Some Ilvermorny headcanons
  • First and foremost, every day is cranberry pie day
  • While students do have robes, the clothes they wear underneath the robes are not uniforms. There is an eclectic mix of tastes, from the very serious horned serpent who wears button-downs and ties every day, to the wampus who has enchanted their graphic t-shirt to move, to the thunderbirds and pukwudgies who mutually exist solely for sweater weather.
  • Every year on James Steward’s birthday, there is a school-sponsored cranberry pie bake-off. Pukwudgie house nearly always wins. Once, thunderbird won and good lord you would think it was the civil war all over again
  • There are a lot of local professors, of course, so you get some really thick Boston accents, but there are also professors with southern belle accents who serve iced tea in class, professors with Canadian accents, professors with midwest accents, several Native American professors with smooth, lulling accents, and some Mexican professors who slip into Spanish when they get super excited about their subject. There was a visiting professor from Ireland once, and 96% of female students (and some male students) had major crushes on him.
  • Wampus house is where you go to get body-crushing, soul-lifting hugs
  • Horned serpents may be scholars, but they are also some of the keenest observers. They watch the whole school from afar and quietly play matchmaker to all of their friends. No one suspects them because - what, horned serpent? No. They don’t know about emotions. Meanwhile, the house president makes a killing on the bet she made to predict the homecoming king/queen. 
  • Thanksgiving at Ilvermorny is a spectacle that has to be seen to be believed. It’s almost bigger than Christmas. The thanksgiving feasts at Ilvermorny put Hogwarts to shame. Turkey, ham, real cranberry sauce, pies - oh my god so many pies. They’ve got cider, and tea, and cocoa like you wouldn’t believe. There are New English dishes and Southern dishes and Native dishes and Mexican dishes and Canadian dishes and West Coast dishes - essentially it’s a gigantic continental potluck, and it goes on all day long. Also, their pumpkin juice tastes 1000 times better.
  • While things like dueling and fighting with wands may be frowned upon at Hogwarts, at Ilvermorny it’s kind of just assumed that stuff happens, and the profs are very chill about it. “Just don’t kill each other okay” “just take it outside” “no casting destruction spells indoors” “bring some band-aids with you” “if you break your nose don’t bleed on your homework”
  • Pukwudgies are a pretty agreeable house over all, if not a bit salty and surly around the edges, they’ll still help you with your homework and bring you soup when you’ve got a cold. But all bets are off when they step onto the lacrosse field. Maybe its a pride thing, but pukwudgies are frikkin animals when playing lacrosse.
  • Wampus beats pukwudgie at lacrosse fairly often. They don’t actually practice that much, they just kind of win.
  • This fact has fueled a sports rivalry - friendly in wampus’ eyes, bloodthirsty in pukwudgie’s eyes. 
  • At wampus/pukwudgie games, horned serpents sell special blends of popcorn. Thunderbirds purchase, hoard, and eat 89% of this popcorn.
  • Horned serpents and pukwudgies often, though not always, end up having an unspoken rivalry in potions class.
  • Contrary to popular belief, wampus is not full of athletic jocks. However, they are the most body-positive of all of the schools, and, somewhat ironically to the stereotype, will never judge anyone for their athletic ability. They want everyone to be able to enjoy athleticism and bravery and adventure in the ways they are most able and gifted.
  • That being said, they do have the kind of student body who, if called upon, could become a minute militia.
  • When there is a freak hurricane or tornado headed headed for the school, it will be a wampus student who is patrolling the halls and telling students where to go for safety. If there is a bully in school, you had better bet your bottom dollar that s/he will be beaten to a pulp by the next day, and it will be a wampus student sporting mysteriously bloody knuckles.
  • Pukwudgies are the ones who patch up the bully; they might accidentally wind the bandages a little too tight.
  • Thunderbirds love a good game of hide-and-seek. They have a tradition of, every halloween, playing hide-and-seek in the dark in the woods.
