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Gucci kicked off Milan Fashion Week with a bang, in the most literal sense. For his Spring 2018 collection, designer Alessandro Michele transformed a Milan gallery space into the so-called “Gucci hub,” a sprawling set that referenced a number of ancient cultures, including Roman, Indian, Aztec, and Egyptian styles. Guests were not only treated to that visual—and very Instagrammable—feast, but a visual explosion, as well, as heavy industrial music, courtesy of the Requiem For a Dream soundtrack, blasted from the speakers as models traipsed down the runway amid flashing neon lights. It was all to show a typically eclectic collection from the house, complete with Bugs Bunny and Snow White-printed sweaters, a chunky knit emblazoned with the phrase “Never Marry A Mitford,” and plenty of sequins. Among the show’s vast pool of references: Eighties figure skaters, glitter bodysuits, Aquanet-sprayed hair, and all. Between this collection and the upcoming I, Tonya movie, based on the infamous Tonya Harding scandal, we may just have a hot new trend on our hands. Here, take a backstage look at the Gucci Spring 2018 collection.


Another Venice

Andrea Mercatante and Adelaide Testa, from UDA Architect, renovated the top floor apartment and the common area of a 19th century building in Venice. In a city that lives radically in the past, the extraordinary architectural heritage finally welcomes the present.


Roberto Baciocchi’s home in Arezzo.

Architect Roberto Baciocchi -well-known as Prada stores designer - lives in a beautifull historic house in Arezzo. He didn’t want to change the spaces unless giving them a strong personality with the addition of his aesthetics.  The result is stunning: unique interiors with a sophisticated stratification of styles.

Christian Imbolc/Candlemas House Blessing

Hello lovelies! 🌱 Today I performed a small Imbolc ritual and found a lovely verse for blessing/protection your home and thought I’d share it with you:

Isaiah 32:18English Standard Version (ESV)

“My people will abide in a peaceful habitation,
    in secure dwellings, and in quiet resting places.”

I thought it was quite fitting and hope that you can find a way to use it in your practices!

Easy customizable spell for all purposes

Originally posted by blackgirlbruja

this spell is very simple and customizable to fit pretty much any purpose, wether you wish to get rid of bad energy, or need some good luck and money to come your way!

what you’ll need;

-a cleaning sponge, in whatever colour matches your intent

-a sigil for whatever you wish to attract

-fruit colouring

-bowl of lukewarm water

-*herbs corresponding to your intent


1.cut a hole in your sponge, not all the way trough so that you can stuff ya sigil in it without it falling trough in the other side.

2.*put different herbs inside the sponge to suit what you wish to achieve

3.put your sigil in the sponge and drip the food colouring in the water

4.when you feel the sigil/ sponge have soaked enough, take it up, dry the sigil and have it with you wherever you go.
or you can dispose of it, if you’ve used it to soak up all the negative energy in your room/ house/ wherever


A stunning loft in in Manhattan’s Midtown 

Located within a former 13-story school building -called The Glass Farmhouse- the loft was designed by its owner Charoonkit Thahong of Studio Recreation Inc, who renovated it according his own taste: an eclectic style open space, mostly clean and modern, with vintage pieces and design classics, tropical plants, collections of ceramics and contemporary art.

what i really want right now….. what i really want right now is to be on some small little town on the coast of maine or rhode island or somewhere else far northeast usa, where the water is always kind of grey and there’s always fog and i take my book down to the rocks and spread out a blanket and read in the morning, and by afternoon the sun is shining and there’s a cool breeze and i ride my bike to an apple orchard in my flowery dress and cardigan and pick some fresh apples, then go home to my quaint yet beautifully decorated and eclectic house where i bake the perfect apple pie and my whole house smells of cinnamon, and then i go to town square and roam the streets and walk into little stores, maybe stop for a cup of tea at the place i go so often they know my order, and night falls and streetlights go on and i wander and wander until it’s time to sleep and i head back to my house and change into my flannel pajamas and read a few more chapters of my book and dream


This beautiful period house is here home to B&B Italia design furniture: a perfect balance between old and new, and a terrific interior styling with even some remarkable vintage pieces, such as that astonishing mid-century pendant lamp, designed by Bruno Gatto for Stilnovo, c1950… so chic!!!!