This Saturday I’ll be exhibiting at ELCAF at York Hall, Bethnal Green. It costs £3 to get in (though free to under 16’s “accompanied by an adult”) and is open from10am to 7pm. Apparently they do boxing at York Hall, or used to at least, so I propose a mass punch up between exhibitors around 3pm to keep the excitement up.

I’ll be sharing a table with Adam as always (it’s non-negotiable nowadays), and you’ll find us at Table 1. So the very first table, if you’re looking for us and miss our table then there is no hope for you. Look for the Great Beast banner and some plaid shirts.

I’ll have copies of Ellerbisms, Chloe Noonan (perhaps the last remaining copies), some tote bags and some badges. Do come along!

In other news, I think I’ve decided what I’m doing for the rest of the year with regards to ol’ Chloe Noonan. It’s taken me longer to get going for reasons long and boring, but maybe we’ll see some stuff before the year’s out. That would be nice wouldn’t it?