  • Horned serpents are the students least often caught for sneaking in contraband into school. Caught being the key word. Most students learn at some point in their education that if you want a nice stiff drink, you go to horned serpent. During secret designated holidays, horned serpent common room turns into a speakeasy. 
  • Unexpectedly, it is pukwudgies who carry the most weapons and dangerous materials on their person at any given time. If a group of Ilvermorny students were going through a security check, it would be the pukwudgies held at the line while they emptied their pockets (bigger on the inside, of course) of various poisons and weapons. When asked, they would just shrug and say “just in case”.
  • The town around Ilvermorny is home to several franchised chain restaurants that, although they are no-maj brands, have been taken over by Ilvermorny alumni and thus serve predominantly wizarding patrons. Cups levitate to customers in the Starbucks, there are magic-only options on the menu; the chik-fil-a floor sweeps itself; at dominos the pizzas assemble themselves while the one clerk waits, bored, at the register. There are in-house cues for magic patrons whenever a no-maj walks in. The clerk rings a bell or taps loudly on the counter, or yells out an order than is actually a code word for stop doing magic stuff. It’s like red light green light.
  • There are some old service tunnels beneath the school left over from WWII and the Cold War. They’re like a labyrinth, and Thunderbird has a monopoly on the maps to the tunnels. Some of the more obscure tunnels have large rooms that are perfect for parties and impromptu speakeasies (lookin at you, horned serpent). Thunderbirds will rent out these rooms to fellow students at a fair and competitive rate.
  • Unlike hogwarts, Ilvermorny students are more apt to use modern technology. Electrics can be weird around witches and wizards, but they still enjoy a lot of no-maj programming. They use computers instead of quills (but still have to print off their essays, ugh,) and listen to music, and watch TV.
  • Star Trek has long been a school cult favorite. Pukwudgies have adopted Bones as their pop culture mascot; Kirk is Thunderbird’s, Spock, horned serpent. Wampus vacillates on which of these three they like most, though it must be said, when they start watching Next Gen, many wampus students find themselves enamored with Worf,
  • There has only been one no-maj to ever make it past the magic shields of Ilvermorny unaided. This instance was in 1985. His name was Chad, who at the time was 1) stoned out of his mind and 2) delivering chinese takeout to a horned serpent pulling an all-nighter. School admin found out later, and there was hell to pay. They never did track down Chad to wipe his memory.
  • Pukwudgie house does have more than its fair share of healers, so they are definitely the ones to go to for cold remedies, home made soup, the best cures for menstrual cramps, and really good back rubs.
  • However, they are also the ones to go to for less medical remedies: the best hot cocoa, the most gourmet teas, and home made food.
  • Each house has a class president who is elected for a two-year term (unless they’re a final year student, in which case they will serve one before being taken over by their VP). They have some influence within their houses, but never as much as they’d like. For instance, the thunderbird president once attempted to institute mid-day dancing parties, but school admin said no.
  • Pukwudgies are usually not super athletic, but are often very good at things like darts, archery, and waterbaloon fights.
  • Wampus takes ultimate frisbee very, very seriously.
  • Thunderbird hosts an ongoing scavenger hunt throughout the semester.
  • The women of horned serpent blow off steam and the stuffy acadmic pressures of their house by making pillow forts and watching rom coms with each other.
  • Back in the eighties some wizard created a magic version of D&D, and it has become a weekend favorite of many students across all of the houses.
  • After graduation, instead of having a class ring, it has become tradition for Ilvermorny students to make a pendant out of their golden cloak buttons.
  • Ilvermorny may be separated by inter-house squabbles much like at Hogwarts, but at the end of the day, they all leave school wearing the same blue and cranberry robes, sporting the same skill with a wand, raised to the same scrappy, witty, mod-podge tenacity that American witches and wizards embody so well.

