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Just a friendly reminder:

  • Steve Universe is a children’s animation that has themes of mourning, identity, romance both straight and lbgt, representation, a predominately female group in a scifi/fantasy setting
  • Gravity Falls is an enthralling mystery with suspense, horror, strained relationships within a family, having a positive outlook on an uncertain future. Also a children’s animation
  • Avatar the Last Airbender is an Asianic inspired adventure where an eclectic group of protagonists, powered and non, all under the age of 15 are responsible for ending a 100 year war. Is nonspecific oriented in terms of age demographic
  • The Amazing World of Gumball uses an eclectic array of animation/art styles, has genuine humor and toys with trope expectations, but also deals several heart warming moments. Definitely intended for children, but has a few more adult jokes. 
  • Clarence is a light hearted look into the almost idealistic world of childhood memory and experiences. Once again a Children’s animation. 
  • Regular Show is, while intended for children, a stoner comedy with themes of growing up and dealing with relationships romantic or non, particularly moving on. 
  • Adventure Time, despite in my personal opinion straining under its own weight in recent years, delves into aspects of depression, nurodiversity, responsibility, themes of growing up,  accepting mortality, morality is a grey area being a reoccurring theme. Also a children’s animation. 
  • Star VS the Forces of Evil, a children’s animation with a female protagonist and a Hispanic male lead, is a subversion of the magical girl genre in anime with unique style and humor, deals with the aftereffects of colonialism(both from the oppressed and the descendants of oppressors)
  • Bojack Horseman, an adult animation, delves into the psychosis of an alcoholic struggling with depression and self loathing, toxic relationships, the effects of having and loosing fame, has an asexual supporting character, and heavily deals with the consequences of our actions for better or for worse. 
  • The Adventures of Rick and Morty, another adult animation, deals with existentialism, depression, surviving an attempted sexual assault, sacrificing your freedom for your family, and much, much dark humor. 

Meanwhile Seth Macfarlene is still swimming in the stagnate pile of decaying fecal matter and vomit that is his three series, Family Guy being the worst offender. Littered with horrible messages, shock humor that tries far too hard and is pathetic to watch, and completely insulting to everyone. Hell, even the Simpsons are still fresh and interesting after a decade on the air. And the remakes of Teen Titans and Power Puff Girls are an insult to the original series, and are peddled off as for children. 

Engagement Movie Night - Daddy’s Little Lovebug

Word Count: 1310

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Bad writing

A/N: Written for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing ‘s SPN Movie Night Challenge. My movie was Tangled. 

You could honestly say that several years ago you never envisioned yourself sitting around the table inside the bunker with such an eclectic group of people. Tonight was movie night. It was a tradition you started when JoJo was old enough to start watching movies. Tonight was her night to pick the movie and the guests, but it had also turned into a makeshift engagement party for Dean and you. JoJo invited everyone she could think of and everyone showed up. So here you were, sitting around the table eating pizza and wings with Dean, JoJo, Sam, Eileen, Mary, Cas, Crowley, Garth, Bess, Jody, Donna, Alex, and Claire.

Sam and Eileen were still the only two people you had told about your engagement other than JoJo, so you figured now was as good a time as any to drop the news. JoJo was about to explode with eagerness and excitement over it. “Mommy, Daddy? Can we do it now?” She questioned, face covered in pizza and BBQ sauce while she ate her pie.

“What do you say?” Dean looked at you to see if you were ready. “You wanna?”

“I wanna.” You nodded.

“Guys!” Dean yelled over the commotion. “We uh…we have something we wanna tell you.” You’d been hiding your left hand under a long sleeve sweater all night and it was starting to drive you insane, but nobody noticed.

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Witchcraft Discord Group?

So I’m in need of some good friends in my life and some fellow witches!! I was thinking of either starting up a discord group (haven’t decided on a name yet) or joining an already active one - emphasis on the active. Let me know what you guys think! I’m an eclectic witch that uses mainly tarot so I’m open to having any type of witch and every type of witch. Just be nice to everyone!!

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filthy frank tv: lore character descriptions

Because why not. 

Here is a almost complete list of all the important characters to lore, even those I failed to mention in the Lore Master Post with short descriptions explaining the character to the ever changing storyline.

