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Housed in a 300 year old ex-convent with many original features intact, such as parquet floor, the apartment reflects the creative pulse of its owner, founder of Voici-Voila and creative director to the world’s elite fashion houses: it is sparkling, energetic, stylish, eclectic and decorated with vintage and iconic furniture.

*sees people making elaborate headcanons* i wanna do that, but with monsters

*sees people making moodboards* i wanna do that, but with monsters

*sees people making interactive stories* i wanna do that, but with monsters


Cute Boutique Hotel: HOTEL SAINT MARC, PARIS

Designed by DimoreStudio, the 26 rooms hotel is placed in a quiet street in the heart of the vibrant 2nd district. Its tranquillity and mostly the spa, incite to relaxation. The stylish decoration, with the mix between vintage and contemporary furniture, will definitely captivate you!

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Gorillaz is my favorite band, and man alive are those vocals weary. My dad once described Damon Albarn’s voice as constantly sounding like “you woke me up for *this?*” I’m still laughing about that. Also, they have excellent basslines.

Aw, I enjoy Gorillaz! 

I have a distinct memory of being 12 or 13, requesting Clint Eastwood at a middle school dance and getting really sore at the DJ for using some sort of sped-up remix bullshit. I no longer wish this unknown adult any ill will; obviously nothing about that track is designed to get a room hopping. (Besides, I have to imagine that DJing a middle school dance is its own punishment.)

That said, dang, that stranger missed a golden and hilarious opportunity to sit back and watch a roomful of awkward preteens attempt to dance to that loping, minimalist, ambien-infused beat. (Not to mention early-aughts small-town midwestern white kids trying to move in any way to the rap parts.)

I’m not a good enough fan to know any Gorillaz beyond the Big Hits of Ten-Plus Years Hence, but I keep meaning to check out their other stuff. Those early music videos were fucking art, and u gotta love a male singer where you can hear it in his voice that he hasn’t even rubbed the sleep from his eyes


A sophisticated project by Faye Toogood.

Designer Faye Toogood has renovated a victorian flat in London’s Mayfair neighborhood. She could create a “living” work of art as she was given the opportunity not just to decorate, but to conceive a complete project, totally consistent with her theatrical aesthetics. The result is a sophisticated, moody and stylized juxtaposition of Modernist and traditional furniture, country and urban references and a transporting use of color.


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theme thursday: wrapping paper

‘une femme’ blush & navy floral gift wrap by khristianahowell

of course, you can use etsy to find excellent gift ideas … but you can ALSO use it to pick up unique and eclectic gift wrap and wrapping paper from around the world! khristianahowell’s floral design here is super chic. LOVE the navy-and-blush color combo.


Cool Hotels: Les Bains, Paris

The iconic Les Bains is back: the celebrated clubhouse and hotel has been revamped by architects and designers such as Vincent Bastie, Tristan Auer and Denis Montel, including suites, bars, a private lounge, a club, guest rooms and the “Salle à Manger” restaurant, that is now characterized by neo-brasserie chic. The design is vibrant, eclectic, sophisticated and cool, suggesting a residential feel.

Old English Fun Fact of the Day

The OE verb smêagan means “to pry/burrow/sneak/creep”

It survives in the Modern English smuggle, and is where Tolkien got the inspiration for the name Smeagol 


The great home/ studio of French fashion photographer Fred Meylan, in Paris

In rue Saint-Honoré, a former upholsterer atelier became the apartment of the fashion photographer Fred Meylan. Both home and workplace, this intimate and meeting space meets old and new, with its original battered walls and worn floors, vintage pieces and design icons, becoming the perfect backdrop for some of his best photos.


LE ROY NIGHT CLUB in Helsinki, designed by Joanna Laajisto

Located in down town Helsinki, upstairs to Michel restaurant, (both owned by the same proprietor and designed by Laajisto), Le Roy Night Club was not designed as a classic dark nightclub, on the contrary it was supposed to look like an apartment, with a decor that fits the original 1892s-building, eclectic,sophisticated and cool, suggesting an authentic residential atmosphere.

“I travel my own eclectic path” Okay, cool. 
“I devote my religious time to Hades, Persephone, Demeter …” Alright, neat. 
“and Kabbalah.” Please step out of the vehicle, ma’am. I smell stupid on your breath.