the adventure zone is an eclectic mix of genres and its funny and lighthearted but with a pinch of drama, its interesting and captivating and it has a bunch of npc characters of all shapes and sizes, races, genders, sexualities etc. 

you want a canonically gay wizard flirting with death? you got it. 

a dragonborn and an orc in a canon wlw relationship? thats there too. 

nonbinary characters? yep! they’re in there

its a fucking beautiful cacophony with a steady underlying narrative that’s bigger than anything i could have imagined and the boys play it so so well 

its good for a laugh, its good for a serious story, its good for listening to when you’re walking to or from work, when you’re bussing or driving somewhere or if you’re working on something and need to keep your ears occupied 

i seriously cannot recommend a better podcast to listen to 


Yellowwood (Pt. 1)

I started to get serious about photography around ten years ago, it was around that same time I also became obsessed with the architecture in the town that I resided in. Huntington, West Virginia is not by any means a huge city or anything but in the early 1900’s was certainly somewhere to be. The advancement of the railroad and shipping along the Ohio River made Huntington grow at a rapid pace. One property in particular always caught my eye, instantly hypnotizing me with it’s beauty.

In 1911 an Adirondack log cabin style house called Yellowwood was built on the southern side of the city by Mr. and Mrs. S.P. Hager. The original purpose was for it to be used as a hunting lodge, but three years later as Huntington continued to grow they decided to convert the structure into a home adding an English Tudor section in 1914. Yellowwood covers 6,000 square feet (not including the basement and secret passageways) and sits on two acres of land. An eclectic mix of woods including pine, oak, chestnut, hickory, and poplar were used in construction. The majority of the raw materials used in the build were from the surrounding land including the cobblestones that make up the bordering wall and chimney. In it’s prime the house was surrounded by gardens, wildflowers, and a dry lily pond but as it sit’s now overgrown weeds and fallen tree limbs are all that remain.

Over the years I’ve taken numerous photos of this house, constantly day dreaming about it in it’s glory and especially if it were mine. While photographing it last summer a neighbor and his friendly yellow lab approached me to inquire what I was doing. During our brief conversation we compared a few notes on it’s history as I inquired about the plaque with the names on the rear patio. It was then that he informed me of the previous owners and part of the sad story that had left the house in it’s current state. Dr. Constance Hayden was a psychiatrist and her husband Dr. Richard Ansinelli was a cardiologist both in Huntington. The home had actually been in Dr. Hayden’s family for quite a while. Her parent’s rented the garage apartment from the second owner, Mr. Jameson, in the early 1960’s before acquiring the home in 1962. It was in 1988 that Dr. Hayden and her husband purchased the property from Hayden’s mother before restoring the home. I’ve seen a few photos of the house after the restoration and it was everything and more than I imagined while day dreaming all those times. The interior was filled with books, art, and antiques from around the world as well as from right here in West Virginia. Amongst these exquisite items was a handcrafted grand piano matching the wood of the house that Mr. Jameson had commissioned for his son, a concert pianist at Carnegie Hall. According to a 1992 local magazine article, it was the setting for quite a few Hallmark Christmas card photos as well.

From what I could gather about Dr. Hayden, she was a former US Army psychiatrist who did consulting and research in Washington,  DC along with having a private practice in Huntington that doubled as a research center. Among her list of accomplishments she helped develop a drug for bipolar disorder. Her practice in Huntington primarily focused on chronic pain management and sleep disorders. In the late 90’s a divorce left Dr. Hayden with control of the home but her declining mental state left her incapable of maintaining it. In 1997 she was involved in a high speed police chase originating in Lawrence County, Ohio and ending across the bridge in Huntington. Charges were dropped after the court believed she was incompetent to stand trial. The following year as a result of the police chase the WV Board of Osteopathy placed her medical license on restricted status. In 2003 she published a book titled “The True Art of Survival” on which the cover photo of her was taken at Yellowwood.

