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Spell Jar to Enhance Productive Energy (if you feel low on energy)
  • Things You’ll Need:
    - Yellow Candle (productive energy to seal jar) *optional  
    - Cinnamon or Cayenne pepper (success and energy)
    - Black Pepper (enhance energy)
    -Crushed Red Pepper (enhance energy)
    -Dried Lavender (healing, calm, anti-stress)
    -Dragon’s Blood Calcite/Red Calcite (enhance energy, grounding) *optional

What To Do:
Layer the ingredients, filling each with intent and energy. Once you’re done layering, seal the jar with the wax from the yellow candle. The crystal can be used to enhance the intention while your creating the spell jar. Just meditate with it for a few minutes.

*These are just some things I associate with gaining/enhancing energy. Change them if you need to. Also I put “or Cayenne pepper” because I had that originally, but didn’t realize I was out of it.

Good luck on your journey and sending you positive vibes!✌🏻🔮🍀


attention all witches!!!!!! 🔮

hello all!! i’m a relatively new witch, and i just made this blog, but i need some blogs to follow!! like/reblog this post if you post anything related to:
-eclectic, kitchen, or green witchcraft
-trans issues
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anonymous asked:

Can I have a healthy spell jar please?

Health Spell Jar

•What You Need:
- Sea Salt (Protection and Healing)
- Lavender (Healing)
- Garlic (Protection, Purification, Dispels depression, and Healing)
- Mint (Helps with digestion/cramps)
- Thyme (Healing)
- Lemon (Removal of Blockages)
- Red or Green Wax to seal jar (for Health or Healing)*Optional

Crush herbs if needed, layer the herbs while adding your intentions/energy, seal the jar when finished. Carry with you or put it in a place where it best fits your needs. Discard whenever you need to.

Sending positive vibes! 🙏🏻✨


🕊Emoji Protection Spell🕊

❌Keep all bigotry at bay❌
🚫May hateful eyes look away🚫

❤️May love speak louder, today❤️
✂️May homophobia stay away 📌

🕯May acceptance light our way🕯
🚷May racists live in shame🎯

🕵May sexists be put on display👠
💋Make them known, make them pay💄

👹May those who stigmatize💩
👀Feel watched by knowing eyes👺

🙊May transphobes be silent👂
💯May us witches remain resilient🔥

🕸May bigots be exposed and caught🕸
🕷May us witches feel strong and fear not🕷

(I purposely used a lot of red to enhance the power of this protection spell)

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Looking for witchcraft blogs to follow

I’m new to Tumblr and looking for more witchy blogs to follow

Specifically looking for:

Modern witchcraft

Low-budget witchcraft

Eclectic/Secular witches

LGBTQIA+ friendly

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Looking for more witchcraft/witchy blogs to follow!

My dash seems like it’s slowly dying, i am looking for active blogs to follow. What i’m looking for:

✨Green witchcraft, secular witchcraft, eclectic witchcraft.
✨Solitary witches, vegan witches.
✨Witches located in Europe (for timezone related reasons, non-EU is fine too ofc. 💕)
✨Cabin life / off the grid living
✨ Nature blogs welcome
✨ Witchy aesthetic blogs welcome

💔No racism, sexism & homophobia.

Please like/reblog and i’ll check out your blog, and most likely follow💕
Feel free to check out mine💕

Looking for witch blogs to follow!

Since this is a new blog and I’m just starting out as a witch, I’d really like to find some more blogs to follow.

Reblog if you post about:

- green witchcraft
- kitchen witchcraft
- eclectic witchcraft
- tech witchcraft
- witch tips
- divination (tarot cards, runes, pendulums, etc.)
- altars
- spells, sigils, etc.
- book of shadows
- crystals
- nature
- witchy aesthetics (outfits, crystals, inspiration, etc.)

Follow-backs are appreciated as well! I make custom sigils and emoji spells. Let me know if you’d like one made for you.


🌛Waning Moon Emoji Spell🌜


🌖Banish negativity, and cleanse
🌗Heal addictions, aid recovery
🌘Undo bindings and curses
🌑Bring balance and prosperity



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Looking for more witch blogs to follow!!

Since this is still a new account id really like to follow some more witch and nature blogs!!

Reblog this if you post about:

-green witchcraft
-eclectic witchcraft
-divination (tarot cards, pendulums, etc.)
-witchy aesthetic (your crystals, outfits, etc.)
-book of shadows
-witchy artwork
-spells and charms
-nature and flowers (LOTS OF FLOWERS)
-Dreads yo

Feel free to follow me as well! I always follow back!!

Dear fellow witches,

May your garden be fruitful,
Your water sweet,
Your shade everlasting.

May your day be filled with love and light;
The blessings of a forest sprite.
May your sky be filled with twinkling starlight
And soft, glowing moonlight.
May you get lost in the wonders of your magick tonight
May mysterious forces guide you in your rite.
Hold crystals tight and leave behind your plight.
May you move with the tides
As you take daring strides.
May you practice your craft with pride,
May pesky, prying eyes look aside.

May you charm and enchant with all your might,
May you find solace in a gentle breeze tonight.


 hello friends!

my name is faye and i’m a secular witch looking for new blogs to follow, so if you post any of the following please like/reblog so i can check you out:

witchcraft (green, sea, storm, hereditary, secular, eclectic, kitchen, faery, etc)
crystals and gemstones
plants and nature

sending light and positivity to you all!


(left) I will find a job

(right) I will do well at work

Sigils I made for myself last night. Green is always a great choice for luck & prosperity!

Sigil requests, pendulum & tarot readings, and dream interpretation requests are all open! Please message me for details about my prices! I’m always willing to negotiate :)

Samhain Altar 🕸🔮

Top shelf: a seal skull given to me by my grandfather, cinnamon scented pine cones, candles

Second shelf: crystal garden, 2 tarot decks, sea shells and a sea urchin, a candle

Third shelf: family pictures and some rocks I collected on a trip

Last shelf: Samhain-coloured candles, human skull candle, bottled tiger shark

Remember, you can always ask me for advice.

I don’t just deal with Divination.
Need to decipher a dream? Need help with reading tarot? Anything about astrology? Questions about deities? Or, if you just want to chat or tell me about your experiences as a witch, Wiccan, or very spiritual person, you can!
I’m always here. I’d honestly love to chat with more people about their experiences and maybe share a bit of my own. It’s honestly something I’ve been craving.
I also work on spells and spell jars, so if you want to request one you can!
Also, I’m so close to 600 followers! Thank you so much for following! 🙏🏻🌿💕