I’ve also divided up the story into chapters because the “storylines” of the lore bleed into each show’s season. There’s only one main villain, Chinchin, so I did not include him or his many henchmen in the photos.

Video appearances may not have anything to do with the Lore itself but it’s usually the first and and last time the character is seen within the show.

Filthy Frank is 30 years older than his actor’s current age… and unless specified, all other character ages are unknown. 

This might not all be 100% and I might be forgetting characters or whatever. Enjoy!

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A Confession (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

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Prompt: Hey can I request a Bucky x reader where Bucky is so in love with the reader and everyone knows except her and he’s always like following her like a lost puppy and trying to make conversation but she’s really shy and awkward. And one night the avengers go out to a bar and some drunk is hitting on and harassing the reader and Bucky gets really protective and stands up for her then tells her how he feels💜 sorry if it’s long hahah

A/N: THIS WAS SO CUTE. AWKWARD BUCKY MAKES ME SO HAPPY. I hope you enjoy, lovely anon. 

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Ohio Hummel and the Murder on the Orient Express - lls_mutant - Glee [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Glee
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Kurt Hummel, Burt Hummel, Finn Hudson, Carole Hudson, Rachel Berry, Noah Puckerman, Quinn Fabray, Tina Cohen-Chang, Mike Chang, Sam Evans, Mercedes Jones, Ensemble

One winter night, a ballerina is murdered on the Orient Express, and an eclectic group of passengers ferret out her killer. At least, that’s what’s supposed to happen, if any of the glee club would just play their parts in Kurt Hummel’s Magnificent and Magical Murder Mystery Dinner like they’re supposed to.

I just read this at @kurtmckinnon‘s rec and it is hiLARious! It is a shame there are not more of these. 

Check out the poster art for our election night special: Stephen Colbert’s Live Election Night Democracy’s Series Finale: Who’s Going To Clean Up This Sh*t? 

Emmy and Peabody Award-winning late night host Stephen Colbert will bring his unique comedic perspective, political satire and social commentary to SHOWTIME live on Tuesday, November 8 at 11 p.m. ET / 8 p.m. PT. 

Colbert will be reacting in real-time to the election results as the state by state returns come in, making it the perfect election night destination for people who want to see all the latest news, without actually having to watch the news. Speaking to an eclectic group of guests, Colbert will deliver a bleep-free night of comedy on premium cable, allowing him to say things he’s never been able to say in this campaign, such as directly quote a candidate. Airing live from The Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City with a studio audience, the one-hour program will also feature remote segments and several surprise guests, and will reveal who won the presidency.

Watch a teaser:

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why is kirkwall not a good port city?

So, because i want to actually PLAY the videogame i was trying to get to today, the short answer is that it mostly comes down to… well it seems very still.

I know, Kirkwall and still don’t seem like they go together, but another that DOES is “monotone” “bland” “dull”. 
Kirkwall is a port city, a trade city, a place where things come in and out and the wealthy of the city are there because they have connections Thedas wide. Mostly from said trade. The poor of the city are an eclectic group from different cultures and countries, different religions, different walks of life. There should be a middle class that, while they might not be as comfortable as they like, they’re not in abject poverty, not scraping for food, and they can afford to call to their roots occasionally. This should be a city of immigrants as much as it is of Marchers, all considered Kirkwallers.

I know that they were pressed for time when making the game, but on a story level, as a port city.. it could have been better. I don’t give a shit about the caves, let Varric say “and we went into a cave. You know what those are like”, but Varric, Varric, Varric. This man lives in a port city– he’s an author. Writers can’t sit there looking at shit and not imagine how to describe it. It’s not how we work. No, he might not have been a sailor himself, but he’d have seen ships going in and out the harbor, row boats ferrying fees to and from ships to pay fee at the Gallows to pass the Chains into the safe harbor, and wrote about it.