This is where the story gets a bit fuzzy. The last listed owner is a woman named Erin Hutchinson from eastern Kentucky. Upon trying to find out who this was I discovered that she was the wife of Chris Hutchinson, a man who allegedly coerced Dr. Hayden, in her unstable mental state, into selling him the house for cheap. Sadly Dr. Hayden did not have the ability, even after a lengthy court battle, to reclaim the property from him. According to neighbors, Hutchinson lived there for a brief time but was booted for whatever reason from the home. I’m not sure if this had anything to do with the court battles involving Dr. Hayden or the mortgage company. Shortly after his departure, “vandals” broke in and completely trashed the place. Go figure. Chris Hutchinson had owned and operated at least ten different electrical and security businesses between 1990 and 2012. In October of 2013 he pleaded guilty to tax fraud for failing to pay $250,000 in employment taxes and was sentenced to a federal prison.

According to the neighbor with the friendly lab, the bank who mortgaged the property occasionally sends someone there to secure it and mow the lawn but it’s future at this point is unknown. He was just as interested in the property as I, telling me about how he used to go to the courthouse to follow the case before it went cold. I don’t think whomever controls it now have been able to resell the property because of the ongoing lawsuits. A few years ago during a massive storm a tree fell on the front of the house knocking a hole in the slate roof. There has been talk of it being demolished because of the insanely high cost needed to restore the home but I honestly do not see how someone could even fathom the idea of doing so.

Now that I think about that part of my education, I often wondered what benefit my teachers thought I’d get from learning how to address a baroness or how to dance a late 18th century regency ball quadrille.

As it turns out, as I sit here writing a period style romance novel, quite a lot.

5 Books from University Publishers 

To celebrate University Press Week and our university press community here at Getty Publications, we took a shelfie of an eclectic mix of some of our favorite UP titles. Follow #ReadUP to see all the great offerings from university presses!

1. “T. S Eliot and Prejudice,” by Christopher Ricks. (University of California Press, 1989)

 This incisive study of an important modernist poet tackles a lot of the thorny issues that surround his work and confronts Eliot’s deep prejudices directly. It’s an important piece of scholarship from the University of California Press.

2. “Horace, the Odes,” Edited by J. D. McClatchy. (Princeton University Press, 2005). 

This translated collection showcases the wonderfully protean works of Horace but calling on thirty-odd poets to translate poems. The result is lively, fun, and unexpected. A big thank you to Princeton University Press for publishing this!

3. “The Iliad by Homer,” Translated by Richard Lattimore. (University of Chicago Press, 2011). 

The Lattimore translation of the Iliad is often assigned for the classroom, because it captures the excitement of the Iliad with accuracy and a light touch. This new(ish) edition from the University of Chicago Press has a stylish design.

4. “The Lady Anatomist,” by Rebecca Messbarger. (University of Chicago Press, 2010).

This beautifully assembled book is a fascinating look at a Anna Morandi Manzolini, an eighteenth-century Italian woman who became one of the most famous anatomical sculptors—creating most of her work in wax—of the period. A lovely read for those who love the weird and wacky of history, which is also from the University of Chicago Press.

5. “Man Ray: Writings on Art,” Edited by Jennifer Mundy. (Getty Publications, 2016. 

 Read about the work and life of Man Ray in his own words, from his time in Paris to his years in Los Angeles. His journals, letters, and poetry are all featured in this charming book from Getty Publications.


Boom! Box 2016 Mix Tape

Publisher: Boom! Studios
(W) Jon Chad, Rosemary Valero-O'Connell, John Kovalic, Kris Wilson, Rob DenBleyker, Dave McElfatrick (A) John Allison, Rosemary Valero-O'Connell, John Kovalic, Jon Chad, Kris Wilson, Rob DenBleyker, Dave McElfatrick (CA) Kevin Stanton

For the third year in a row, we’ve assembled a collection of short comics that embody the BOOM! Box aesthetic, an eclectic mix of weird tales from off the beaten track.
This year, we’re really leaning into the “mix tape” element by exploring music through sequential storytelling. These can be comics about being in a band, a story about the first time you went to a certain venue, or even a puzzle quest revolving around a music festival.
BOOM! Box 2016 Mix Tape embraces graphic storytelling in a way that embodies Tunes That Make You Think in Pictures…

(Release date: 7th December 2016)

For the holidays, Hancock would totally decorate all of Sanctuary with a colorful and eclectic mix of as many religious/cultural traditions as he could. Curie would be so dazzled by all the lights and would love Christmas songs. Cait would make (spiked) eggnog. Deacon dresses as Krampus and harasses everyone. Danse counters by dressing up as Santa. Preston and Sturges team up to make everyone gifts.

