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anonymous asked:

Wtf? ''Kaneki is only with Touka because Hide is dead''. I'm anti touken but that's bullshit. They're friends, just friends. Kaneki's never showed any romantic interest in Hide (or anyone else, including Touka, in series).

You know, that post was just me being salty and any other day I would just shrug it off and and answer this as: yeah idc. 

But… People keeps insisting Hide and Kaneki are only friends. It’s funny to me, because it makes me think they all see their friend the same way Kaneki sees Hide, but the way Kaneki sees Hide is so utterly romantic? 

Maybe it just come from how I understand the world. In the end, that’s it, every interpretation is proyecting in some way or another. But I have little friends. Close ones? Probs ten, that including online folks. When I got into high school, I was friendless, zero. In the last year I met this wonderful people, a girl and a boy. They became my best friends. 

And even when we moved, I never felt “consumed by the desire to see them again.”

Because in friendship, closeness doesn’t really matter. You miss your friends and you want to be close with them, and goddamn, sometimes I wish I could have them every day next to me. But to be “consumed by the desire to see them again”?? 

That’s such a heavy shit. 

It sounds so romantic as well. I don’t know. Even if I felt that way, I think I could never said it out loud. Unless of course I don’t mind being romantically involved with them. You can say indeed that Kaneki is just being too nostalgic, that he only sees Hide as a bro (btw, I wouldn’t talk about my actual brother this way either, even though I miss him). But it is just so funny to me that a literature student talks about their friend in such a romantic way. Kaneki should know what the words mean and in which context they can be used. 

Then there is the fact that this was said and then IMMEDIATLY after Touka kissed him. 

Let me ask you a question, there would be any doubt in a narrative that a character is second plate, if Kaneki were talking about how much he misses Hinata-chan, his female childhood friend, and then Touka immediatly kisses him? 

And there is also the fact that Kaneki felt “so lonely without him”, that Kaneki thinks that if it weren’t for Hide he wouldn’t even make it, that he says in a light novel: “–But up until now, we’ve been together… maybe this sounds a little dramatic, but to me his existence is something I depend on as much as my heart… If that sort of thing were to disappear, I wouldn’t have anywhere to belong to.” It is the fact that Rize as a hallucination, and as such, Kaneki himself, told him “and your precious Hide-kun” as a separate entity of all his friends”

It is the fact that Hide is literally the person he wants to be, there has been thousand of metas about how Haise was, in many ways, a mimick of Hide, and while I don’t completely agree, I do think Haise is too entusiastic and Hide-like to be a coincidence. 

Yeah. Kaneki totally sees Hide as a bro. Kaneki is a super heterosexual dude who has never wished anything more of his sunshine friend, the guy who literally and figurative has saved him from insanity, more than once. 

Let’s also not forget that tg root a, Ishida approved even if they cut all the good stuff, gaves us an ending where Kaneki explicitely chooses Hide over Touka. 

(We’ll always have that shitty anime adaptation. And the good music).

I don’t even have to make this shit up. It’s rght there in the text. Hidekane couldn’t be more romantic, and if Hide had a pair of boobs, you’ll see his sacrifices for Kaneki went beyond friendship too (but we’re talking about Kaneki, not Hide). It just annoys me, because if you change any of their genders, they would be the endgame pairing, the pairing you’re clear it’s gonna become canon at the end of the story, people wouldn’t be giving up their hopes on a Hide return, they would be certain that it would happen any day, because shipping. 

But they’re both dudes, and thousand of people keep seeing this guys who would sell the world and themselves for each other, who literally see/saw each other as the reason to keep living (explicitly from Kaneki’s part and implicitly on Hide’s) as a purely platonic friendship. 

Sure, right. 

Man, you guys do have intense friendships. And I thought I was too gay with my best friend. Kudos on you for having relationships this intense. I personally don’t, which may be why I’m biased. My bad. 

To be honest, I’m not really mad that people doesn’t think there is such thing in the text or they don’t like it, that’s okay, I don’t think everyone has to believe Hidekane ever stood a chance. But it does annoys me a bit that people doesn’t even see why people ship Hidekane, as if a strong friendship that develops into romance wasn’t a beautiful concept. 

I’m not saying that Hide being the only thing keeping Kaneki alive is truth now, because it isn’t. Kaneki has a lot of friends now, Kaneki loves them, and Kaneki knows this. But if you think Kaneki has forgotten Hide in any way or form or that Hide isn’t still the most important person in his mind, well, I don’t know, it’s okay that you think that, because, duh, it’s fiction and you can interpret it however you like. But if we know something of Kaneki, is that he feels intensily, and I just find unrealistic that he moves Hide out of that dear place. But again, my interpretation, my gross powerful proyecting. 

Also, you’re technically incorrect. Just because Kaneki clearly didn’t want to be with Touka by the end of TG, doesn’t mean he didn’t have a romantic interest for her at one point. He did. And he does now again, no matter if we think is ooc or incorrect or narratively ecky. Kaneki loves Touka, finito, the text says so. And he also had a crush on her as Haise, there’s that.  

And he has also shown romantic interest to Rize. And you could even argue than Tsukiyama, with intense shipping googles of course, but you can still argue it. xd

(sorry for the mistakes, english is not my first language and i’m a bit busy to edit). 

anonymous asked:

WAIT YANDEV DOESN'T BELIEVE LGBT PPL DON'T EXIST IN JAPAN??? There's actually a YT Channel where the two guys who run it are JAPANESE and A COUPLE who live in JAPAN??? WHAT THE H ECKIE


I decided to switch this Account into a normal Art-Blog. 
Why? Well, there are so many things I want to draw, and most of them contain everything but my AU. I am sorry for that, hope you’ll understand. 
I am also aware of losing followers, but after all, it’s better this way.