There should have been NPC’s selling imports in the lowtown Bazaar– which they could have gotten away with just recording extras or the cast or hell, the writers or coffee guys saying herb or fabric names and prices over one another on loop because thats what the bazaar is! The Market would be full of a lot more than just a few people– it would be packed with merchants trying to make coin from people who needed things. The Hightown market would be stuffed with imported furs, and fabrics, and gemstones with npcs dressed in finery calling out ridiculous claims about nobles buying their goods. There should have been a Midtown, a place around where the Great Stairway cuts between those halves of Kirkwall over the harbor and along the grade up to Hightown. Where the Merchants and the upper- and middle-middle class live, where people go to sell not to the masters of the house but to sell to whoever stays home to do the cleaning and cooking. This is where all the tailors are, where all the shops one would expect to find but didn’t elsewhere. 
It’s Hightown should have been more mixed in that it should have had Antivan and Rivaini tradesmen and women owning homes and interacting with Hawke as well, considering the central location of Kirkwall makes it perfect to rout trade of business through. 

Considering the harbor doesn’t have a raid upon it but on a neighboring coast and the area surrounding, we can assume most people are well aware not to fuck with the place– means merchants probably really like Kirkwall. So they’re probably very hot to trot to throw money at it to keep it going in comparison to unsheltered neighboring ports that they would have to out run raiders to. This means the Viscounts office probably has plenty of money to keep tossing at upkeep– which is why they’re not too bothered by the Qunari taking up valuable space on the docks, when space is money for shipped goods. So, once the Qunari are gone, they can recoup their losses and recover pretty fast physically and financially– most port cities recover pretty quickly if they have money and interest from outside in their recovery. With the Boom, the same is possible and probable. There was just likely an upset in shipping because there was no one really willing to sit in the Gallows and operate the Chains and it made things a little less safe. The reputation would be theoretically holding, though, and they’d be able to repair things with whatever system they had in place and get back in order– unless something like a multiship capsize happened, they’d be fine. 
I digress.

It wasn’t populated enough, it wasn’t mixed enough, it wasn’t… alive enough. Port towns grow and diversify when they’re a point of trade for several nations and Kirkwall, considering the challenges of nautical travel in Thedas, would be that place in many ways. They didn’t put enough life in, they wrote it like Varric wouldn’t know how to write something he’d have grown up looking around at, and just.
It’s more nuanced than that, but I would like to play my game before my xbox dies from being on for a million years while i yell.

Philosopher Portraits

The artist Renee Bolinger pairs famous philosophers with famous artists based on the compatibility of their ideas. 

I’ve made an effort to pair each philosopher with a like-minded artist, often from a similar time period. Philosophers were selected based on requests, hence the somewhat eclectic nature of the group. Each of the paintings in the series is an 11"x14" oil on canvas.

Prints, mugs, and various other forms of each piece are available at my storefront. If you like them all, the Philosopher Portraits Calendars might be perfect for you. Large-scale posters of some of the pieces are available here.

Self-Construction Simone De Beauvoir. Paired with Frida Kahlo for their shared interest in self-portrayal and the social construction of femininity.

Meh. Albert Camus, paired with Edvard Munch’s The Scream.

Formulaic, v.1 Ruth Barcan Marcus. In the style of Roy Lichtenstein, an artist whose work is similarly focused on the analysis of a particular formula.

Frozen Delights Jeremy Bentham. Paired with Wayne Thiebaud, largely for Bentham’s emphasis on hedonist utilitarianism, but partly also for his famous desires concerning the preservation of his body upon death.

Ecce Homo Friedrich Nietzsche. Paired with Paul Klee, for their similar emphasis on delight in primitive forms.

Man with a Book Immanuel Kant. Paired with Pablo Picasso, since both focused a great deal of their work on the obstacles to direct perception of the external world.

On the Nature of Things Aristotle. Paired with DaVinci’s sketchbook style, for their similarly exacting studies of nature.

Cave Drawings Plato. Paired with the Lascaux cave drawings, as a reflection of Plato’s famous allegory. In progress

I am an introvert, not a hermit

I am a loud and boisterous sort of introvert. Introvert does not mean mousey. It means a preference for smaller friends groups and limited social interactions. I am loud, eccentric, eclectic, surprisingly open, and quite weird… I am also an introvert. If put in a situation where I have to be around a lot of people I don’t know, I am extremely uncomfortable and awkward. If I spend to much time with people I get cranky. So honestly…

I need to be alone sometimes.

I need space to breathe and think on my own occasionally.

I need silence to process things going on in my life regularly.