The Percy Sisters, Lady Caroline, Lady Julia & Lady Victoria playing lyre and lute in "Renaissance of Costume Splendour" for UK Vogue, October 1, 1970. Photographed by Barry Lategan.

The Percy Sisters are wearing fashions by Thea Porter who came to epitomize bohemian chic in the 1960s and ’70s, using an eclectic mix of luxurious fabrics for her signature flowing dresses that became favorites of stylish women everywhere. Faye Dunaway, Joan Collins, Barbra Streisand, and Elizabeth Taylor were fans.

Retro-Bit Generations is NES Classic’s weird, kind of flaky relative ⊟

The Retro-Bit Generations is a self-contained microconsole pre-loaded with “over 100″ games from publishers IREM, Jaleco, Capcom, and Data East, along with a lot of other stuff.

It was actually announced before Nintendo revealed its own microconsole, the NES Classic, but it has naturally become sort of a counterpoint to Nintendo’s version. 

Keep reading

I got tagged by @fornothingisevilinthebeginning (thank youuuuuuuu also your taste in music is a+)

Rules: Shuffle your music and write down the first 10 songs. No skipping (or else)! Tag 10 people.

1. Summer in the Sun by Saving Abel

2. Mama by My Chemical Romance

3. Gone in the Morning by Newton Faulkner

4. You’re the One for Me by Delta Rae

5. Gooey by Glass Animals

6. I Go to Extremes by Billy Joel

7. Warning by Incubus

8. Last Week’s Alcohol by Matt Doyle

9. Amen by Halestorm

10. Young New England (F&S) by Transit

I tag: @thejgatsbykid @trinaweisenbachfeld @emperadorabarca @insanity-block @ephemeralcanvas @beauty-without–abeat @sinnedpunk @saintrae @youcantseebutimmakingaface @coryschneiderisahugenerd and whoever else wants to do this :) 


Antwerp was known for the diamond trade and for its great art history. Today, Antwerp’s streets are an eclectic mix of old and new, filled with design shops, art galleries, cafés and independent businesses popping up everywhere in the city.

20 Days of Back to School Magic Challenge

Hi everyone! I decided to make a little challenge for witches who are heading back to high school or college. This challenge is an eclectic mix of spell writing, sigil making, enchantment, and even energy work to help you with going back to school!  You can do this challenge in the days leading up to the first day of school, or, if your school starts in less that 20 days like mine, you can do it in the first 20 days of school to help start the year off right. Enjoy, and make sure to tag your responses with #BackToSchoolWitchcraft

Day 1: Write a calming spell (going back to school can be stressful!)

Day 2: Draw a sigil on your planner/journal/calendar/etc to help keep you organized

Day 3: Write a spell for restful sleep to help get your sleep schedule back on track for school

Day 4: Make a sigil for your backpack or pencil box/case/bag to keep you from losing your supplies

Day 5: Write a motivation spell to motivate you to study and do your homework (or finish your summer reading)

Day 6: Make a sigil to attract new friends as you go back to school

Day 7: Write a spell to increase your memory

Day 8: Put some sigils on/near your mirror for self-love (school can sometimes take a toll on your self esteem)

Day 9: Make a small magical sachet or bottle to keep in your book bag or backpack

Day 10: Glamour your makeup, perfume/cologne, or clothes to increase/decrease your chances of getting called on in class (depending on if you like to be called on or not)

