I’m gonna tell you now, it’s late. I don’t want to think too much, so I’m skipping the last three rules.

The rules:

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1. What television series would you want to marathon with me? (*cough* I may take this as recommendations).

Doctor Who. But since you introduced me to Doctor Who, I’m gonna go with Sleepy Hollow instead. It’s my favorite new show this year and I can’t wait for season 2

2. What pet do you wish you were adopting today? No dream pets, you must live with the consequences! (muahahahaha) you can always opt out too.

An Australian Shepherd. Technically two Australian Shepherds, whose names would be Aggie (short for Agatha) and Christie. I’ve been thinking about that for a while.

3. I want to buy you a drink. What’s your current drink of choice?

Rum and Coke please. Although I’ve recently discovered that whiskey and coke is also quite delicious. Although, after last night, I do not want to drink for a long, long time. Here’s a tip. If you haven’t gone drinking in several months and know that your tolerance has disappeared, don’t say yes when a friend invites you to Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day.

4. What’s your favorite Ben and Jerry’s flavor?

Cookie Dough. It’s a classic and they don’t skimp of the cookie chunks.

5. What’s your most weird or obscure fear?

Bugs. Everyone looks at me crazy when I say this, but bugs scare the crap out of me. They have too many legs, crawl everywhere, fit in small spaces, can climb fraking walls, and somehow seem to end up in food. 

6. If you were a pokemon gym leader what would your type be?

FIRE!!! I have always been partial to fire types. Flareon is my favorite, but I would have to level it up so much. It’s not necessarily a strong pokemon.

7. Which seasonal treat is your favorite?

CADBURY MINI EGGS!!!!!!!!! Anyone who has been around me between Valentines day and Easter knows that I am obsessed with these. I usually buy multiple bags at once and will eat a bag a day if I’m not careful.

8. Rank the 4 tastes? (sweet, salty, bitter, sour)

1. Sweet 2. Salty 3. Sour 4. Bitter (Does anyone actually like bitter stuff, besides coffee?

9. What is your favorite letter of the alphabet?

M. My name, my sister’s, and my brother’s all start with M, so I grew up partial to it.

10. What are your plans for the immediate future?

Continue working where I do while daydreaming about when my 1 year agreement is up so I can get a full time job.

11. What makes you feel empowered?

The fact that, even though I don’t know where my life is going or what I want to do, I know who I am. This keeps me from being swayed by others into doing what they want instead of what is right for me.

eclair1 replied to your post: Challenge accepted?

I dont know if I love that you did that or That it took you two hours. or that I had faith you would accept said challenge and I just had to stay awake. I feel like I should send you 100 nowwww :D



eclair1 reblogged your post: HEYOOO!

Does your list your roommates with Andrew first? Cause I bet you and Dan got switched… since it looks like Ben’s…


eh? No idea.  I just got an email saying I’m in room 18D and that my roommates are ben, dan, and andrew in that order.  I don’t care who’s where, I just wanted an upstairs room to A) avoid the fuck noises from above. and B) not have Jimmy Whogivesashit looking in my window at 9 am when he goes to his car in the parking lot outside. 

amazingeclaire asked:

you're actually quite proud of yourself. You lead one of the most prominent annual ground squirrel conventions every year. When you aren't using them for sex, you use your ground squirrel minions to rampage the streets of new york, stealing whatever they can from people's apartments and persons. As a result you have a vast off-shores account filed with the wealth of your ground squirrels. Ground squirrels equal power and that's what turns you on.

Did you forget to submit as anon? 


eclair1 replied to your post: If I consider you a friend I would Hmmmm BE…

I like Kayla food. You once shared pepper steak with me. And a variety of other foods that I was often too full to eat but Ben devoured I believe. (Soup? Cookie things? Cheesey things were good too)

YUP! I did lemon and the cinnamon-honey cookies

PLUS I offered the meat pie to everyone but no one ate it (before I devoured the whole thing in like 2 days)