I have trouble with big groups or dealing with even small groups of strangers always.

                                         With Love,
                                                 The Introvert in the Tower

The Sun, The Moon and The Star

TITLE: The Sun, The Moon and The Star


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being Loki an Thor’s little sister. You love both of your brothers, but you feel a little bit protective with the lonely and misunderstood Loki. As a Goddess, you have the power that no one can lie on your presence, so Loki, the God of 

RATING: General

NOTES/WARNINGS: Some references to minor character death.

I got the idea to continue the fic from both requests, and the fact I should have been concerning myself with writing another chapter for one of the other fics I am currently writing. So I went with the flow.

You sat staring at the Midgardian city of New York bustling below you. It was noisy and completely different to everything you had ever experienced on Asgard and the people that Thor had sent you to were an odd eclectic group. The soldier was polite, but seldom around, and when he was, he seldom bothered to try to speak to you. He usually spent his downtime catching up with different things he had missed after over half a century, which apparently in the Midgardian world, seemed to be a lot.

The doctor was a shy man, seldom out side of the comfort of his lab, but he too was polite. The times you had spoken to him, he asked a few questions about Asgard and its technology, he was also the only one who seemed to understand that the Loki they had seen was not the one you knew growing up, and how important a part of your life he had been.

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Our party consists of an eclectic group of characters, but one of our entertaining aspects is that our smallest member (me, the kender, 3"4’) tends to hang with/on the largest members: a menacing hell knight (7") and a loxodon bard-barian (8" 6’). Niether the loxodon nor the kender are that bright, but they partner up a lot and the two giants are too big to be sleeping at the inn our other players reside in.

One night, because of nightmares from sleeping on haunted land, the kender, Keppli, joined Lost (the he’ll knight) and Barula (the loxodon) as they slept in the stables with a minotaur npc, Carmalli. Picture this: three huge dudes lying down, looking to the stars, one of them (Barula) has a tiny kender girl lying on his belly. Carmalli is sick of sharing is home with new comers, but this was the night he snapped.
Keppli: I spy with my little eye soooomthiiing… SPARKLY!
Barula: The… Sky?
Keppli: Yep!
Barula: I spy… With my…little eye… Something brown.
Lost: the cows.
Barula: Yes.
Keppli: Nice, Lost, now its your turn!
Lost: I spy-
Carmalli: OH FOR THE LOVE OF- HER I can deal with, HIM I understand, but YOU? REALLY?!
Lost: But… It was my turn.
To witch Carmalli left to go drown his brains and our game continued on.
The next morning, when a drink Carmalli flops onto bed and passes out, Lost fetched him water, Barula got a blanket, and Keppli left him a loving note: “I spy With my little eye, a sleeping angel. Feel better!”
Carmalli has just given up.

Creepypasta #547: A Sickness In Color

 I remember when I was just a kid, maybe 5 years old, I used to love looking at clothes. Really, it was color that I loved, and it was most often found in clothes and cartoons. My sister always wore the most beautiful colors. I remember this pretty blue summer dress and a bright pink blouse, those were my favorites. I also remember watching Rocko’s Modern Life, and loving the sort of pastel colors that were used to create the show. Batman the Animated Series and the dark bold colors that that show was built on. 

 Now, most of my clothes are brightly colored in some way, or contain multiple colors. My apartment has an eclectic group of furniture. Beautiful abstract paintings hang from my walls. My dad used to wear these brown steel toe boots everywhere. He used them for work, and just happened to wear them most of the time. I hated them. To this day, things without color, or are just bland to look at, seem to bother me. They get under my skin, and upset my stomach. I specifically remember seeing the school kids from a local private school walking around on field trips. An army of kids in gray bottoms and white tops, the boys with vile maroon ties. I threw up in the car, my mom thought it was motion sickness. This sickness started the day my cousin disappeared.

   I was playing with some toy cars and wearing my checkered shirt, it was my favorite, it was loaded with colors, orange and red and yellow and purple. My cousin, Olive, was sitting with me, watching as I mimicked the sound of roaring engines and pretended the dukes were driving my toys. She was always quiet and watchful, it was true for her entire 7 years. Meanwhile the adults were discussing plans for the day. My father had piles of paperwork to do and mentioned that he was going to test drive a used Toyota. It was difficult for my parents to get around when we only had the one minivan and they needed to do separate things. My mom, and my dad’s sister, Aunt Stephanie, were going to take me and Olive to the park, and they also wanted to stop at the post office because they both had some things they wanted to send to my great uncle back east. We were a very tight-knit family, even with those who lived on the other side of the country.