Day 11: Make a sigil for your water bottle to help you remember to stay hydrated throughout the day

Day 12: Write a spell for an extra boost of luck on your tests/quizzes/exams

Day 13: Enchant something small to keep in your locker throughout the day

Day 14: Create an energy shield and program it to increase your memory, focus, motivation etc or for some other helpful purpose

Day 15: Make a sigil on your notes to help you remember the information that you wrote down

Day 16: Perform one of the spells that you wrote during this challenge but haven’t done yet

Day 17: Enchant a pencil or pen with happiness, good luck, self-love or something else and give it to a friend

Day 18: Write a spell to keep you from missing much when you have to take a sick day

Day 19: Draw a sigil somewhere in your study space to make your study sessions more efficient

Day 20: Write a spell to ward off bad hair days, low spoon days, or whatever other days you would like to avoid.

Have fun! Make sure to tag your posts with #BackToSchoolWitchcraft if you would like to share :)


Art Exhibition 2016 - Vol. II: “Burgeoning Appetencies”

When I always got free time, I visit art exhibits.

This was my 4th time to attend art exhibit and it never fails to amaze me. I just visit exhibits near the city since I have work until Saturday.

I attended this event last year, in the 14th day of November at Iloilo Cinematheque. There are actually eight (8) artists who collaborated the said event and I am proud to tell that some of the artists were my college friends. They are really amazing! I was in awe when I was finally able to see each masterpiece closely.

To those who has no idea what was the art exhibit all about, here is a brief intro.

“Burgeoning Appetencies” brings in an eclectic mix of views, skills, style and medium. All eight artists held solo shows in the past several months and each had been a recipient of an exhibition grant from the artist-run cooperative gallery which is known today as Casa Real Gallery. Casa Real Gallery is a joint project by the Office of the Governor and VIVA ExCon Iloilo Org-IVAC. These solo shows held in different venues were highly successful that interest in the works have grown phenomenally. While others have done shows beyond Iloilo, others have been receiving commissions and grants to pursue their artistic progression. They have also ignited the rebirth of serious art appreciation and purchasing in Iloilo.

The artists of “Burgeoning Appetencies” who came from different schools (majority are from the Universitiy of San Agustine College of Fine Arts) were first discovered at the FDCP Cinematheque Art Gallery, the only of 5 cinematheques put up by FDCP around the Philippines that programs changing exhibitions for visual artists. It is just fitting that they all come together for this group show in the very same exhibition space that honed their talents and where they got exposed to all sorts of artistic nourishments: films, art exhibitions, workshops, art talks, performances and readings.

- VIVA EXCON 2016 Iloilo (FB Page)

Here are there masterpieces:

The Simplicity of Forgiveness by Bryan Liao (2x3 ft / wood and concrete)

Salamin ng Kahapon (Mirror of the Past) by Kat Malazarte (2x3 ft / acrylic on canvas)

(a closer look of what was written in a paper below Kat’s piece)

The Reflection of Confusion by Jeanroll Ejar (4x6 ft / reflector and aluminum sticker on autofinished plywood)

Tranquility by Jonn Laserna (4x6 ft / oil in canvas)

All Hope is Lost by Kinno Florentino (4x6 ft / oil on canvas)

Free the Animal (Self-Portrait) by Ronn Bulahan (5x4 ft / acrylic on canvas)

Ka-anyag by Cheska May Sarmon (4x4 ft / acrylic on canvas)

In a Haze by Claudine Dignadice (4x6 ft / oil and acrylic on canvas)

I also got the chance to take photos of my friends-slash-artists during the exhibit.

(L-R: Kinno Florentino, me & Kat Malazarte)

Ughhh! What an honor to be in between these talented artists! *insert heart emoji here*

Indeed, it was a successful event! A lot of art-enthusiast people went and it was a one-of-a-kind experience not just to me but to each of us who were part of the said exhibit.

Me at the right corner snapchatting the event, haha! (this last photo was grabbed at ATMOS.PH Facebook page)