island Electrical Systems recording star. Seven-inch is probably not the best format for the in-an-ideal-world long-form style of pulsing electronics but nice to get. I think they’ve only made a few.

Also on a 7" tip - picked up this Delia n’ Anthony 7" recorded in 1966 but only just released on the esteemed Trunk outlet. Strange Joe Meek’s Blue-Men style electronics (Delia spent 64 and a ½ hours on this, apparently) coupled with Anthony Newley’s wide-boy vocals. Good fun.

Yet another 7" - this time ersatz Thai funk from The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band. Comes with a decent Nick Manasseh dub on the flip.

You can hear these and a few other new acquisitions in my Record Fair Special this Friday and over the weekend on The Daily Show.


nothing says <3 more than a great mix.

the avalanches - extra kings / summer crane
the chuck davis orchestra - spirit of sunshine
chaino and his african percussion - the feast dance
ananda shankar - dancing drums
sun ra - moon dance
sangandongo - niagara
moondog - voices of spring
martin denny - sake rock
nino nardini - afro-beat
yamasuki - yama yama
raymond scott - when will it end?
ratatat - mahalo
mum - behind two hills… a swimmingpol
air france - beach party
mulatu astatke - ene alantchi alnorem
bonzo dog band - i’m the urban spaceman
les baxter - lust for listening
romano rizzati - shake n°5b
alessandro alessandroni - spiagge azzurre
nico fidenco - super colpo da 7 miliardi
roy ayers - evolution
moodymann - mahogani 9000
nino rota - o venezia, venaga, venusia
boards of canada - the color of the fire
faust - it’s a bit of pain
arthur russell vs johanna billing - this is how we walk on the moon
can - she bring the rain



the irony is that sega and super nintendo aren’t 8 bit

Alpha Rising Vol. 4 - Ephemeral Eclecticity is done! I think this is my best mix yet, the transitions are much smoother than my last and the songs flow together pretty well. I’ll post a full tracklisting later on tonight. Give it a listen, share with your friends, download and let me know what you think! Comments, criticism and advice are all welcome. Enjoy! :D