   My father dropped us all off at the park and then went about his business. Mom and Stephanie saw another mother that they knew, I think is was the mother of one of Olive’s friends, she was there walking her puppy. They chatted for a while as the puppy chewed some grass and I enjoyed myself on the slide. I liked the slide, it was attached to a fort that had three ways to enter: a web of blue ropes you could climb up, a green ladder, or a tall red pole, I would choose the color that matched my mood, but now I’m not 100% sure how I decided on that. When they finished they returned to me and called Olive over to us.

   “We’re going to run to the post office,” my mother said. “We won’t be long. If we let you play will you behave yourselves?”

   “Yes!” We both nodded.

   “And who don’t you talk to?” Stephanie asked.


   “Right. And what do you do if you feel unsafe because of a stranger?”

   “Scream with all my might!” We shouted.

   “Good. Be safe and don’t hurt yourselves!”

   As a kid, judging time is difficult. 3 hours at a park could feel like 15 minutes. I’m told that they were only gone for 5 minutes, but I’m not sure. It wasn’t long before a hatchback pulled up and parked on the street, it was a strange color, almost the color of pennies, except maybe brighter. Someone came out of the car and strolled up. Olive was attempting to climb a tree near the edge of the park, and the person began to talk to her. I couldn’t hear, but I stood next to the slide and watched because I thought it was strange. In a few moments she took the person’s hand and began walking back to the car, and they drove off. I couldn’t see who it was as they wore a red baseball cap, a long gray coat, and brown steel toe boots.

   I was confused and it took some processing before I realized that maybe I should be screaming. I didn’t scream, instead I sat down and cried out of confusion. When they returned, my mother wiped my tears and asked me what was wrong, I told her that Olive had left with someone. Stephanie was already frantically calling her name.

   There was a search party. There were helicopters, and hounds. And then, many weeks later, there was a funeral. They never found her. My family slowly fell apart. My father left me with my mother. Aunt Stephanie moved to Europe to get away from everything. By now my description has become legend in my town, some 30 years later, kids tell each other scary stories of the man who wears a long gray coat and a red baseball cap, and drives silently in a car made of pennies.

   My father died recently, he practically drank himself to death. One person said of him “His work ethic was one of a kind. He never stopped working. The one true testament to that is the number of steel toe boots that he had worn down.” My mother never stopped loving him, despite how he grew distant and angry. But she never let go. She made sure he was buried wearing a pair of those steel toe boots. 

   My description of the person in a long gray coat, red baseball cap, and a car colored copper yielded no results. Only one thing is certain. Olive knew not to talk to strangers.

Credits to: Chris Smith (

Author’s note: 

This was written as my second weekly writing challenge. The challenge was as follows:

Genre Challenge: Mystery

Thanks for reading, please leave your thoughts anywhere you like!

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This story is copyright © 2015 by Chris Smith

The gentrification of Brixton unites an eclectic group of protesters

The main objection of the demonstration is to “gentrification”, which means people who have lived in this area for decades being edged out by the only people who can afford a place on the Victoria line. But when you look at the range of the people involved – Anafo, a club promoter who also has a small business in Brixton market, Arnie, from the direct action group, London Black Revs, who would like 1,000 people to occupy Lambeth Town Hall until election day, and Ravi, a private renter in Dorchester Court, Aurelie Hulse, from the Knights Walk campaign, it becomes plain that, as Anafo says, “It’s no longer the dreaded ‘g’ word. It’s hyper gentrification – it’s far more aggressive”. 

do u guys ever come across a lair that is just so sweet and pure

like, it’s a lair made by a super young kid or an older adult who’s never really used a pet site

but they name all their dragons after things they like, or really obvious names like “Cow” or “Purple” or “Max”

and they have an eclectic group of dragons that are just random colors and genes they liked, with some super cheap apparel but you can tell they’re well-loved anyway


i love those lairs

a lot